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1Co 10.31 +

1Co 10.31

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,

do all to the glory of God.”

“Natural fear is a necessary accompaniment of our mundane existence

& is not cast out by perfect love.”

– Adam Clarke quoted by H A Baldwin

Millions of hours & billions of dollars have been wasted building big church buildings. Donors & workers thought they were doing “God’s will.” No, those stones stay on earth & even crumble. Only saved souls (not stones) go to heaven. Many musical scores have been written. Hundreds of soloists, choirs & orchestras have sounded in structures (as the above) but all that music stays on earth. Only saved souls (not sounds) go to heaven. God wants to live in our Hearts. God wants our hearts to sing His praise. – Jan. 2023

“…Carnal worry involves my integrity as a holy man;

it disconnects me from God by my doubtfulness & complaints.

– H A Baldwin

Allow me to urge you: 1.) Believe the KJV Bible.  2.) Believe little-to-nothing else without *scrutiny & *vigilance. Too strong? I doubt it. You need to practice “Buyer Beware” with Authors, Bankers, College profs, Dentists, Engineers, Foremen, Grocers, “Health professionals,” Insurance men, Journalists, Kings, Lawyers, MDs, Notaries, Officers, Queens, Realtors, Soldiers, Teachers, Undertakers, Vehicle salesmen, Wall-streeters, & 4 P’s: Pharmacists, Policemen, Politicians & Preachers. Don’t be fooled! – 1/31/23


Don’t measure a man by the length of his house,

Or its width, or height, or price.

Don’t gauge him by the flivver he drives,

No matter how cruddy old or how nice.

Don’t judge a man by the suit that he dons,

Or rich or poor food on his plate,

Nor by the “luck” he seems to have

Or that he has to endure bad “fate.”

In fact, it’s best to not judge him at all;

Like him for the good that you see.

Befriend him every time that you can,

Hold him equal, with you, and me.

If/when you see him a few years hence

His possessions may be more or less.

It’s the Man that counts. Now, & then.

Respect him, dear traveler – & God bless.      

– eab,  2/4/18 

YOU [A.] Allow no one to appear in your sight so rich you want to change places with him: not rich in money, rich in “looks,” nor personality. Don’t yield to temptations to BE someone else; Nor to imitate another guy or gal. God MADE you! Yes, He wants you redeemed from ALL sin. Yes, He wants you cleansed from the Adamic nature. Then, God wants to shine *thru* your richness (or poverty), thru your looks, thru your personality. Don’t deny your God-given Originality. Not. For. A. Moment! – 2/2/23

2Ti 4.2

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;

reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering & doctrine.

“There is not a more original lot of people on the face of the earth

than those who are entirely sanctified.” 

– H A Baldwin

We have many men who like to talk in the front of a church. They seem to enjoy walking back & forth expressing their “onzy, twozy, threezies.” Perhaps he loves the attention. Perhaps he likes the sound of his own voice. Perhaps he’s convinced his ideas are superb.  We have TOO FEW men who approach the sacred desk with God’s burden; knowing the message they have won’t set well with carnality, & that “Thus saith the Lord” is Not popular. “O God, give us more Godly men with holy backbones.” – 2/4/23

“Do not be discouraged [that] average men are all…

finding fault…keep your special peculiarity sanctified & go ahead…”

– H A Baldwin

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1Co 10.13 +

1Co 10.13

“There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”

“…We have no assurance that any physical perfection can be made use of in the world above…neither have we any assurance that the perfections of the mind survive the day of death.”

– Wm J Bryan

MAN #3. The son raised by such a man of ability & confidence [ see above “MAN #1”] saw his dad’s devotion to mom & the entire family. The lesson was not wasted. Son wanted to be like dad. Daughters raised by such men wanted a husband who knows how to do things – different things – but who was not afraid of work, who do not fear sweat but who do hate unnecessary debt. (Oh, how our homes need MEN, our churches need MEN, our nation needs MEN!) – 1/27/23

“One can afford to be in a minority

but he cannot afford to be wrong.”

