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2Ki 20.1 +

2Ki 20.1

“Thus saith the LORD, ‘Set thine house in order;

for thou shalt die & not live.’”

“A foreigner won’t likely invest in real estate…he doesn’t intend to stay

…picture of the Christian & his lack of interest in earthly values.”

– L D Wilcoxh

Saints, by faith, crave & have a close relationship with God. Sinners, by refusing to be close to God, are in rebellion against Him. God can (if they seek Him), forgive the rebel & can restore him to a place of fellowship. So – – – Rebel – – – do not despair but neither dawdle. You must hurry to Christ, give up your rebellion, & join the King of kings. His side will win! Never doubt it for a moment. – 6/8/21

 “A false concept of grace

will be used by the antichrist”

– Donald Winter
“Science” wants/expects you to believe their every pronouncement & if you’re trained by them, you’ll tend to do that. God wants us to believe His Book, verse-by-verse & if you love Him, you’ll do this. No intellectually honest man, can fully believe the Bible & at the same time fully believe man/satan’s counterpart called “science.” One belief will eventually supplant the other & sadly, it can go from “science” up to full believe in the Bible, or it can drop from Scripture to worthless theories. – 6/9/21


Time was when we were all boys.

Our dads and grandpas were the men,

Standing strong and tall behind us

A type of “God,” way-back when.

“Time was” does not conveniently stay

Time illusively passes, to pass-away.

The dad and grandpa lie in yonder hill

We “boys” must their shoes try to fill.

Be strong “old boy.”  Do God’s fine will.

– eab,  June 2010

I understand, you have no control over how grandchildren dress. And, sadly you have little control over how they are dressed when you arrive at your house (Martha & have aren’t having a problem here, Praise the Lord). Do you understand you DO have control over the pic you publish? You can omit the pics of immodest granddaughters/grandsons from your posts or crop then. Surely you love them but you don’t have to love their skin exposure. May Christian grandparenting have an influence toward the right – 6/10/21

“Sanctification requires no greater degree of faith

 than justification.

– J A Wood

1Th 5.22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

M.A.A.N. = “Much Ado About Nothing” Possibly Shakespeare’s best words; describes almost everything he wrote &, sadly, describes much “news coverage” we’ve been fed for decades. They want us to believe *This is important while they ignore *That (as supposedly not worthy of reporting). – 6/13/21

“Holiness promotes human happiness by affording a true estimate

& interpretation of the ills of life.

– J A Wood

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2Ki 2.14 +

2Ki 2.14

“…Where is the LORD God of Elijah?… when he also had smitten the waters,

they parted hither & thither: & Elisha went over.”

“…There is no holiness for man

unless it is based on the holiness of God.”
– L D Wilcox

You’re going to take a trip. “Me? – Not me; I don’t like to travel.” Sorry, you’re going to take a trip. “But I want to stay here.” Yes, there are those who want to stay here – & – perhaps, if Eve had not sinned & coxed Adam to sin, we might’ve been allowed to stay on earth forever. But they sinned. Death followed in the footprints of sin (Before sin there was no death.) & now we all must make a trip. It is a super-serious trip. It is The Trip of a life-time tho it’s at the end of life. You ARE going to die. Prepare. – 6/10/21

“He [man] is free to choose how he will act

but he is not free to choose the results of this action.”

– L D Wilcox

If you have one child that is married to the original mate they wed 10 – 20 (or more) years ago – Rejoice.

If you have 2-3 children married to the mates they married 10 – 20 (or more) yrs ago – Rejoice & be glad.

If you have 4 (+) kids married to original mates for 10 – 20 (+) yrs ago – Rejoice & be exceedingly glad!

Give God the Glory AND keep praying – the devil of divorce still prowls the land. – 6/10/21

”The devil’s producing Bibles? Wow, what’s next?”

He does this only when he can “play” with the text.

He can laugh at your confusion, laugh behind your back

He & his ilk hope they can throw you off-track.

And symbols? What more could satan wish?

Have you believe Christianity’s connected to a fish.

Look for the roots, the reasons hidden behind

False “bibles,” rotten rituals, emblems, & such kind.

