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We have, as you have noticed, marched into March. (Or should I say March has marched in upon us?)  March is one of the two secular month names which is also a verb.  And a new month hopefully will bring verbs (action words) into your life & mine. I invite you to be active in this action month.


Please be more active in reading that wonderful OLD, yet ever NEW Book called the Bible.  The Bible will not climb off the desk/table/dresser and demand to be read.  You will need to initiate the action.  Once you have picked up the Book & allowed yourself to get involved you will find action.


The “prayer closet” will not wander into your den/kitchen/shop where you are busy.  No, you will need to go to the closet.  You will need to take the action to shut the door (& re-shut it & re-shut it if necessary) in order to be alone with your Savoir.  To truly PRAY will require your action in March. 


Of course, as pastor I hope your March action will result in an increased effort on your part to attend church regularly.  Perhaps I should not have typed “of course.” If you have never pastored or taught classes (or been a pastor’s wife) you may not realize the disappointment it is to see this one missing and that one – to wander where they are or if they’re OK. 


Allow one last area for action.  Please start inviting people to church.  If they have no way perhaps you could bring them.  It would be great to invite them to your dinner table when you invite them to AM service. If you invite them to Bible Study you could invite to join you are Chick-Fil-A, Steak & Shake, or Burger King afterward.  We need to be inviting and a good way to get better acquainted is over a meal or a snack.  Invite more in March. 

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