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I do not know the hour or moment,

When my Jesus shall return.

I do not know the week or day,

When this ole world will start to burn.

I simply know that He has promised,

Both events to take place;  I’m looking forward,

I’m looking upward, I’m waiting now to see His face.


For a few years and a few miles,

God’s footstool we are to roam.

It is only to prepare us for our eternal home.

The soul was made for heaven;

And up there it will be blessed.

Be praying, working; O, be not shirking,

Be looking forward to Scriptural rest.


So many people are attached to,

This ole globe with its toys.

Forgetting that their true possessions,

Are their girls and their boys.

Cars and houses, lands and money

Are but features of the time;  I’m laying treasure,

I’m building higher,  I’m looking forward to the sublime.


The closing of this present age,

Must be very near indeed.

Look around you, read your Bible;

Understand it and take heed.

The Prince of Peace will soon be coming

To Jerusalem to reign.  Prepare to be there.

Prepare with all care. Prepare don’t live your life in vain,

          – eab, 3/30 – 4/1  1972

[1] Written in part on I-77 south of Canton, Ohio.

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