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You do not have to like their way,

Nor how they waste life’s little day,

Nor agree as they hype the first of May,

You don’t have to like what they say,

To LOVE them.


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Are you willing to die for Truth? (Not be an idle question.)

Be searching a good old Bible, Be obeying Jesus’ teachings. “Buy the truth & sell it not…” (Pro 23.23).

Friend, don’t let a day of testing find you out of victory,

lacking that VITAL love connection with Truth, i.e. Christ.

– eab, 2/18/15

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R  Right

I   Invitations in

E  Endearing

N  Non-relational

D  Development.  

– eab, 3/23/09

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Christians are the only ones who Hate no one

but the devil (& his spirit crew) and


Friend, if that does not describe you, please,

PLEASE find a place to ask Christ

into (back into) your poor soul Today!

– eab, 3/28/13

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Without question, hear it,


without question,


YOU and I are NOW


choosing our NEXT world –


choose well, Friend,


choose well. 

– eab, 12/10/12

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On the road to self-deception

 a QUESTION MARK will appear.

Please Friend, do NOT ignore it.

 God is faithful but the ? may not last long.

– eab, 4/21/12      

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 Three crosses silhouetted against the sky,

 A thief dying on one – he didn’t get by.

 A thief is also dying on the third frame;

 His sin was similar, his punishment the same.

 But Who dies on that middle cross,

 What’s He done – that life should be lost?

 Is He a big sinner?  Say, what is His crime?

 He had no sin, friend, till He took yours and mine.

 His death is a redemptive death;

 He replaced, ah, replaces, mortal man.

The Son of God died for sinners –

Have you ever heard of such a plan? 

         – eab, 4/7/07

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