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Some worship a god made of stone,

A relic of hair, a bit of bone.

Some go to a “holy” river;

Seek discernment in a liver.


Some worship a man, a sports star,

Or singer on stage, with guitar.

Some reverence “globe,” the blue moon.

Some adorn what’s on their fast spoon.


Some before a cold statue stand,

Or kneel before, with folded hand.

Some venerate the rising sun,

Between stones pre-set for its “run.”


Some adore their expensive car.

Some worship a still movie star.

Some a poisonous viper adore.

Some “worship” – shopping at mall store.


Others before a picture bow.

Some think there IS a “holy” cow.

Friend, What is it you venerate?

What do you love, that you should hate?


Everything in the list above,

Was made by God, the God of love.

Worship The Maker, The Spirit, The Son

He, over sin, vict’ry has won.

– eab, 11/2/10

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