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We live in a world of deception.

2x4s are NOT 2” by 4.” Politicians lie. Many “flowers” are fake. Wigs and toupees abound. Some “science” approaches sci-fi.

It would be wonderful if counterfeits ended before entering religion. Alas, religion perhaps tops the list of pretenders. Many souls have joined a religion which “fits” their pitiful perceptions. Others have started their own religion or married 2 or 3 of their liking to their sad doom. Friend, you can live with “shaved” 2x4s; they stay on earth. Please seek out the True Jesus Christ (not one falsely portrayed in pics/print by “christianity”).

You will best find Him on your knees and in the pages of the CLASSIC King James Bible. The Son of God/Son of man is REAL!

– eab, 10/26/16

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