– Wm J Bryan


God is God. He was God long before you were “hatched.”

And He’ll be God when your casket is securely latched.

There’s nothing you can do to change this – not the least.

 But you can let Him change YOUR future from famine to feast.

– eab,  1/26/22

WHY WRITE? [C.] Point [A.] above can’t be over emphasized. In the mean time I purposely write a variety. As a happily-married man I want YOUR marriage joyful. As an amateur gardener I wish YOUR plots to flourish. As a teacher I’d love for YOUR child/grandchild to thrive in home school. As naturalist I hope YOU delight in the change of seasons, local flora, & fauna. As a frugal person I want YOU to waste not. And as a Literature major, I want YOU to revel in the lovely prose/poetry of the Classic KJV. – 1/30/23

“I challenge the doctrine now being taught that we must enter into a mad rivalry with the Old World in the building of battleships – the doctrine that the only way to preserve peace is to get ready for wars that ought never to come!  It is a barbarous…”

– Wm J Bryan

Please learn (even if you’re still a sinner) to use TIME wisely. If you’ve been Born Again, never be guilty of just “killing TIME.” When waiting for your wife/husband, pray. (No, don’t just pray for patience. J) While waiting for an appointment or at a doctor’s office or to have a car serviced, pray. Pray for the next thing on your prayer-list. If you’ve prayed very much you’re aware that there’re many items you can bring to God. I know of no better thing you can do with a moment here & there, than pray. – 2/2/23 

Rev 22.5

“…There shall be no night there & they need no candle, neither light of the sun;

for the Lord God giveth them light: & they shall reign for ever & ever.”

For yrs I was worked in Christian Education. Sometime in the 70s (I think) I heard this idea. “There’re three things about starting a Christian School: the first is location, the second is location, the third  is location.” Friend there are three points of importance about where you go  *When. You. Die. They are *Location, *Location, & *Location. Two of the schools in which I labored closed – but the HEAVENLY HOME (or your horrible pit below) will not close. Please, PLEASE don’t miss Heaven. – 2/3/23  

“War is not a private affair; it disturbs the commerce of the world

obstructs the ocean’s highways & kills innocent bystanders.”

– Wm J Bryan

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1Co 9.22

1Co 9.22

“To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak:

I am made all things to all men that I might by all means save some.”

“Definite preaching should cause definite seeking

& definite seeking should produce definite results.”

– H A Baldwin

Opposites atTract  [B.] The same can be said (IMO) for a church. When a man/family tires of the community “church” with its “wally-wally, bing-bang music,” its come-as-you-are shorts-wearing crowd, & shirttail-out-preacher, they may seek a church where they find a wholesome sense of Worship. They may well be drawn by hymns – yes, songs that praise God & therefore are not built on bang-bang rhythm. Holiness churches should provide an atmosphere of contrast to *modern evangelicalism. – 1/24/23

“There is a blessed variety in the personal leadings of the Holy Ghost & if we follow…our testimonies no two will be alike & no trite expression will mar the beauty of their originality or of their inspiration.

– H A Baldwin

WHY WRITE? [B.]  Above I said “right” reasons” – some of you disagree with eab at times. Do I expect you to always agree? As a father of 4, Gramp to 18, teacher/pastor of decades I have an idea of human nature = short answer – No. However, some of you seem to have a near-knee-jerk reaction at some ideas. Don’t you realize you may mark yourself H.D.H.? (“Hit Dog Hollers.” Pitch a stone into a pack of dogs, one who gets hit, howls.) Think. eab may be wrong. BUT, eab *might* be right. THINK. 1/30/23


The under-shepherd of the sheep,

May need to pray while others sleep.

He prays about their personal needs,

And tries to reach each, where he feeds

Dangerously close to crevasse, deep.

