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Years ago I saw chemtrails;

a streaks of l-o-n-g narrow clouds across the sky, many times with parallel “clouds.” When I mentioned these to a pilot he thought I was seeing jet streams i.e. regular exhaust from high jets. Now and then you’ll see to what he was referring – they dissipate while a speck (the plane) ahead is in view and leave a nature blue sky behind. Chemtrails stay long after the plane disappears leaving an unnatural “cloud” polluting the view and who knows what else. “You can’t the birds from flying over head but you can keep’em from building a nest in your hair” (said of temptation). We can’t keep chemtrail pilots from flying overhead but we can pray God to undo whatever they are trying to do.

Pray with me to that end.

– eab, 3/7/17

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