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Yesterday some wanted the world. (As soon as they dared they plunged.)

Today they have worldly hair, worldly education, and a worldly wardrobe.

TOMORROW? – – – “And the world passeth away and the lust thereof…” 1Jo 2.17

– eab, 9/29/15

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Where have you been? 

Where have you learned?

Where have you grown?

Where have you reaped? 

Where have you started?

Where have you sown?   

                – eab, Nov. ‘73

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If tomorrow were the last of days,

The entrance of the eternal phase,

The beginning of condemnation or praise,

How would you spend today?


If tomorrow saw the flight of health,

Or by dusk’s light the loss of all wealth,

Coming quite aware or all by stealth,

How would you spend today?


If tomorrow your goals were lost to sight,

Your plans so great, plunged into dark night,

Never again to have hope or light,

How would you spend today?


Or – if tomorrow you were blind or lame,

And you were not ever to be the same,

Or – if tomorrow morning never came,

How would you spend today?             – eab, 2/10/05 (revised 3/3)

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Today, Tomorrow, To eternity,

In pause-less time and pace.

To get, to gain, to servility,

As the noted rodent race.


To gather, to garner, to glean;

As though life were all bread,

And men, as mice, were seen, 

And their hearts as heavy lead.  -eab, 10/67


(T.T.T. is borrowed from Piet Heim, Danish, WW II poet.)


Written at Hobe Sound Bible College,Florida.

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