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5/17/1844 Julius Wellhausen was born.  He became a “German biblical scholar.”  He published (1878) History of Israel in which he argued the JEDP Hypothesis (type of religious evolution), claiming Pentateuch had four sources, thus weakening the Bible.


5/17/1881 The Revised Version (EV or ERV) of the New Testament was first published (England). The committee that produced this mis-translation was influenced significantly by two charactors named Westcott and Hort – fellows Henry Morris, Ph.D. (founder, Insititute for Creation Research) wrote “both denied Biblical inerrancy and promoted spiritism and racism.”

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Some readers with some education may think I’m

being unnecessarily unkind against modern

translations (mis-translations) of the Bible. 

Backers of the AV (a.k.a. KJV) did not start this.

Most (if not ALL) of the translators were directly or

indirectly influenced by Hort and Westcott

(men with questionable backgrounds) and

have purposely chosen to attack – that is a correct

choice of words – the standard against which other

Bibles are checked – the Authorized Version. 


One motive cannot be assigned to ALL translators

or the misguided men who swallow their productions.

Not any ONE motive but assuredly there IS a motive

behind each writer/printer of such translations and

a motive behind each user.  Think (you know

t-h-i-m-k  🙂 ).  Why, really WHY have these

chosen to reject the grandest Bible of centuries,

the Premiere work which has seen more saved

than any other English Bible?  

There is probably more to this than you may think.

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