– eab,  6/12/18

Do NOT teach a child how to read unless you’re going to also teach him (& show by your example) the importance of reading the Bible. Better to not know how to read as for reading to lead to damnation. (God can show Himself to your child in His manifold details of creation, if need be.) – 6/11/21

2Pe 2.1

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies…”

“The enemies of the Gospel have come into the church as angels of light. Infiltration…pleasant phrases & deceptive use of Christian terminology.”

– Carl McIntire

Consider that preacher/teacher FALSE who’s developed the “ability” to make “christianity” popular with the moneyed & “in crowd” (whether he’s on TV, radio, or a supposed “holiness” pulpit) when such teaching does not lead to a radical love for Christ & His His Word.

Do not just walk away from these guys – Run! – 6/11/21

“…Ecumenical movement…is really an attach upon truth,

Jesus Christ & the Bible.”

– Carl McIntire

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2Ki 2.9 +

2Ki 2.9

“…Elijah said…‘Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee.

…Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.’”

“…Our day has attacked the truth & trustworthiness of the Bible & as a result

men want to dispose of the Scriptures as previously held but hold on to Christ & Christianity…”
– Carl McIntire

Thank you ladies in medical fields, who’ve never worn the pants uniforms. Or if you did, you no longer don the uniform trousers, thanks for listening to the Holy Ghost. As a non-medical person I believe I see the push to wear uniform britches has contributed to a broader acceptance of women wearing them at home/store/etc. “Listen, Bryan, there’s a time that women are more ‘modest’ in pants.” If this is true then a lady needs to only do jobs (medical/otherwise) where she can retain a lady-like appearance. – 5/31/21

“When men believe alike & are united in their determination to honor God’s Word,

 the Bible, there is a blessed fellowship-Heaven-given, Spirit-blest.”

– Carl McIntire

God’s is a vertical world. satan & his human helpers try to distract us from God’s vertical-ness & have, in its place, substituted their “vision” of a horizontal world. (Heaven is not “out-there” [right] nor “over there” [left]; Heaven is UP.) Neither satan (nor his sordid assistants) want to think about the location of hell (down, below, under) because that direction is where they’re headed. – 6/8/21

sing and rejoice

This is a day to sing and rejoice;

To lift up your hands, to lift up your voice,

A Day to again, acknowledge God, King.

Will you not then joyfully, royally sing? 

– eab,  6/10/07

Hark! – do you know WHY you are *not* a careful living Christian? Are you willing to admit the TRUE reason? Friend, there is a reason. Please be MAN enough, be WOMAN enough to admit what it is. Then go to a secret place & ask God to help you stop that sin, forgive that “jerk,” leave that fornicating relationship, or remove your fits of carnal anger. God wants you to be in heaven, forever with Him. Obey Him. Believe Him. Let Him become the center AND the circumference of your life. – 6/10/21  

Gen 1.26 – 27

“…God said, ‘Let us make man in our image…’

…male & female created he them.”

“If you shut up the damper of confession,

you will smother the fire of sanctification.”

– Orlow C Webb

The attempt (it’s doomed) to erase the distinction between male & female causes a search for words. It is stupid. It is irrational. It is unintelligent. These are limited in trying to express how silly (worthy expressions seem inadequate) such idiotic effort is. These suggesting this are rebelling against God. In Gen 1.26 “man” first occurs – in the next verse “male” & “female” are used. Two sexes are the basic blocks of the human race. To try to push this aside is to try to brush God aside. These people are rebels. – 6/10/21    

“After my return home I was much buffeted with temptations but cried out

& they fled away. They returned again & again…He sent me help from His holy place.”

– John Wesley

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1Ki 22.14 +

1Ki 22.14

“And Micaiah said, ‘As the LORD liveth,

what the LORD saith unto me, that will I speak.’”

“St. James, our Savor’s brother & indeed all the apostles,

except St. John, were married…”
– Martin Luther

What a man says in a sermon/speech may sound impressive if, IF you 1.) know nothing of his unguarded “slip of tongue” talk, 2.) know nothing of his (off the record) life-style, 3.) know nothing of how his wife or at-home children live/look. Please see beyond mere public or mere published words. – 6/2/21

“Honors alter a man’s manners

& seldom for the better.”

