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JULY 10 – Has been ONE hot day.

1911  105 degrees at North Bridgton, Maine (state record)

1913  134 degrees F Greenland Ranch,California (U.S.record)

1936  109 degrees F Cumberland & Frederick, Maryland (state record)

1936  110 degrees F at Runyon, New Jersey (state record)

1936  111 degrees F Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (state record)

1936  112 degrees F at Martinsburg, West Virginia (state record)

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I belong to the King, I’m a child of His love,

I shall dwell in His palace so fair;

For He tells of its bliss in yon heaven above,

And His children its splendors shall share.



I belong to the King, I’m a child of His love,

And He never forsaketh His own;

He will call me some day to His palace above,

I shall dwell by His glorified throne.


I belong to the King, and He loves me I know,

For His mercy and kindness, so free,

Are unceasingly mine, wheresoever I go,

And my refuge unfailing is He.


 I belong to the King, and His promise is sure,

That we all shall be gathered at last

In His kingdom above, by life’s waters so pure,

When this life with its trials is past.



Ida Lilliard Reed was born this date, 11/30/1865, near Ar­den, Bar­bour Co., West Virginia.  It is reported that she penned some 2,000 hymns in her life­time – probably her best known today being, “I Belong to the King” (1896).  Reed died 7/8/1951, at Ar­den, West Virginia.

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