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Booker T (Taliaferro) Washington was born 4/4/1856, a Black who did much for his people & poor whites of the south by teaching them trades & self-reliance. He was born to slave parents & learned early to work hard in secular employment.  He was so poor when he went looking for an education he had to sleep under a board sidewalk. He applied himself & at 16 enrolled at Hampton Institute & Industrial School, graduated at 19.

He taught school for three years, then attended Wayland Seminary, WDC. At 25 he opened a school for black youths at Tuskugee, AL with 50 students in two old buildings. At his death (age 59) there were 40 buildings, 1500 students, & a faculty of 200.  By then some 8,000 young African Americans had been trained had become useful citizens.  His secret to success?  Faith in God.  He died 11/14/1915. His biography is worth reading; it’s called

Up from Slavery.                                                                                       

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