– Martin Luther

When something new comes down the pike. Should you automatically reject it? No. Should you enthusiastically embrace it? No. A thinking person wants to weigh it, look at the right side, left side, the front & back. A reading man wants to search its background – from where did it come? Who’s been using it? Who’s making money from it? The Christian, hopefully both a thinker & a reader, does the above & seeks for right action, as he prays & studies his Bible. God leads His children. – 6/3/21 


The Lord God planted the first garden.

Eden’s symmetry & smells we’ll never know

Allow me to guess (as He made us like Him)

The Creator had pleasure in watching it grow.

– eab, 6/8/19

Millions of new animals & plants were created in Genesis 1&2. Millions of humans or their actions & inter-actions took place in Genesis 3-50. Neither opening chapters nor historical closing chapters use the word “new.” “New” is first used for a king (Exo 1.8), continues some 130 vv & concludes with God’s promise to “make all things new”(Rev 21.5). Neither OT or NT saints were greatly concerned about “news.” The heathen Greeks show the craving of modernity with a desire to “tell or to hear some new thing”(Act 17.21). Die out to “news.” – 6/8/21

1Sa 16.7

“…The LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance

but the LORD looketh on the heart.”

“Faith in the plain, unmistakable promises of God…links the soul-winner to Jesus…He would have His child trust Him, walk the waves with Him, never doubt Him, shout the victory through Him, & triumph over all fear & all the power of the enemy in Him.”

– Samuel L Brengle

The devil works in the area of optics. He tries to make small things look large & super important. And satan tries to make extremely huge things (like Eternal Life) look small & of little value. This optical deception works on un-awakened sinners. Thank God it’s less effective on the sinner who is becoming aware of his sin, of judgment, of hell. Saints are not fooled by these tricks but as long as we’re still on earth there’s a danger of again being mislead about true size & values. Stay close to Jesus. – 6/8/21

“The soul-winner must…get alone with God, & pour into his Heavenly Father’s ear

intercessions & pleadings & arguments, if he would have good success.”

– Samuel L Brengle

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1Ki 19.18 +

1Ki 19.18

“Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal

& every mouth which hath not kissed him.”

“…Paul very well says ‘They deny the power of godliness’ He does not say they deny godliness but they deny the power, strength, & virtue…by false & superstitious doctrine.”
– Martin Luther

“Entertainment” is not in the Bible. “Entertain” & “entertained” are (same v.) but are not speaking of something we enjoy but of benefiting others: serving rather than being served; giving help rather than receiving food, music, laughter, etc. The church “enjoying the pleasures” of this passing world is fading into oblivion. It is loosing (has lost) its effectiveness. Too many of our so-called revivals, camps, have an entertainment flavor; a worldly entertainment taste. “O God give an AWAKENING!” – 5/17/21

“…The devil continually seeks to put

another Christ into my mind.”

– Martin Luther

You are deceived – are you aware of that? Have you some-what purposely allowed yourself to “believe” “hope” all is right between you & God – when deep inside you know you’re still SINNING? Please remember some of the most serious words in the Bible follow these words in Mat 7.22,

“Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?

and in thy name have cast out devils?  and in thy name done many wonderful works?” – 5/31/21


I believe the most believable Belief ever known.

(Blinded Jews rejected Jesus – their very “own.”)

God’s Son lived, died, resurrected; that’s for sure!

Bringing Salvation for believers which will ever endure.

Soon we’ll have a totally “devil-free” zone.

– eab, 6/1/18    

Be willing to think. Think separately from the left media. Be willing to think distinctly from right counter-media as well. (Both can be extreme or at least headed toward extreme.) Both lefties & the righties can be off base. What does the Bible say? “Well, honestly, I’m not exactly sure what It says about ‘X.’” Please friend, you can read. Read what the Bible, particularly the New Testament (Christ & the New Testament men He inspired) has to say about “X.” Allow the Scriptures to lead you, not media! – 5/31/21

Mat 11.28

“Come unto me, all ye that labor & are heavy laden

& I will give you rest.”

“Get a clean heart, full of the Holy Ghost, full of love,

& you cannot speak evil of any man.”

– Samuel L Brengle

Uncle A, or friend B, or co-worker C dies. It’s natural to wish for the best, to hope they’re Above. (And it’s devilish to cherish a thought, “They’re in hell; getting what they deserve.”) Hopefully you prayed for them but the nice thing is you’re not responsible for where A,B,C are – they are. Closer Home – – – you & I (by receiving or rejecting the Precious Blood of Christ) ARE responsible for where we go – SOLELY responsible. – 6/2/21

“A frank & noble mind is open to the truth & wants it

more than gold or pleasures or fame or power.”

