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WORDS (24th card)

I’m sure it has already come to light,

That what you now hold in your hand,

Started out as a very plain post card,

(On which some fellow acted like a “bard”)

Card-stock from trees grown in our land.


But its not just a plain card now, right? Right!


And though it cannot replace a handshake,

(Nor the of “Alexander Graham” take,)

Communication it still dares!


Words come from this card, clad in “black and light.”

Words which hurry along cold miles

To say, “Oh, we remember those good years”

(Who could forget Blessings, Hard Work, and Tears?)

Words say, “We’d love to see YOUR smiles.”


Christ also, on that far Judean night,

Appeared as a “plain” Jewish Child

He seemed to be made of regular stock;

(Till He gave, at twelve, the doctors a shock.)

He was the Father’s, meek, mild.


God expressed His Word – expressed it so right.

The Divine Logos showed His love.

The Word, His Word, was wonderful we know,

(Far exceeding what this small card can show.)

Because His Word was from above.


With thoughts, terms, phrases a writer must fight;

The Lord with majestic insight

Has His syntax air-tight.

(God’s words delight!)


– eab, Dec. ‘89

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There are wordy words and worthy words,

And words of little account.

There are sour words and sweet words,

(But not from the same “fount.”)


There are Greek words and Hebrew words

Scattered all over the past.

They were, some of them, inspired,

Forever they will last.


There are gruff words and kind words,

And words which make the heart “patter.”

There are math words and science words,

About minuscule and macro matter.


There are up words and down words

Careening like a coaster rolling.

There are small words and B I G words;

Just allow your mind to do the scrolling.


There are fast words and s-l-o-w words

Ah, so poky they nearly stop.

There are fat words and  skinny  words,

And words for selling at the shop.


There are holy words and unholy words,

Hear the first, flee the latter.

There are nice words and slamming words

Which make ears nearly clatter.


There are praising words and lifting words,

And words which make one think.

There are pleasant words, rough words

Making the mind swell or rightly shrink.


There are prosaic words and poetic words

All intent on “rhymifying.”

Prosaic words think poetic words

Are all silly and stupefying,


There are old words, so old that

They get labeled archaic,

Even tho they make a line so

Quaintly Brit and/or poetic.


There are careless words and careful words,

(Please watch and don’t abuse them.)

Shoddy souls some words fling about,

Thus sadly over-use them.


There are ship words and airplane words,

They show one how to sail or fly.

There are auto words and train words,

Only spoken in the great bye-n-bye.


There are right words and wrong words

And words thought quite neutral.

But some words are mean spirited words,

“Chuck right full” of vitriol.


There are race words and ethnic words,

Words describing a tribe or clan.

There are cultural words and those not so

Which can alienate a wife from her man.


There are Bible words and salvation words,

Which decry murder as a sin.

There are other words which read right

Show an old Adam nature rules within.


There are bright words and pastel words,

All shining with bold or “palish” color.

And dressing words and suited words,

Tied up in sleeves, shirt or collar.


There are neat words, succinct words

So pleasing to eye and ear.

There are fighting words, barroom words,

Calling for fright and for fear.


If your kind of words, so personal

You failed to find above,

Make your own list of wordy words

But make your Webster-list with love.


Watch how you use your purposeful word,

Make it sweet, not full of sweat.

If you ever have to eat your words,

You’ll wish they were sweeter yet.


– eab, 4/13/10

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Words are servants; some tall, some short

They carry with them ill or good report

Some servants run in haste

Some linger or act as in sport.

                – 2/27/10

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“A picture is worth

             a 1000 words” ?

 “Hello!”  – – –

 It took words to say that!

eab, 1980s

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Set yourself apart from


                the Worship of the world


                the Worry of the world      


                the Words of the world


                the Works of the world.     


– eab,10/25/09

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Make your words so that:

          Some reject them

          Some respect them

But all reflect on them.               

 – eab,10/16/09       

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Words reveal knowledge,


                                      – Deeds reveal character.     – eab, 10/78

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Words are “vehicles of sound”


          which carry meaning to the mind.  Sept. 2005

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