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Wish I knew his name.

He was an adult (maybe 25-35) the summer of ’57 and was a supervisor in the kitchen (dish crew I guess) at the Pilgrim Holiness Camp, Springfield, OH. I was one of the kids working-my-way-through-camp doing dishes. After a day or two I’d noticed Donna and was sitting with her in services (some of you remember those camp-meeting “friendships”). One day while doing kitchen duty she happened near enough a window that I saw her and gave a “wolf-whistle.” The young minister (I assume) heard me and kindly informed let me know that that whistle was out-of-place. I didn’t know and didn’t bristle. Wish I knew his name – he might be the dad/uncle/grandpa of someone reading this post.

I am grateful for his help that far-away youthful day.

– eab, 5/23/17

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