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It takes time/effort/money to arrange simple “props”

sit in the “scene” and make a you tube. Whether the video is educational, inspirational or “entertaining” the maker has a goal. He wants to get a message across. Multiple the time, increase efforts, throw in more money, use tangible or “film props” and you have a hollywood or christian “movie.” The movie maker wants you to get his message. “Super-size” the above and a movie may rake in huge profits – gullible men think profit is their goal. Reality Check. Many times the film maker/actors are filthy rich – they don’t need money. Why a new film? Why a sequence to an old film? The writer/producer has a message he wants believed. He has an agenda. To not admit this is ignorance. Stop admiring actors. Stop imagining yourself a “critic” on Who did great acting or not.

Wake up! Someone is changing America. Movies are a part of this.

– eab, 1/22/17

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