– eab,  2/2/07


The under-shepherd has to keep

His own soul and those of his sheep

He needs to prepare and to pray

To preach in a Biblical way

And from time-to-time, he must weep.

– eab,   2/2/07

Met a man who’d “done well” yrs before, building track-houses in California. (Houses were so close younger workers could jump from one roof to the next.) These were “anything-but” personalized. Most of us live today in a house built by (or for) some other person. Get Right with God. Stay Right & Christ’s promise of a place prepared “for you”(Joh 14.2) will become Heavenly reality. God knows exactly the color, size, & “style” (if heaven has such) BEST for you. Christ loves you. Trust Him. – 1/31/23   

Joh 14.2

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so,

I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

“No person has such a full view of his own astonishing weakness

as does the holy man.” 

– H A Baldwin

It’d be horrible if we knew how many Preachers are in hell; Men who once spoke in Evangelical services, even Holiness meetings. Some are possibly even men YOU’VE HEARD in a church, camp, school chapel. What happened? We don’t need to know gory details but we need reminded: God requires 100% obedience, for 100% of life (after conversion). When a minister is attracted to sports, hollywood, disney, fancy autos, worldly attire, or begins to bow the knee to popularity, he’s headed down, literally. – 2/2/23

“The more holy a saint of God becomes

the more he hates sin.”

– H A Baldwin

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1Co 6.19 +

1Co 6.19

“What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost

which is in you, which ye have of God & ye are not your own?”

“Consistent living on the part of God’s people

is the condition to obtaining the answer to prayer.”

– T M Anderson

Too many starting-out Home Schoolers lack confidence. “But what about our pitifully small library?” It is true that many institutions of “higher learning” have 1000s of books. Sadly too many of these have switched to “lower learning,” not using the Bible. You, as a Home School have the Bible at the center (if, you don’t, you’re failing your child). The fancy libraries have no better Book than you have, the Bible. Use it in some way, in every subject. The Scriptures are Eternally important. Never forget it. – Jan 2023

“God…cannot & will not save any man against his will

but He will convict a man of sin against his will.

– T M Anderson

Reminder. [C.] The Lord created “greater light” & “lesser light” (Gen 1.16). Though He spoke Light into existence on Day One. (BTW the word “sun” doesn’t show up in Scripture till ch. 15, “moon” not till ch. 37.) The silly (no, that’s not too strong a word) “big-bag” is not only un-Scriptural, it is OPPOSED to God’s Book. [Check out who takes credit for this abominable theory.] Pseudo science would like you to worry about these servants of earth (sun/moon). Don’t. God’s in charge. – 1/26/23


He ate as ordinary men ate;

And slept on His side or back.

When He walked the dusty path

His sandals left a common track.

But, ah, when He spoke, His Godhood  

Showed; never Man spake as He!

Listen now, friend, to His words

Words from an ancient Galilee.

Truth unvarnished, Truth to make you live

That’s what He gave – & still has to freely give.

– eab,  1/30/20

“Trans” [A.] Too much “news” has told in recent times of males trying to “trans” ition to females. Or of those born to be females wanting to “trans” ition to being males. “Trans” “trasns” “trasns” We’ve heard of “trans” so much one gets the impression that some actually “think” they can change genders. People have taken material internally & have been cut externally supposedly to strengthen their delusion of becoming the opposite of what they were born – They reject how God made them. 1/28/23

Gen 1.27

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;

male & female created he them.

“We would find no pleasure in beholding the beauty of the Father’s house of many mansions

 if Christ were not present to fill it with the light of His countenance.” 

