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Jam 1.15 +

Jam 1.15

“Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin:

and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”


Do Not Lie! Do not lie to God. Do not lie to your wife/husband. Do not lie to your child (no “Virginia” there is not a santa, easter bunny, or tooth “fairy.”) Do not lie to yourself. God knows you’re lying. Your family will figure it out. But when you lie to yourself, you may forget (or start believing your tale) & be damned.

– eab, 10/16/18


“A faith that cannot be tested

cannot be trusted.”

– Paul Pierpoint, sermon 3/4/01


> > > > “God made Heaven, Earth, World” – – – 2nd in new series. < < < <

Gen 2.4 These are the generations of the Heavens and of the earth when they were created,

in the day that the LORD GOD MADE the Earth and the Heavens,

God made Heaven, Earth, World # 2




I do not recall just what year;

It had to be after the grades,

Somewhere between the freshman fear

And being a senior with “shades.” [1]


Nor is the season clearly in mind,

Though a long-time favorite is fall.

The day was more “springish” in kind

As I now, distantly, recall.


And, spring-like weather can be spread

Across April and May and June,

So the month must be left unsaid,

No exact one can “carry this tune.”


Nor do I know the day of week,

Though I doubt it a Lord’s Day,

And it won’t help to “take a peek”

At a calendar that far away.


Year, nor season, nor month is known,

I can’t even tell you the hour.

But the moment, though “ancient” grown,

Has not fully lost its power.


I can take you to the outcropped hill,

Which basically faced the west,

– If developers have left it still;

I doubt they have bulldozed that crest.


Bear right and climb above the trail,

Sit still in the late afternoon sun,

Be willing to let the mind “sail”

Meaningfully, slowly – don’t make it run.


Look beyond the nearest old home,

And beyond the farthest old hill,

Allowing thoughts (as I did) to roam,

And a wandering, wonder may fill


Your mind as it did mine, “back when”

In a moment of maturing.

Life had new thrill and meaning just then,

Briefly, yet decades enduring.


“Vision” I did not feel nor see,

Nor did my mind have dreams,

Yet living took on new life for me,

The day I saw “more than it seems.”


I’ve never forgotten the thrill,

Caught on that Cincinnati hill.

– eab, Oct 2005


2Co 6.17

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate,

saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you”


Someone might admit, “I don’t like standards. I don’t like rules.” You’ll be happy for “standard widths” on windows when you replace them. A century-old mansion of stone (lot of stone houses in Canada) or old brick may have eye appeal, but to costume-fit argon-filled windows to such openings can be very expensive. The builders like standards. The “Builder of Men” knows we need His standards!

– eab, 10/14/18


“The application of perfect love…is like buying a new tool

…you must learn how to use it.”

– L D Wilcox, /Profiles in Wesleyan Theology/


On the Lord’s Day a brother expressed appreciation for what I post. I told him, if it’s good, “Give God the Glory.” (The Lord, without doubt, is the source of all excellent ideas.) I also told him, if it is, “Bad Blame Bryan.” I’ll ask you, reader, to do the same. Three G’s “G.G.G.” (pardon my using a “G” here to stand for God). Or three B’s “B.B.B” – ought to be easy enough to remember.

– eab, 10/16/18

[1] Term from the 60’s for sunglasses.


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Eze 33.11 +

Eze 33.11

“…Saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked…turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?”


Years ago I worked weeks in 2 summers & many Saturdays with Vic Cremeans & learned to hang gutter & downspout. A recent estimate on putting up the remaining g&d @ 80’ (I’d done 4 sections earlier) came to $800+ “rich” for a fixed-income retiree. Friday I (with MSB’s help on the ground) finished hanging the last 274” section. Yesterday completed nailing up that section, put on 2 more downspout (MSB’s help on the ground), & @ 40’ leaf-guard. Thank God for safety & strength to climb, re-climb (re-climb) the ladder (house is only 1 story).