– Samuel L Brengle

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1Ki 18.37 +

1Ki 18.37

“Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the LORD God

& that thou hast turned their heart back again.”

“If young converts wish to maintain their religious life strong, fresh, and secure, they must throw the whole of themselves into it; they must hold nothing back.”

– Gipsy Smith

One of the best preparation for becoming a Christian is to have been raised in a home where Dad was loving but firm. And (even if Dad was not a follower of Christ) he was consistent in his stand. There were certain places you were not to go, certain words which if he heard you say brought a immediate action & when he said “no” it was no. There was no begging him out of it. If you did not have such a home, ask God to help you & your wife to create such a preparation place for your kids. – 5/28/21     

“There are five Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John & the Christian.

Most people will never read the first four.”

– Gipsy Smith
You can spend a life-time studying this or that (supposed) alternative translations to the Bible – yes, an entire life. Or, OR, hear it, you can spend your life studying the Greatest Classic of all Classical Literature, the Authorized Version. I hope the choice is obvious: spreading your attention across scores of substitute “bibles” not sure who, what, or when, to believe this change or that, OR going daily to study & study in depth, the Book that has blessed literally millions of English readers across centuries & continents. – 5/29/21    


You may have the “best of sight”

And yet not see;

Because you lack light,

Light – which shows reality.

– eab, 5/31/18

“Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up” (heard this yrs ago; don’t know to whom to credit it). Sadly too many don’t want the facts; They want to continue doing as they’ve done, trying to “believe” as they’ve been believing. They do NOT want awakened – And. Yet. Death. Comes. Apace. – May 2021

“The devil has two occupations to which he applies himself incessantly &

which are t foundation stone of his kingdom – lying & murder.

– Martin Luther

Pro 14.14

“The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways…”

Backsliding is – for almost everyone – a process. Time in the “Prayer Closet” gets shorter. You give in a little on *this.* Then `that` doesn’t seem so wrong. Your kids want to go *here,* then #there# does not appear much worse. Time in prayer isn’t as sweet as it was. Modestly is given-up 1 – 2 inches at a time. The devil hopes you won’t notice. But God’s very aware that you’re sliding. Can you get back to God? Yes – hopefully. But I urge you to come back NOW. There’s no record Felix ever found a “convenient season” (Act 24.25) Come BACK, Brother, Come BACK Sister. – 5/31/21 

“Our songs & psalms sorely vex

& grieve the devil…

– Martin Luther

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1Ki 18.36 +

1Ki 18.36

“LORD God of Abraham, Isaac & of Israel, let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel

& that I am thy servant & that I have done all these things at thy word.”

“…They call my Lord Dartmouth an enthusiast” said Geo. III

“But surely he says nothing on religion but what any Christian may & ought to say.”
– Able Stevens

Thinking adults do not wish to waste hours – Christian adults even less. If it will help – imagine the next 24 hours are your last on earth & then you’ll stand before God giving an account of how you “spent” those 24. Time passes through your hands but once. Use it wisely, Friend, use it wisely. – 5/24/21

“If you’re a good listener,

He’s a good Leader.”

– Ken Thompson

“Prayer closet” (IMO) is a term which can be used for your special praying place. It may be outdoors or in; upstairs or down. As we age I imagine several of us have a “Prayer Chair.” The position of the body (again, IMO) is not important. The position of the soul is paramount. And – – – the consistency of going to your praying place is crucial. Pray. Please Pray. – 5/28/21     


The “gates of hell” can be easily perceived

As “matching doors” where sinners are received.

But may they be one here in this spot,

One there, yea, many, leading to where it’s Hot?

Don’t think they’re all brothels or bars

(Or others of like ill-famed, evil “stars.”)

Sadly a church can be a gate to what’s below

When truth is untold; and Light’s not allow to show.

– eab, 5/30/18

Words have at least two enemies – the second is the Image. Images have drastically increased in the last century. They were once limited to stone, wood, ivory/bone & metals. With the invention of plastics &  with the convergence of “plastics” & photography, images have been drawn, photo-shopped, & otherwise “created” until they far outweigh words. God Word(s) can mean redemption from all sin. Images save no one but they have helped damn many. – 5/29/21  

Rev 16.2

“And the first went & poured out his vial upon the earth & there fell a noisome & grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast & upon them which worshipped his image.”