– T M Anderson

WHY WRITE? [A.]  eab writes for a variety of the right reasons. The primary reason is Soul – you don’t have one – you ARE one. Your brain, as great as it may be, is secondary, very secondary. Your face & form, as pleasing as they once were to you (or others) aged. My dear Friend (former peer, former pupil, former parishioner) I want you to “make” heaven. I hope an occasional post will point you, yea, prod you toward The Celestial City. If we miss heaven it would’ve been better had we not been born. – 1/30/23

“…blessed to discover a people…who do not want to be entertained

with cheap programs & silly plays in the church, a people hungry for the bread of life…”

– T M Anderson

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1Co 2.2 +

1Co 2.2

“For I determined not to know any thing among you

save Jesus Christ, & him crucified.”

“This spirit of forgiveness must work easily readily & without effort

no matter what the offense may be nor how often it has been committed.”

– T M Anderson

Home school has the Perfect Lab. It’s called The Kitchen. I’d much rather eat the “compounds” derived from a kitchen than from the best lab at the largest university. Homeschooling Dad, Homeschooling Mom, don’t you dare play down the super opportunities your kitchen affords. It may be huge or it may be humble – either way a daughter, a son can learn to accurately mix flour, salt, sugar, spices, eggs, etc. (I’m no cook) & then combine & cook ‘X’ time at ‘Y’ temperature. It’s a GREAT lab. Long live Home Schools – 1/25/23

“The carnal nature is the thing

that makes you sore when you get hurt.

– T M Anderson

Reminder. [B.] Jesus sends the dew on summer meadows or its counterpart, frost, on fall ones. The Triune God sends a smattering of raindrops or drops them closer together as He wishes. The Lord sends those sheets of summer rain (so fun to watch from an open barn door) as they “march” across valley fields. God is in charge of rains that cause floods & the lack of water which brings famine. Man has no control over it. Precipitation in whatever form, ALL comes from God.  *Never  *Forget  *It.  – 1/26/23 


Blessings in varied size

Large, medium, small

Short, so – so, tall,

As judged by my eyes.

But how does God see

The blessings He sends me

Perhaps they are not the same

But are quite inverted in His “frame”

And not only do I receive

Blessings “like you wouldn’t believe”

As long, longer, longest

And strong, stronger, strongest

But they come so often

Not just two (or few) a day

The list goes on and on

“List” did I just say?

I have not kept a list.

If I did what else would I get done?

But write and scribble and note

All the blessings which go down my throat

And the blessings I feel with hand & feet

And those I see on road & street

And those I hear (pleasing to the ear)

Yes, I ‘bout forgot my sense of smell.

Blessings come often;

I have a lot

– eab,  1/28/17 

MAN #2. Such a MAN was happy to build (in part or the whole) a shelter in which he & his family live. The “style” may not have satisfied some fastidious guy (who fancied he was a peer or even though himself superior) but it was what God allowed the MAN to own & material with which he could work. The location of said home or its size may also have not pleased lookers but this MAN had not built it for them & unlike some picky “friend” his humble home was debt free. He was a Man! (God give us more.) – 1/27/23 

Rom 13.8

“Owe no man any thing, but to love one another:

for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

“We cannot hope to escape the flood of evil which threatens to overwhelm the believers

today unless we are constantly refilled & re-invigorated by the Holy Spirit.” 

– T M Anderson

I know some Wealthy people (hope you do too). These friends are so Wealthy it matters not what a stock-market does (here or abroad). They have no concern about alleged “global warming” (now evolved to “climate change”). If it’s too dry or wet they’re not worried. Who are these Wealthy souls? Glad you asked! They’re all in the same family – God is their Father. He takes care of His Sons & Daughters & when they die, whisks them to join Him in Heaven. YOU also can become a child of God! – 1/28/23   

“God’s Word declares that a righteous person is like a tree. A tree lives

in two realms of nature; it lives in the earth & it lives above the earth.”

– T M Anderson

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Rom 16.24 +

Rom 16.24

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”

>> Where else are these EXACT words found? <<

“It is more important that you trust the Rock of Ages

than that you know the age of the rocks.”