– eab, 10/14/18


“Ignorance is a handmaiden of superstition.”

– L L Pickett, /The Antichrist/


> > > > “God made Heaven, Earth, World” – – – 1st in new series. < < < <

Gen 1.1 In the beginning GOD created the Heaven and the Earth.

(Heaven, Earth, World) God made Heaven, Earth, World # 1



God’s Nod

The prophet from Joppa set sail;

Soon his ship was caught in a gale.

Though it seems rather odd

A “submarine” got the Lord’s nod.

& Jonah was “picked up” by a whale.

– eab, 10/14/05


Mar 10.12

“…If a woman shall put away her husband and be married to another

she committeth adultery.”


You have a choice between this “brand” new car or a used one. The cost is about the same. Which will it be: one squeaky clean or one-not-so-spotless? You have a choice between a virgin or a divorcee. Be logical – if there were no New Testament Scripture informing you not to marry a divorced woman (& there is), if there were no possible complications with her “ex” (& there could be), reason alone say go new. Go with the virgin. You don’t need a marriage with “baggage.” Period.

– eab, 10/14/18


“…There is no holiness for man

unless it is based on the holiness of God.”

– L D Wilcox, /Profiles in Wesleyan Theology/


You’re eating. Three or four well-prepared foods rest on your plate. There is naturally a first bite There is (if you were taught to clean up your plate) a last bit. What is it? Did you save your favorite, the very top favorite for the last bite? You did? Good. God has arranged that our probationary life (when He is seeing if we chose Him or the adversary of our souls) be first. If we’re wise we will obey the Father & He will give us our best last. And, friends, eternity with Him is the way to end – “end” with the Best Life.

– eab, 10/14/18

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Luk 4.8 +

Luk 4.8

“…It is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God,

and him only shalt thou serve.”


Who is blurring the line between worship & entertainment? And Why? People truly in love with the Holy Trinity want an atmosphere where man is on the side, & God is Central! People who aren’t in love with God tend to want (demand?) entertainment. Entertainment put man in the center with a song, playing an instrument, acting, clowning, even making a speech (some might call it a “sermon”). God is missing.



“What Scripture tells us that the Spirit will be withdrawn in the tribulation?


– L L Pickett, /The Antichrist/


Rev 17.8 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the EARTH shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the WORLD, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. Earth&World – think. #33    >> Last in this series – new series, God willing, is coming. <<



An image can frequently lead astray,

While words often lead to truth.

The devil uses images everyday;

They are many times uncouth

And need a holy reproof.

Therefore let images be put away.

– eab, 10/12/18


Act 7.42

“Then God turned,

and gave them up to worship the host of heaven…”


It was a good day when you learned what “1” was. And, it was a good day when you learned the association between “1” & “first” (1st). But the best day of your life was when you learned that Jesus Christ should be # 1 and, there & then, made Him First in your life. Amen?

– eab, 10/12/18


“ ‘Everybody talk’n ‘bout Heaven ain’t g’ing there.’

Yes, but everybody going there is talking about it.”

– Orlow C Webb, sermon, 5/1/97


Be conscious of, and do everything in your power to stay away from sun worship. (Someone may say, “Come-on, Bryan, sun worship went out centuries ago.” – Open your eyes, sun symbols are around, even in some churches.”) Become a worshipper of The Son, Jesus Christ. One can appreciate the sun without worshipping it. The Son is worthy of all our worship, now & forevermore.

– eab, 10/12/18

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Exo 17.14 +

Exo 17.14

“And the LORD said unto Moses, ‘Write this for a memorial in a book,

and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua…’”


History #1 History transpires every day, for every soul on earth, although much goes nearly unnoticed. Occasionally pen is set to paper to record a single event or a mini series of connected events. The writer of “history” may be poetic or prosaic, may concern himself with the macro or the micro, may see himself as merely telling yesterday’s activities or sending a newsy note. But dairies, journals, letters never intended for the public eye, may give men their best views of history.

