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The devil tries to make you think he’s God

God NEVER tries to make you think He is the devil.

– eab, 1/2/12

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Fletcher Quote:

…does not Calvinism or if you please falalism or necessitarianism

absolutely make God the author of sin… 

– Works, Vol II, p369

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The God of all the universe,

“Writes” beautifully in prose and verse.

His truths appear in perfect rhyme,

But He stoops low to now converse

With the better, and yes, the worse.

Listen, earthling, for His glad chime.

– eab, 2/2005

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God is so “sure of His sovereignty”


that He invites His creatures to be “fellow creators,”


and doesn’t withdraw that ability to “create”


(art, children, literature, building, music, etc.)


even when men stupidly deny that there IS a Creator.



– eab, 12/21/12

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We can be content IF we are connected



to the Father of Contentment, God




We can be deprived of contentment



by the devilish old devil.


– eab, 2/21/09

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Some men are selling for more than they’re worth,

Some men are selling for less.

They tell you they’re great (not all in mirth);

You won’t even have to guess.

God’s man is either most unknown,

Or not as popular by far,

But all worthy and worthless, have souls.

Popularity with God, does not mar.

                – eab, 5/16/09

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God formed hills with curving inclines, [1]

He likes ovals, egg-shapes, and “nearly rounds.”

God made slight bends and flowing lines,

He created “almost flats” and sloping grounds.


Man tries, by human contrast,

To make a perfectly straight string.

Right angles stick to him (too fast)

A wobble is a hated, ugly thing.


A straight line is man’s necessity,

Making it plumb and level too.

The Creator in His infinite variety,

Finds no new curve “hard” to do.


God, in surest sovereignty and might,

Makes His world full of slight bends.

But He made His prime creature’s sight,

To see perfection in parallel ends. 

  – eab, 9/15/06

[1] Penned on the west bank, Middle Fork,Chandalar River,AK.

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