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Pro 23. 23a

“Buy the truth, and sell it not…”

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I’m not a prophet, just a little-known former assoc. prof/pastor trying to Prod, Push, Pull, Persuade your soul (& mine) toward the Plateau of endless light and away from the Pit of dismal darkness. Sometimes Truth (when we agree J) is sweet but many times Truth (when reminding of past light or a ray of grudgingly-admitted new light L) is sour. If Truth makes you angry, please friend, be upset with my crudely expressed idea and not upset with God. He, who loves you, is the eternal embodiment of Truth.

– eab, 12/1/16

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When/If truth becomes unacceptable to you because of your life, don’t try to whittle down truth (to fit you).

Ask God to so fill your life that it may fit with truth. Do NOT fear truth. It is your friend – now and in the hour of death.  

– eab, 10/13/16

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Jesus is the WAY

This applies to our everyday

Up hill and down

Mid smiles, the occasional frown

Always take His Way.


Jesus is the TRUTH

Applies to you and Moabitish Ruth

Across millennia and tired miles

In spite of lying “bits” and files

Let Him be your Truth.


Jesus is LIFE

Applies to beyond present struggles and strife

Be brave

There IS life beyond the grave

True for Adam, true for you

Live His Life.

– eab, Jan. 2015

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Truth will be triumphant –



Deceit will be defeated!


– eab, 3/31/09

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TRUTH, even when it “hurts”



is positive



A lie, even when it sounds great,



is a negative.

– eab, 7/30/12

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become more important to you



– eab, 12/4/06

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All truth is God’s truth, has a definite “ring.”

But taken across the board it has a definite “sting.”

All truth is NOT on the same parallel,

“Two plus two…” “Christ is the Son of God.”

Which truth rejected, will land you in hell?  

                – eab, 8/26/10

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The truest end of life is to know that life never ends.

                – William Penn, Reflections and Maxims (Philadelphia: Benjamin Johnson, 1792), 94.


If I am even with my enemy, the debt is paid; but if I forgive it I oblige him forever. 

                – William Penn, Reflections and Maxims (Philadelphia: Benjamin Johnson, 1792), 103.


Truth has never lost ground by inquiry.

                – William Penn, Reflections and Maxims (Philadelphia: Benjamin Johnson, 1792), 137.


William Penn on this date, 9/3/1667, was imprisoned for faith 1667.  His principal and perhaps most popular theological work was No Cross, no Crown; a Discourse showing the Nature & Discipline of the Holy Cross of Christ

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Truth – weight

Truth cannot be put on the scales


                             – yet has such mighty weight.           – 3/26/09

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