– Wm J Bryan

I’ve met many likable people: some as a youth, some in mid-life, some in later years. I’ve not met anyone: male, female, rich, poor, sinner or even saint that I wished were “in charge” of my life, not one, not even you, dear reader, as kind/great as *you are. But, Praise God, I met a Man named Jesus, in April of 1956, asked Him to be in charge of me (& later in sanctification to be 100% in charge). I’ve never regretted that decision. Not for one moment. Hallelujah! He is the Perfect Lord! – 1/18/23

“No mental processes can stop the mad race for money.

Man must be born again.”

– Wm J Bryan


A few more bends of the blue river,

A few more curves in the sandy road,

A few more items to deliver,

A few more miles to carry the load.

And God will call us to be with Him,

Upward, without feather, wing, or plane,

Where days aren’t even slightly dim,

And actions are always blessed and sane.

So, be faithful to today’s tough task.

Work in the growing, gathering gloom.

Do diligently what Christ does ask.

Heaven will be a glorious home!

– eab,  1/26/09

These instruments are in the Old Testament but not the NT: cornet, cymbals, dulcimers, harp,** flute, pipe,** psaltery, sackbut, tabret, viol. A reader of the Bible might merely think this interesting but a Student of the Word should ask why. Why does the OT have so many uses but the NT few? (**Once in NT as illustration, “And even things without life giving sound, whether pipe or harp, except they give a distinction in the sounds, how shall it be known what is piped or harped?”1Co 14.7.) – 1/25/23

“What shall it profit a man if he shall gain all the learning

of the schools & lose his faith in God?”

– Wm J Bryan

Now & then I see a meme with a quote by C S Lewis. I actually taught Lewis in a literature class. Later I became more aware of his love of mythology. I no longer quote Lewis. I see quotes from Tolkien; I’m grateful the Lord gave me insight – I never taught Tolkien. I see quotes from pagan philosophers. These I also avoided. Question? If a man never forsakes a false cult, nor heathen ideas, nor heathen mythology, why are christians quoting him? Please leave ALL pagan quotes alone. – 1/26/23  

Heb 8.13

“In that he saith, ‘A new covenant’ he hath made the first old.

Now that which decayeth & waxeth old is ready to vanish away.”

MAN. #1. There was a time when a young man felt responsible to provide for himself & the young lady he’d ask to be his bride. He later felt responsible to feed, cloth, shelter the children God sent to their union. He was not afraid of work but rather was happy he could labor (for himself &/or others). He was glad when he learned how to do ‘x’ or ‘y’ or ‘z.’ He made that tool, hunted that beast (for defense or food), raised that “crop” (plant or animal), & rejoiced this time twas better than last. He was a man. God give us more. – 1/27/23

“…The worship of the intellect—an idolatry

as deadly to spiritual progress as the worship of images…”

– Wm J Bryan

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Rom 15.4 +

Rom 15.4

“For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning

that we through patience & comfort of the scriptures might have hope.”

“The ideal minister…is one who has set his heart upon being a daily student of the Bible, a living example of what it means & a popular teacher of what it says”

– Andrew W Blackwood

O that men & women would be saved FROM sin. It’s nice for a congregation to help the family whose house burned last night. It’s nice for the preacher (or wife) to buy a meal for the down&out guy (or gal). It’s nice for well-to-do folks to pay a month’s rent for the poorest family in the church. However, never assume that the primary mission of a church is social. We need a fresh awareness that our main influence should be a Spiritual Awaking. Well-fed (etc.) folks still go to hell. They must be SAVED. – 1/23/23 

“…Christian pastor…wishes… every home in the parish would have its daily altar, that every member of the congregation would have daily private devotions & that everyone would learn how to enjoy reading the Bible.

