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Worship God

~see other part~ The offering is a part of a Believer’s meeting.

Too much emphasis can be placed on an offering, however it has its place and some offertories bless with sweet and meaningful music. Every assembly of Christians should welcome a word here, a word there from “members” as they report (testify) of the good, God has performed the last week. (We are “bragging” on “our Father” and are pleased that He is glorified.) Unless the Lord leads otherwise, the high point of Believer’s groups is the preaching of God’s Holy Word. A politician, professor, or other can deliver speechs on “x” or “y.” Preaching is entirely different. It is the solemn responsibility of a mere man to stand before dying men and invite them to avert the coming wrath of God. It is a man attempting to be a messenger for the God of heaven. It is trying to lift men’s eyes above the plain of earth and glimpse the far better world to which God is inviting them and which Christ died to provide.

Please fully open your heart to Worship God tomorrow. Welcome!

– eab, 10/1/16

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2011- the “Year of the Bible”

2011 has been designated the “Year of the Bible.” People who are not thrilled with the Authorized Version have accused some who respect It, of worshipping It – not at all.  We worship God.  He, who inspired about forty men, across sixteen centuries to write His Book – OT in Hebrew mainly, NT in Greek, the then lingua franca (universal language) seems to have directed an English King to have It translated into what God foresaw to be the new and coming lingua franca, English.  He allowed England to throw off the chains of Rome (It did not want its minions reading the Bible.) and to see the necessity of having His Words translated by some of the most respected Bible scholars of their day.


Forty-seven translators, who believed they were handling God’s Words, were willing to devote four years of their lives to the great task of the Authorized (a.k.a. King James) Version.  In 1611 (400 years ago) they delivered to King James the best English Bible of all times.  


I, of course, had heard of a debate between those who respected the AV (or KJV, if you like) and those who claimed it had mistakes, which according to some modernists ranged into high numbers. As a literature major (BA) and Biblical literature major (MA) I appreciated the Classic words of this Golden Voice.  I recognized (in part) that this Book alone had helped to globally spread and standardize our native tongue.     


What I had not realized (and give the “benefit of the doubt” to others who are slower in this) is there has been (and currently is) a purposeful move to discredit the AV. For several months I have looked at sources and believe I see some motives to the unwarranted opposition.  Via FYC I hope to show examples of where some modern “translations” (should perhaps be called paraphrases) fall short of the completeness of the AV.  If a reader has accepted a modernist position I encourage deep study in the backgrounds of the modern translations.  It may be enlightening  


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