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*Past Poems Celebrating the Birth of Christ*

Why, Pray Tell All The Assignments?

Is there no end?   Test after TEST!

(Don’t tell me “Matching” is in the Book.)

Place “Q” with “two” and “R” with nine?

Is this instruction at its best?

Or, should someone, take another look?


“False”- right??? (Seems an unchristian line!)

“True” at times wrong? Truthfully wrong?

If “true” answers are incorrect,

And “false” answers are thought just fine,

My next test should be an easy song.


Testing styles you would now collect?

God gave King David “Multiple Choice”

Take “famine” “pestilence” or “flee.”*

He didn’t take long to reflect.

The Psalmist knew he could trust God’s voice.


Tests. Tests. Add “short-blanks” to these three

“Fifty or more questions?” “Come, Be real!”

“And find answers in assignments.”

Tests. Tests. What a pain tests can be.

Yet come they do, spring and fall — with zeal.


Papers; MLA refinements.

Notebooks are due on such-an-such date.

Reading grades; books go hand-in-glove.

Oh, what pre-Christmas confinements.

Don’t, what e’er you do, DO NOT be late.


A student said “all the above”?

No. A teacher struggling for best ways

To help youth recall “verse” and “phrase,”

(To acquire truth in college days.)

Doing the labor of Christian love.   *2Sa 24.12

– eab, Dec. ‘99

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