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Worldliness has been preached

from our pulpits over and over. But how has it been preached? Dress? Yes! Amusements? Yes! Materialism? Yes! Education?   Well…not like it should be. Why? There are dangers in the others mentioned and warnings are needed but let us be Scriptural. “…The world by wisdom knew not God…”(1Co 1.21). Love not the world. What could be more worldly than its system of education, kindergarten – doctorate?

That system is responsible in a large part for the worldliness in the other areas.

– eab, pre-1967

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Worldliness is an in-ward,



down-ward condition which is self-inflected.

There’s one more “-ward” we’ll face if we persist on worldliness – feeling awk-ward in God’s presence.

He sent His Son to die so we can be free of worldliness.

– eab, 3/24/17

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Worldliness OR Holiness – that IS the choice.

Worldliness makes us more conscience of carnal self & less conscience of God.

Holiness, the TRUE fulfillment of ourselves, (as God planned)

makes us more aware of our Holy God.

– eab, 8/28/12

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That which Controls and Conjures this life


and will not,


repeat, will NOT be in Heaven


(& probably not in hell).

– eab, 1/29/13

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Worldliness is more than a “lifestyle



– it’s a FATAL attraction to the world.



Christianity is more than a style



– it is Life in Christ. 

 – eab, 6/21/11 

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Have same Attractions as the world?


Have same Attitude as the world?


Have same Appearance as the world?


 =  W O R L D L Y !

-eab, 1/9/10

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“The  Day  of  Doom”

  (these lines from near the end)

 This O New-England hast thou got

By riot, and excess:

This hast thou brought upon thy self

By pride and wantonness.

Thus must thy worldlyness be whipt.

They, that too much do crave,

Provoke the Lord to take away

Such blessings as they have.


We have been also threatened

With worser things than these:

And God can bring them on us still,

To morrow if he please.

For if his mercy be abus’d,

Which holpe us at our need

And mov’d his heart to pitty us,

We shall be plagu’d indeed.


Beware, O sinful Land, beware;

And do not think it strange

That sorer judgements are at hand,

Unless thou quickly change.

Or God, or thou, must quickly change;

Or else thou art undon:

Wrath cannot cease, if sin remain,

Where judgement is begun.


Michael Wigglesworth died this date 6/10/1705, at Malden, Massachusetts.  He graduated from Harvard in 1851.  His famous The Day of Doom is thought to have been first published in 1662.  (At least one source says he died 5/27/1705.)  He appears to have been born in England and that most likely on 10/18/1631.

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