– Blackwood

TV? NO!  [B.] In the 50’s & 60s “the no TV stance” was not just holiness churches. There were evangelical groups, the Plain Folk, other thinking people who held out against TV [1] &/or movies. Many did so because of partial nudity, idolization of smoking/drinking/gambling. Others saw it as frivolous (it definitely is). Few of us, religious or not, realized that TV (& later computers/smart phones) would begin to “Watch Us.” Get rid of TV to clean up your home & to increase (IMO) privacy. – 1/23/23


Man lays a track across the earth

And imagines himself quiet grand.

Or builds a skyscraper of large worth

Proud of it’s solid, stately stand.

Man drills a hole a few miles deep

Trying to break through an imaginary crust.

Or sends up rockets – far from cheap

Which splash back into sea or earth’s dust.

Man plods or runs, flies high or long sails

An “ant” on an acre of a vast ranch in sod

And thinks he acts grand, imagines he prevails.

Yet leaves no bold marks on the plain of God.


Man-made entertainment draws attention to a man (or group of humans). Sinners “live” off the applause, hype, the acclaim. Sadly, christian “entertainers” – yes, that’s what too many traveling “christian” singers are, also unless they are very, repeat very, careful feed off the clapping, the pictures (& pic signing), the ratings. God, who should be glorified, is pushed to the side of the stage. And yes, again that too times it is, a stage, & a performance, rather than a platform & worship of the Almighty. – Jan 2023  

Gen 8.1

“And God remembered Noah & every living thing & all the cattle that was with him

in the ark: & God made a wind to pass over the earth & the waters asswaged;

“In Christ a person loses none of his individuality;

rather he becomes the true self that God created him to be.” 

– Andrew W Blackwood

Reminder. [A.] God sends the slight (& Oh, so welcome) breeze as you’re baling hay. The Lord sends a stronger breeze, cooling summer nights. The Almighty sends the wind bearing the rain & He sends the stiff winds before winter storms. The tornadoes come from God’s “wind closet,” as do twisters (by differing labels man calls them). Increase the strength, magnify the size of the windy power, it still has One Source.  For all man thinks he can do, he can’t create one(1) natural wind. WIND all belongs to God. – 1/26/23

“…Righteousness emphasizes the right relationship with one’s fellow man

while holiness emphasizes the right relationship with God.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

[1] It may not have been true, but I heard that JFK & Jackie, back then, wouldn’t allow their children to watch TV.

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Rom 14.7 +

Rom 14.7

“For none of us liveth to himself,

& no man dieth to himself.”

“A worthy leader knows how to listen…The leader also should enjoy every minute.

In a high sense, being happy is the minister’s chief business here below…”

– Andrew W Blackwood

There was a time sweet “joy bells” rang in your soul. You recall a time you enjoyed reading parts of the New Testament & took them literally. You once prayed so earnestly that tears found their way onto the floor below you. Sir. Ma’am. I call you back to that time in your life. I call you BACK right now. Stop denying that “Old Time Religion” is real. Stop trying to deceive yourself inside your modernistic “community-center” house you mis-label a church. Return to the God of the Bible! Come Back. – 1/18/23

“Preach damnation

with the cross in the center.

– Wm Booth, quotedby Andrew Blackwood

Carnality can build religious structures (both on paper & on the ground) & too often has. Carnality can paint pictures or chisel statues of “saints” & too often has. Carnality can screech strings, blast horns, sing outstanding notes & too often has. Carnality can even bring “onezy, twozy, threezy” respectable “sermon” outlines & often has. Only God – in cooperation with dead-to-this-world-saints, can bring a Spiritual Awakening. “O God, lay Your hand on Preacher & Pray-ers again. Please do it Lord.” – 1/20/23

You’re old?

You’re old?  “It’s in your head,”

Methuselah might have said,

Who lived nine centuries, sixty-nine.

Your age is but a fraction of that line.

His age, though quite large to us,

Was neither a minus nor a plus

To God, our illustrious Ancient of Days,

Who’s lived forever, yet is Young. Always.

