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William Carey died 6/9/1834. He was born an elder son (of 5 children) to Edmund & Elizabeth Carey, 8/17/1761, in a village, Paulerpury (Northamptonshire) England.  His parents were weavers but when 6 his father became the village schoolmaster.  William developed an interest in botany & “showed his metal” by learning Latin on his own.  Edmund apprenticed William (14) to a cobbler to learn shoe making – thus making William the most famous shoemaker in the world, after his conversion & call. 

While learning the ways of shoemaking William was exposed to the ways of Dissenters through a fellow-apprentice, became one, & started a small church nearby. While still apprenticed he learned Greek. Soon he went to work for the shoemaker Thomas Old, & married his s-n-l, Dorothy Plackett (1781) with whom he sired 7 children. Upon Old’s death he ran the shop AND taught himself Hebrew, Italian, Dutch & French. His deeper interest is early shown in his organizing a missionary society where he expressed his famous  “Expect great things from God attempt great things for God!” Before a year was out he was headed to India.

Eventually at Serampore (Danish colony) he (with others) settled & started a school – a main means of their support. After 7 struggling yrs of labor, Carey baptized his 1st convert, Krishna Pal & 2 months later, published his 1st Bengali New Testament. He would go on (through death in the family & his wife’s mental derangement) to spend 40 yrs in India, give 25 of her languages a portion of God’s Word & perhaps greatest of all, inspire such men as Adoniram Judson, Hudson Taylor, & David Livingstone.   What  a  Life !

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