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There are men with titles which are empty


people know these guys are “figure-heads.” By awesome contrast, every title God has (they are many) He deserves and lovingly fulfills. He is all His Titles suggest and so much more. Allow me to mention just three now. He is Creator – – – making everything from nothing. He is Counselor – – – the wisest adviser in – all – the – world   And He is Comforter – – – in a century and society torn and troubled.

His Titles are meaningful – in the absolute!

– eab, 5/3/16

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You may title yourself “Christian” and go to church “A,” church “B,” or not go to church. You may title yourself “Christian” and believe “new age” weirdology or believe in ritualism’s charms. You may title yourself “Christian” and have worldly habits and “life-style” as wicked as your neo-pagan neighbors. Remember though, God’s in charge of heavenly mansion Titles. You can’t ignore the teachings of His Instruction Manuel (the Bible) and expect Him to give you a Title to a mansion in the skies.

– eab, 5/3/16

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ACTS – Titles, Notes & Questions is a



brand-new EBOOK the Lord help me


write across some years. 


It was uploaded 2/9/13; my first EBOOK.


Love to have you check it out –


Hope you like it. 


It is my fifth book and third in


the TNQ Series (Titles,Notes,&Questions) –


other two are paper: Matthew &


Zechariah. Should down load to


pdf, rtf, Kindle, plaintext, plaindoc,


Epub, Apple, Ipad, Nook,


Sony Reader & Kobo.


If you like the preview you can


buy it for only $4.99.

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