– eab,   1/22/13

TV? NO!  [A.]  For a yr (after we’d been married a few months) I wasn’t a Bible college student. We could’ve bought a TV, started going to theaters, become hooked by sports – we were on our own – our own bosses. God was faithful & we did none of these. I’m so thankful. The TV is funneling hollywood /disney/ cheap “evangelicalism” garbage into your home. Throw the TV out. Stop watching movies; the “best” (WHO’s judging?) are a waste of time. Stop your addiction to sports. Become A Christian. – 1/23/23

Joh 12.32

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth,

will draw all men unto me.

“One is tempted to have 3 little introductions before one starts to preach.

But it is a safe rule to have only one front porch for any one house.” 

– Andrew W Blackwood

Opposites attract  [A.] That probably sounds familiar & you may’ve found it accurate. A quiet wife/husband marries an outgoing mate. Two business partners may be very different in personalities. Does this truth carry over into the Spiritual realm? Yes. The soul who is *tired of his sinful life may be attracted to the neighbor, fellow worker, family member who lives a life of constant victory over sin. Be true, Friend; “…Be strong in the Lord & in the power of His might”(Eph 6.10). Be attractive. – 1/24/23

“What one does well one learns to enjoy,

& what one enjoys one is sure to do well.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

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Rom 12.2 +

Rom 12.2

“…Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing

of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good & acceptable & perfect will of God.”

“for Bulletin ‘It will help the minister in his preaching if the members

of the congregation will read the Gospel of Mark at Family Altar & in private devotions…’”

– Andrew W Blackwood

HELL [D.]  Ask God to forgive you & THEN forsake all sin. ALL. If you’ve compromised, if you’re professing to be a Christian but are a hypocrite, you’ll find it harder to get right. THERE ARE SOULS IN HELL (imo) WHO WERE TOO PROUD TO COME BACK. They had sung, preached, done mission-work & were too embarrassed to admit their backsliding. Don’t be that person. Humble yourself & return to the Holy Way. Pride is an awful price to pay to miss heaven. Get rid of it! – 1/18/23 

“Thru the Holy Spirit the Leaders of the Early Christian Church

‘Out-lived the pagan, out-thought him, & out-died him.’”

– Terrot R Glover, quoted by Andrew Blackwood

uncommon hill

History’s most famous land is an Uncommon Hill,

It’s the hill upon which the Savoir died,

Pierced by thorn, cruelly crucified.

History is a series of events,

Random, some seem, full of dings and dents,

Brilliant or scarred, free or barred

Filling all the past [if history fills all the past].

History also has to have its land,

On which acts start and then expand,

Events all pass, the land lasts.

History plays out on real valley and hill,

By river’s bend, by bays, as tides fill.

History did not act out into thin air

History takes place on dirt and sod,

Some of it for, some against God.

All of history took place on land

On rocky rise, on stretches of sand

History fills “time’s line” completely full,

Ethereal-like, exciting or more dull.

Real history covers slopes and scarps,

Little knolls, rolling plains, hills and sharps.

The greatest history took place on an Uncommon Hill.

– eab,  1/23/11

We do not need more “christians.” We have cultish “christians.” We have modern evangelical “christians.” We have vocal but still shallow “christians.” We have politically correct “christians.” We even have pro-war “christians.” No, we don’t need more “christians – – – the world & the church needs men & women who are bending every effort To Be Like CHRIST. Those who are reading His words, memorizing His words, talking daily to Him. Oh, how we need a revival of Christ-likeness. – 1/23/23

“One of the chief merits in expository lecturing is that it requires one to preach

about delicate subjects that one might other wise dodge.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

SIDE TRACKED? [D.] I hope you’re willing to do 1.&2. (see Sidetracked [C.]) Number 1. is hard, number 2. is hard but it gets harder. (Heaven is worth it.)  3.) Once you’ve stopped, its time to BACK UP – remember, you’ve been (years?) on a siding, pretending things were right when deep inside you knew they weren’t. Backing up means admitting you were a hypocrite. Backing up means, “I was wrong.” Backing up means telling a boss/friends (in words/action) that you were wrong. Tough? Absolutely! – 1/17/23      

Col 3.25

“But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done

& there is no respect of persons.”

