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Imagine a perfect limousine being crashed to repair a hopeless jalopy. 


Imagine a wrecking ball demolishing a faultless mansion to improve a tumble-down shack. 


Imagine a perfect chocolate cake being trashed to “fix” a bucket of slop.


Imagine an ideal tailor-made suit being ripped apart to mend a faded work shirt.


Imagine an elegant massive ship being scraped so a rotten old row boat could float. 


Imagine a perfect and stately tree being destroyed so a dying old snag could live.    


Imagine a prime Angus, newly fresh, being “put down” so a feeble, dry, old cow might live.


Then imagine the perfect Son of God slain, so sinners (like us) can be redeemed.  What an imagination? 


No, what unimaginable love given to the world. Praise God now and ever and ever, eon after eon.  Amen!      

– eab, 4/15/11  

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