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You’re a guy thinking about finding a wife.

You’ve noticed a certain female face/form (not wrong, if no lust) but have you noticed if she loves Jesus supremely? You’re a gal who’s dreaming of a husband. A certain man’s strength/confidence has stood out to you but did his love for the Jesus stand out? Marriage is a wonderful thing. Period. Please make sure the one to whom you propose (or the one whose proposal you accept) will help You toward heaven (& you help them also) & not drag you toward the world. Amen?

– eab, 10/2/17

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WIFE >> please note date <<

I married you in my happy youth

Wife of my first love.

And year by year, I know the truth,

Our union was from above.


Because in you I find the arts

That I admire the most.

And our desires for united hearts

Are not an idle boast.


The habits and joys of one of us,

Are always some how shared,

And the burdens, come what must,

Are likewise mutually beared.


Yes, and you’ve the traits and likes

That a mother always needs.

To keep sweet, our sweet young “tikes,”

Blessed, little seeds.


So all in all, my love sweet,

You make a fine mate.

And if you’ll allow one repeat,

You make a fine mate.  

– eab, 12/18/66

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God has allowed weak, whimsical man a choice:

     In his Work (job hiring)

     In his Wife

     In his Wigwam

Surely He allows him a “yes” or “no”   

In his Eternal Welfare!      

– eab, 10/30/06

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It really doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter at all,

I’m in my Father’s care.

He rules this footstool here below,

From His great big, heavenly chair.

He’s in charge of my little life,

My fame and fortune, children and wife,

So it really doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter at all,

I’m in my Father’s care.  -eab, 12/1969


Written on the slab of what is now Carrol Auditorium, Hobe Sound Bible College,Florida

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A wife Adam had, named “Miss” Eve.

She came from a spot near his “sleeve.”

Though to be a help-mate,

She, then he, soon ate;

They ate ‘cause they didn’t believe. – eab, 3/3/05

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T              Today a young man turns sixty years;

H             Half that time we’ve known him, it appears.

O             Operating a small printing press,

M             Ministering to rich, and those less,

A              “Ain’t going preacher,” was said by some

S             Sleepy souls, after the van had come.


L              Loving man to Paula, his good wife.


S             Stably married decades of life,

P             Papa to their four nice kids, all grown,

R             Reaching to grandkids, these four have “sown.”

O             (Onions are part of any good meal.)

L              Lord’s minister, who likes to help heal,

E             Enjoyed seeing homes of Shea* and Ike.**

S             Sincere “Bests” – to a guy we all like. – eab, 10/1/08


The Bryans and Sproles visited * George Beverly Shea’s homesite when he held a meeting in Kingston and we visited ** Dwight D. Eisenhower’s homesite when he held a meeting in Kansas. My wife and I first met the Sproles in 1976 in Tennessee.



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