“Those who believe in the ‘unknown tongue’ certainly have no right to be called ‘Pentecostal’

for the marvel & miracle of Pentecost was that every man heard them speak in his own language.”

– A L Vess

ALERT – you should NOT be reading (on regular basis) a Bible which has notes. “Why not, Bryan? Notes make it easier to understand.” (They make it easier to understand the intentions – positive or negative – of the *note maker* – – – Are you understanding what GOD wants you to understand?) One of the dangers of printed notes in Bibles is; you finish reading, & later that day think “I read it in the Bible” perhaps forgetting if it was in the Scripture or, hear it, OR, in the notes added by mere men. – 5/30/21 

“Remarriage is the final act of un-forgiveness.”

– Don Wardlaw

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1Ki 15.14 +

1Ki 15.14

“…Asa’s heart was perfect with the LORD all his days.”

“You will only love & understand the word

as Jesus reveals it to you.”

– Samuel L Brengle 

“A picture’s worth a 1000 words.” At first glance, it seems to hold truth; but – give it a second thought.

1.) It took words to say that. 2.) You can’t paint, draw, nor capture in photo the essence of these very words. 3.) Many words (“God” “Truth” “Eternity” “Beauty” for starters) are impossible to show in pics. – 5/26/21

“…Jesus is holy & humble &

He cannot walk with any but humble, holy men…”

– Samuel L Brengle 
Being a proper student of the Bible requires a degree of balance. On the one side, be humble. See yourself as a beginner (in a sense all of us are) needing to hear all the Holy Ghost has to whisper (or “shout”) in our ear. On the other side, don’t believe – not for a moment – that God can’t show you, His listening child, secrets of His Timeless Book as well as He can a more advanced or more educated soul. Seek to learn & when God enlightens you, be super glad, & Praise Him for it. – 5/27/21


God who creates every sunrise and set

Is working on you – He’s not finished yet.

“El sol” and the clouds all cooperate

Day in, day out, past, present, and future date.

The Father would like you to stop your sin

Allow Him FULL control without, within.

Sin stops the creation He is making in you;

Sin is something He hates, & You don’t HAVE to do.

Let the Father make you complete.

And, inbred sin delete.

– eab,  May 2015 

As you’re happy when your Daughter or Son call – imagine how Happy God is when we “call.” If your child only calls when needing money, we may not be delighted with their call – nor (IMO) is God happy that we only pray when in dire need; pleading for help we know only He can give. Talk to God when joyful as well as needy; when things are smooth as silk, as well as when they’re like scratchy wool. – 5/28/21

“Wisdom is the power to apply knowledge…Counsel…to plan rightly

…might the power to execute our plan.

– A B Simpson

Rev 1.3

“Blessed is he that readeth & they that hear the words of this prophecy

& keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

Which do you desire Revival or Revolution?

Revolution is an attempt to change the life others live. Revival is changing the life you live.

Revolution, sadly, uses carnal weapons. Revival uses the warmth of fervent prayer.

Revolution sends souls to hell (on both sides). Revival helps souls to go to heaven.

Sinners need few qualifications to fire a gun & therefore kill or be killed in revolution.

Saints & saints only will bring about revivals which help people become qualified for heaven. – 5/29/21  

“God’s goal is not to spook & awe us with His presence.

He wants to fill us with His presence.

– Chad Snider

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1Ki 2.2 +

1Ki 2.2

“I go the way of all the earth: be thou strong

therefore & show thyself a man.”

“…The larger the treasure in the house

the greater the effort of the thief to break through & steal.”
– CW Ruth

All sinners may not be liars – – – but all liars are sinners. “My parents told me there were ‘little white lies.’” Sorry – they lied to you. “Schools & businesses & governments lie.” Yes, & if they do they’re sinning – flat & simple. Once a man/woman lies about “x” (small stuff) they’ll likely to lie about “X” (big stuff). Once they lie about ABC they’re more likely to lie about XYZ. “…All liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire & brimstone…”(Rev 21.8). – 5/25/21

“They [the world] say ‘We go to the theatre, play cards, dance,

go to football games, horse races etc. etc. & so do your church members.’”

