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They did not seek for wisdom –

               They were then called wise.

They did not seek for mean wealth –

               They already had that prize.

They did not seek for His wonders –

               Wonders had not yet begun.

They came to Him to worship Him –

               For that, they made their long “run.”

– eab, 12/2/06

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Wise men



are wise enough to know



they NEED wisdom

– eab, 8/13/11

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If shepherds hadn’t been watching their charge,

As all good shepherds do.

If they hadn’t been dutifully faithful,

In spite of damp and dew.

If men of sheep hadn’t sheep-minded been,

The long winter night through;

They’d have missed that chorus grandly suspended,

Announcing centuries of prophecy ended,

In notes and quality, in minors and ranges, so large –

Masterfully blended.


If wise men hadn’t been looking upward,

As wise men want to do.

If ancient scholars hadn’t known the sky,

And humbly, knew, they knew.

If star-spangled men hadn’t known their flag,

The night that star first flew.

They’d have missed the invitation of all earth,

To rejoice in the King of Creation’s birth;

The astronomical discovery worthy of reward –

Announcing Royal worth.          – eab, 12/80


Written while I worked with Christ College and Christ Academy in East Tennessee.

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