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“One boy’s a boy, two boys is ½ a boy, and three boys

is no boy at all.”


“A bargain’s not a bargain if you don’t need it.”


John Frederick Arwishus Archibald Wildflower” – he “rattled off” as a boy’s name.

    – Sayings may not have been “his” but my mind associates them with him.


“We’d rather see you go to the mission field and never see you again, as see you fail to mind God.”                    – what Dad said to me in the 50’s

Clyde D. (Durwood) Bryan was born this date, 2/5/1904, at Jobs, Ohio.  (Pronounced as plural of the Book in the Bible.)  He was the second and last son of Charles Edgar “Ed” Bryan and Bertha Alice Power.  His only sibling was Leo Jennings Bryan (1898-1953).

Dad (who he was to me) married Ruth Evelyn Colwell Bryan (Mom) 5/10/1927 and remarried her 12/20/1941.  Helen, Virginia, and Keith were born before the breakup and I was born after it – we were full-blood siblings.

Dad and Mom traveled to Nebraska and South Dakota and saw Mount Rushmore when George Washington was the only face emerging from it. (I got to show Rushmore to Mom 60 years later.)  They traveled to several other states and had numerious friends.  

Dad stuttered all his life yet had the personality that never met a stranger.  He bought a reel-to-reel recorder in the 50’s, heard himself, and improved his speech a little.  He did not mind stuttering jokes and I have one in my memory he used to tell.

Dad worked on a farm, worked with chickens, was a welder (till his eyes went bad), sold Watkins Products, and Life-time Cookware (several-ply stainless steel), and was doing maintenance work for a marble company when he died, 12/24/1976.

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