– eab, 1/2/18


“The devil will always offer you the best…

it will never get better.”

– Jacob Miller, 4/30/1981


Rev 16.14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the EARTH and of the whole WORLD, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. Earth&World – think. #32 > Series is ending, only 1 more verse is planned. <



His hand held a sword,

His hand held a sling,

His hand held a pen,

With which he could “sing.”

His hand held a scepter,

His hand held a crook.

Oh, how happy I am

To have his royal Book.

– eab, 10/10/17


Psa 45.1 My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things

which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”


History #2 Others take pen in hand to purposely delineate the dealings of an individual or a group. They are aware that the public may someday see their expressed thoughts & they consciously or semi-consciously write for the acceptance, if not outright “approval,” of their imagined readers. Such writing, as opposed to diary/letter writing, probably deserves extra scrutiny.

– eab, 1/2/18


“Why speak to God in an unknown tongue?

God understands all languages…”

– A L Vess, /Bible on Tongues/


History #3 However, whither a purely personal account of life or a purposely prepared presentation the “writer” of history is *not* the same as history. Events in “nature” happen beyond & above human agenda. The events created & perpetuated by man’s organizations have agendas. Sometimes this agenda is partially or completely hidden to all but the elite, while the writer of said “event” may or may not be a member (or former member) of the elitist’s hierarchy.

– eab, 1/2/18

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Eph 5.25 +

Eph 5.25

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church,

and gave himself for it;”


“A conscience void of offense toward God & man is an inheritance for Eternity”

– Daniel Webster, quoted by George B Kulp, /A Voice fr. Eternity/


Young men seem to be less interested in marriage than they used to be. Why? Are they afraid of commitment? Are they wanting to spend their money on themselves? Have they not seen happy homes: at home, in the parsonage, in their school teachers? Are they not maturing? Or, heaven forbid, are we seeing males who are less than men, males who are not interested in marrying & then lovingly “possessing” a dream wife because they are “males” who are not fully masculine? Why the “low – to – no” attraction?

– eab, 10/1/18


“Somewhere in the Psalms

you will find your picture.”

– Bob Thompson (Indiana)



Hypocrites can fool Christians,

At least for a few days.

Hypocrites can fool preachers,

With their counterfeiting ways.

Hypocrites can fool themselves

– That is scariest of all;

For how can you get up,

If you think you did not fall.

– eab, 10/9/08


“…Judgment [Final]; where the inquiry will be how humbly, how devoutly, how purely, how meekly, how piously, how charitably, how heavenly, we have spoken thought & acted.”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


Act 16.18

“And this did she [damsel possessed with a spirit of divination] many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.”


Do not confuse the wonderful God-made season called “Fall” with the horrible man-made event called “Halloween.” Fall is chuck-full of colors: Orange, Brown, Red, Yellow. Halloween also uses Orange but it makes Black a major color & some white. Fall rejoices in the harvest of living crops. Halloween centers around death, even skeletons. Fall is grateful for life – halloween has more to do with graveyards. Christians can be glad with Fall – christians should avoid Halloween colors, skulls, witches, & blood.

– eab, 9/26/18


“…The confession must be as public as the transgression.”

– Oswald J Smith, /Revival We Need/

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Jam 4.10 +

Jam 4.10

“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord,

and he shall lift you up.”


Is heaven hopeless for you? Probably not – if you *dare” change. The longer we’ve been walking away from God, the more embarrassing it is to admit, “I was wrong.” Some people, in order to save face, will lose their Eternal soul. Don’t let that be you!

– eab, 10/4/18


“…John Calvin, who justifies Christians getting angry,

is historically known for his disposition & exhibition of anger.”

– Warren McIntire, /Righteous Indignation/


Rev 13.8 And all that dwell upon the EARTH shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the WORLD. Earth&World – think. #31


fatal push

Sports have added to hell’s role,

If nothing else, thru pride alone.

