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They filled the water pots

All the way to the brim.

For Whom?  For Him.


Zacchaeus had heard lots

He want out on a limb.

For Whom?  For Him.


They laid aside their “jots”

And “tittles,” all so slim.

For Whom?  For Him.


They brought their little tots,

A blessing’s no “mere whim.”

From Whom?  From Him.


Man’s world’s no more mere dots,

Man’s eyes no longer dim.

From Whom?  From Him.


A leper no more rots,

Hopes are no longer slim

From Whom?  From Him.


The first miracle?  Pots.

Vitality and vim?

– All from God’s HIM.

                – eab, 3/17/11

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He was laid in a wooden manger.

Played with shavings from the plane;

Knew the smell of cedar – sawn,

Could distinguish the oaken grain.


He preached from a wooden sailboat.

Called down Zacchaeus from a tree;

He cursed the fruitless old olive,

And, it dried up thoroughly.


He carried a wooden cross.

Than another shouldered the frame.

And since that infamous, ancient day,

Wood, crosses, haven’t been the same–eab, 10/82


Written while I pastored Christ Church – Bible Methodist, Friendsville, TN

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