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“Nobody was in a mood for cheap, superficial ham acting, they were facing sin and hell and judgment…Today the theatre has been set up in our living rooms…we are immersed in a world of sham…What I saw in…was not a show, it was an encounter with God…The gospel was never meant for entertainment.” [1]

“Periodic backsliding and repenting are not normal Christian experience and should never be so regarded.”[2]

Vance H Havner was born this date 10/17/1901 in Jugtown, North Carolina.  This  Baptist preacher began preaching at age twelve and was ordained at fifteen.

His seven decades of ministry resulted in some 14,000 sermons and a list of thirty-eight books.  His is remembered for some wit, some wisdom, some colorful illustrations but more so for his pointed truths.

His wife, Sara Allred, whom he married in 1940 passed away in 1973, and he died 1986.

[1] Vance Havner, “Quote of the Month” Voice in the Wilderness (August 1988). 

[2] Vance Havner, “Who Will Repent,”Christian Reader (n.d.).

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