Across centuries pastors & evangelists (at home & abroad) preached to English speakers from the King James Bible. They never *questioned It. Their hearers never *questioned It. God honored as It made inroads into satan’s kingdom. satan wanted a way to slow that down – he found it by get “scholars” to *question the Bible. That *questioning spread from the left to the right. The questioning is so widely spread now that some “holiness” Bible college profs oppose the greatest Book in the English language. – 1/23/23  

“The idea [in Bible Study] is to show the layman how to read the Bible

not to show how much the pastor knows about it.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

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Rom 10.17 +

Rom 10.17

“So then faith [cometh] by hearing

& hearing by the word of God.”

“Gipsy Smith saw the difference between repentance & conversion

like the difference between awaking in the morning & getting up.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

HOBBY #4. Practical con’t. You like to walk. Fine. Let that walk include pushing a wheel chair 1 or 2 days a week. Go to a nursing home, push some guy/gal as you walk in the park. Or walk a child or disabled adult for a family who’s too busy to handle all on their plate. Come summer mow the lawn of a poor widow (that’s walking – if you push her old mower). Think. There may be several other ways you can practice a hobby that will bless others AND refresh you as well. Pray about it. – Jan 2023

“God’s forgiveness is full;

it is free, it is forever.”

– Andrew W Blackwood


What would you pay to be

On the Top Level for Eternity?

A million? Two? These will not do.

The Lord wants You – ALL of you!

– eab,  1/21/19  

eab is a student of geography. The Bible names at least 10 countries (or geographical “people names”) *ASIA* 1.] Arabians (Act 2.11)  2.] Asia (Act 2.9)  3.] Cappadocia (part of Turkey Act 2.9)  4.] China (Sinim Isa 49.12)  5.] India (Est 1.1) 6.] Iran (Persia Eze 38.5) 7.] Judaea (Act 2.9)  8.] Lebanon (Deu 1.7)  9.] Mesopotamia (Iraq Act 2.9)  10.] Syria (Jud 10.6). *EUROPE* 1.] Cretes (Act 2.11)  2.] Cyprus (Act 4.36)  3.] Greece (Zec 9.13)  4.] Italy (Act 18.2)  5.] Rome (Act 2.10)  6.] Spain (Rom 15.24) *AFRICA* 1.] Egypt (Gen 12.10)  2.] Ethiopia (Eze 38.5)  3.] Libya (Eze 38.5). – 1/9/23

“…Whom shall I wed? A daughter of the King or a child of the world?

…choose well! Your choice is brief yet endless.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

SIDE TRACKED? [C.] “Well, I don’t want to agree with you (don’t want to be a right-winger) but I’ll ask, ‘What should we do?’” 1.) The first part to getting back into God Main Track is to realize you’ve been sidetracked. Come back to praying – I speak not of memorized ditties, I speak not of words (or tone of voice) which “sound” religious. (You’ve been pretending – its time to get real.) Beg God to give you time to get back before you die. 2.) Once you see you’re sidetracked STOP.  Stop every sin. – 1/17/23 

Pro 8.36

“But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul

all they that hate me love death.”

HELL [C.] Acronym? *H. Hot – more hot than you want to be – & this without one cooling breeze or drink of water. *E. Eternal damnation (if you draw a distinction between “hell” & “lake of fire” please allow both under this heading). *L. Looking up at what was missed (rich man in hell could see “…Abraham…& Lazarus” Luk 16.23). *L. Locked away. Many an earthly prisoner has escaped. Even those who never, probably entertained that hope; or hope for a pardon. Damnation is forever. – 1/18/23 

“…The average preacher seems to know

more about sin than about holiness.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

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