– CW Ruth

satan doesn’t want you to realize the importance of words. He hates The Word. He hates both Christ, the Living Word & the Printed Words God has provided for men to read. satan is the force behind the wide, wicked use of images. satan used an image (the serpent) to hid behind when he deceived Eve & he is still using images to deceive. Please, PLEASE stop your addiction to images! – 5/26/21

Heaven’s worth  

We often speak of heaven

As a place with streets of gold,

And think that we’re describing it

In an illustration, bold,

Imagining that such a place

Must be fabulous indeed,

If earth’s most precious metal

Is mere pavement – so decreed.

Forgetting that there’s true wealth,

Which the Lord has up there,

Those precious transformed lives

Who’ve arrived there from “here.”

For if one soul is worth more

Than the combined wealth of earth,

Redeemed souls from every race

Make golden streets of little worth.                   

– eab,  5/28/07

Work directly for God. If you *must* do secular work to pay bills be alert to these:

1.) Limit your desires & thereby limit your bills.

2.) satan may offer advancement in the secular job making it harder to “phase it out.”

3.) A second paycheck doesn’t encourage you to believe God & thereby build your faith.

4.) Make sure “tent making” is as un-important to you as Paul’s was to him (mentioned once). – 5/27/21

Heb 11.6

“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is &  that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

“I have never heard one give a valid reason

why the blood of Christ is not sufficient to cleanse the heart from all sin.”

– George Shaw

You’re retired. I’d guess your yard looks better than before retirement. You may now garden or have a larger plot of veggies or one with less weeds than when you were working. Let me ask about something different – has your Bible Reading increased? (It should have.)  May I probe a little further? Has your prayer life seen an increase since your retired? (It should have.) If not, please improve both today. – 5/28/21

“No church can be under the guidance of the Spirit

which fears to offend the world.” – George Shaw

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2Sa 22.33 +

2 Sa 22. 33

“God is my strength & power:

& he maketh my way perfect.”

“The professional ‘show’ business started in ancient Greece

So foul & defiling to society did they become that at one time they were outlawed in Athens.”

– Paul Rees

One of the greatest things we can possibly do for a daughter is raise her to be a lady. Teach her how to talk like a lady, walk like one, sit like a lady. Teach her to appreciate feminine clothing, feminine ways of doing things, how to appreciate ALL THINGS feminine. She, as a true champion of the Lady World, will attract (in purity & in God’s time) a man who is ALL man & who loves her to the height of her being a Lady & yes, a Lady from birth as you trained her to be. – 5/17/21  

“The more joy you have in the Lord the less entertainment you need.

Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy.”

– Leonard Ravenhill
Jesus never said it; nor did Paul, Peter or other NT pen men. So – – – where did you get it? From where did you pick-up this expression? What expression?” “I’m proud that…” or “You make me proud.” Please Christian Sir, Please Christian Lady, STOP saying “I’m proud.” You got that term from the world. Christ died that we not be proud. – 5/24/21  


I’m glad you married & had a son,

You thot that a family, when ‘twas barely one.

But how could you know – since it was all you knew

A single son & one wife – just the three of you.

Some larger familied Mom & Dad

Could’ve equally disparaged  the four we had.

(God had blessed them with eight or ten

girls to turn into ladies; lads to change to men.)

Families come in sizes & shapes galore;

God’s custom units, spread from hill to shore.

– eab, 5/24/21

Apologists want to convert you to their philosophical/theological “club.” Theirs is a head conversion.

Christians strive to convert you to Jesus Christ – that He be born anew in your heart. There is a huge difference. At the great Judgment Bar of God only changed Hearts will be admitted to heaven. – 5/25/21

“Anything that a change of date will alter

 is not truth.

– Buddy  Robinson

Rom 10.10

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness;

& with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Be fair to your readers – if you quote from any version of the Bible other than the Authorized Version you must (after giving the supposed words) show the version you used: NKJV, NIV, ESV etc. There are those (sadly) who do not know their Bibles well enough to realize that you’re quoting from a lesser “Bible.” Please be fair to your readers. BETTER YET, start using the AV (aka KJV) yourself & that way you are being *fair to yourself* as well. – 5/25/21

“When a man does not want holiness

I know he wants sin.

– C W Ruth

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