Many a parent/child has lost his soul

Proud of “points” in the end zone.

The desire to see their name in print

Has driven souls to the fatal push.

Looking back from hell’s long, lone “sprint”

“Out sports – vanish!” that’s their wish.

– eab, Oct 2011


Mat 12.34b

“…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”


Face Book? Interesting concept. In reality, it could be re-named “Soul Book.” You & I, more or less show our souls here. “How’s that?” We show our friends what is really important to us. It’s disheartening to see What some show as worth their time to post – so much worldly entertainment & so much worldly church entertainment (sometimes not a lot of difference).

– eab, 10/2/18


“Pray without ceasing – like a mother with a sick child;

she may do other things but her mind is on the child.”

– Ken Thompson, sermon 10/3/05


There are only two families on earth: the family of God & the “family” of satan. Both are very old families with ancestors ancient as time & therefore each family has millions of members beyond the grave. The family of God in heaven can now be said to be truly alive – alive as they never fully were on earth. The “family” of satan in hell are existing in torments worse than they imagined on earth. Which is your family? – eab, 10/6/18

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1Pe 1.15 +

1Pe 1.15

“But as he which hath called you is holy,

so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;”


“…unfaithful minister…for the sake of their gold, for love of their applause, he witheld the message, he failed God. He became a popular preacher but he awakes in Eternity…lost

– George B Kulp, /A Voice fr. Eternity/


Preachers – unless they’re pretenders – preach what they believe. If they believe you can have/must have a pure heart to enter heaven, they’ll preach that. (Some men, still in the process of seeking the fullness of the Holy Ghost, have preached holiness!) If they’ve rejected holiness as a second work of grace – this can be done quietly, without announcement – they’ll tend to not mention heart purity. We need holy preachers.

– eab, Sep 2018


“If you do not affirm truth,

you lose truth.”

– Wingrove Taylor



Many a soul has started down God’s road,

After knowing the joy of a lifted load.

They had a smile only heaven could paint,

But, oh, something changed; they grew faint.


What caused them to turn from His pierced side?

What renewed their carnal, controlling pride?

Only the judgment will truly, fully reveal

Why they lost out in happy, holy zeal.


Attitudes mean so much in soul and mind,

Ones they grew up with or later find.

Negative attitudes toward a certain stand,

Acceptance of things on the “left” hand.


Education has often pulled men down,

They hated to have the professor’s bad frown,

They wanted to be thought of as quite smart,

Chose secular training, let Christ depart. WP 10/6/14


Illusions have caused backsliding as well,

Illusions aren’t real – but they seem to tell

A truth when they are, sadly, a stinking lie,

Some believe illusions and inwardly die. WP 10/7/15


Omissions are also weak excuses to fail,

Someone left them sidetracked along life’s trail,

They saw (thought they saw?) they were left out.

Joyful walking with Jesus doesn’t go with a pout.


Understandings may contribute to sliding a soul back,

Their idea was wrong, understanding was off track.

Oh, the excuses satan uses to bring down a heart,

Slipping, sliding, they from God’s way depart. – eab, 10/7/09


“The soul and the body are so united

that they have each of them power over one another in their actions.”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


Luk 19.8

“…Zacchaeus…said…if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation,

I restore him fourfold.”


You awaken at 2 AM with an angel standing by the your bed. He reminds you have an apology (or restitution) which needs cleared. He pauses. Then he says, “You have 1 year to live” – – – and disappears.  Do you make that apology as soon as it’s day? Or do you wait 364 days? Make it, come daylight, & enjoy a “…conscience void of offence…”(Act 24.16) for a yr. Don’t let it hang over you & ruin 52 weeks.

– eab, 10/7/18


“…We are rewarded for ‘…deeds done in the body.’

In other words we are rewarded only for what we do while we are still alive.”

– Oswald J Smith, /Passion for Souls/

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