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Luther Quote

“St. James, our Savor’s brother and indeed all the apostles,

except St. John, were married…”

Table Talk, p.302


If you’ve been deceived in a business deal, I’m sorry – it wasted money. * Bad

If you’ve been deceived in education/indoctrination, I’m sorry – it wasted years. * Worse

If you’ve been deceived in marriage, I’m sorry for the “wasted” love. * Much Worse

But if you’re deceived in religion, thinking you have salvation, I’m SORRY you wasted your soul. ** The WORST




There’s one & only one exception,

To the vast, wide-world deception,

(Covering all lands, sky, & sea

Presidents, kings, & you & me).

They’re Saints with holy perception.

– eab, 10/22/17


It’s between a man and his wife – and God, if they care for His direction – what she looks like when she appears in public. As a man attempting to keep a holy heart, it’s nice to see a lady in a modest dress. Thank you ladies!

– eab, 10/12/17



“The things we say in prayer are powerless and meaningless

unless we have Christ’s authority to say them.”

– T M Anderson, from his PRAYER AVAILETH MUCH


After Dad’s eyes began to hurt too much to weld, he sold Life-time Stainless Steel Cookware. At one of his dinners he picked up the expression, “It’s nice to be among friends, even if they’re not your own.” He liked it & it’s true. Heaven, my dear Friend will be a place where E*V*E*R*Y friend will be your own.

– eab, 10/21/17



Psa 147. 11

“The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.”



Can you distinguish between man-made “clouds” & the “the clouds of heaven”? Step outside & test yourself. Why? Why do I bother to mention this? The expression “…the clouds of heaven” occurs in 4 times: Dan7.13, Mat24.30, Mat26.64 & Mar14.62. Christ will not be coming in man’s haze but in God’s heavenly clouds – for the then alive saints; How Great To See Him.

– eab, 10/22/17


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Luther a.g.a.i.n.

Luther Quote

“St. Paul, himself a widower, enjoins bishops to marry…”

Table Talk, p.302


Christ paid a horrible price for man’s salvation; He asks only that man believe His Words & obey His Words (“If ye love me, keep my commandments” Joh14.15). Those unwilling to do this will find a cheap substitute called “religion:” centered on some so-called-god or centered on themselves.

– eab, 10/20/17



A certain kind of people

Meeting under a tall steeple

Imagine that that’s the church.

Tall walls do not a church make.

New birth is more than a handshake;

Which these find out when in a lurch.


The church is made of redeemed hearts,

And though they meet in various parts,

Under clear sky, under a huge tree;

Worship, that’s why we gather

Even in cold, wet weather.

Church is you and me.

– eab, Oct.  2008


Those who’ve never had the “Joy of the Lord” or who’ve lost His Joy, tend to op for the earth’s mirth. Earth’s low-worth mirth stays here. Period. Heaven wont’ have the slightest use for it. And such frivolity will only aggravate the damned.

– eab, 10/20/17



“Who is it that loves God and does not wish to love Him with all the heart.”

– V O Agan, Friendsville, TN, 11/28/84


Brother, it’s better to have few-to-no close friends, as to chum with men whose life, writing/posting, and congregation (if they have one) reveal they’re in love with the grandiose doings of the worldly church. Make sure Christ is your Best Friend & that the few who you have in your inner-circle are men who love Him as much or more than you do.

– eab, 10/20/17



Joh 15. 18

“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.”


“Your team”? What do your mean, “Your team”? As a close follower of Jesus Christ you have no loyalty to any of earth’s teams, players, mascots, symbols, or colors. “But…but…” Please, Friend do not try to excuse any love for the god of sports, a leading god of this world.

– eab, 10/20/17

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Luther ++++++++

Luther Quote

“A woman is, or at least should be, a friendly, courteous and merry companion in life…”

Table Talk, p.300


If your desire to be a “preacher/teacher” of the Word is stronger than your desire to be dead to the world and to be 100% alive unto Christ – You are enamored by a Position, more than a love for the Person of God’s Son.

– eab, 11/25/16



Bent metal in free flow and form

With an internal combustion “mill,”

Has interested many a man or boy

With its style or squeal-tire storm

Watching, hearing it, gave a thrill.


Cars whether customized or fast,

May not have or hold your attraction.

What worldly thing has brought you equal joy?

Riveted you in present or past,

Grabbed your time and attention?


Man and his fine female, life’s mate,

Travel, scrimp, even have small strife,

Fascinated by small or larger toy,

And sadly find out when its too late,

Tinsel and fluff stole their whole life.


Stop! Eternity calls us soon –

Heaven’s hope or hell’s dread await,

Don’t be fooled by any devilish decoy,

Do far more than hunt or be a loon,

Think honestly – it’s a good trait.


Full salvation – yours and others

Can be real, if you repent now.

True, holy living you can now enjoy.

Your present act may save your brothers,

Bible reading will tell you how.


God does not hate fast or neat cars;

Many a hobby is not sin.

But metals or man-made alloy,

Can’t compare with life beyond the stars,

The heaven – God would like you in.

– eab, 10/19/05


“Make-up”? What are you making up FROM? Seriously? Was the God-provided-color not enough? What are you making up TO? Are you making up to please the falseness of our fallen, fleeting culture?

-eab, 12/16/15


“When a man is not really right he’d rather not meet the true prophet of God.”

– V O Agan, message 2/12/98


The Bible will be more interesting when you know the Author.

and MOST interesting when you can call the Author, “Father” (and LOVE Him as such)!

– eab, 10/30/14


Psa 126. 5 – 6

“They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

“He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves.”


Hearing bad news is a way of comparing ourselves, i.e. feeling “good” that we’re not as “bad” as the guy/gal in the news. By contrast the Good News (Gospel) shows us how bad we really are – – – and how much we need Christ.

– eab, 7/14/13

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Luther Quote

“…The devil, when he preaches Christ in his ministers,

intends to destroy Christ…”

Table Talk, p.284


What About Laughter #1

Those who know me well know God gave me a loud laugh. In totally unexpected situations, provided all is proper, I’ve enjoyed many spontaneous moments of laughter. God also gave me the ability to not laugh if I choose not to; A.) Someone is seriously hurt, B.) Someone would be greatly embarrassed, C.) The joke/situation is off-color. The posts that follow are not anti-humor. What I warn of is too much attempt at humor in church & among men charged with the solemn duty of the Gospel. Read on.

-eab, 10/18/17



The coconut came to land,

On the damp and even sand,

Of an island in the ocean, in the east.

On its third side it set,

Its face all dark and wet,

Glad the ceaseless surging had ceased.


It had been long at sea,

Or at least it seemed to me,

That it might have come from a land afar,

Where the wind had forced it in,

To the home of scale and fin,

And it blinked on the blue like a star


Till in due time and space,

It was left as useful waste,

Settled by the sea, on the sand.

It was life in its beginning,

A palm in the making,

When the coconut came to join the land.

eab, Oct. ‘67


What About Laughter #2

The pastor or evangelist is not a “master of ceremonies” at a club – When he steps behind the pulpit on a Lord’s Day he’s on one of the most sacred & important spots on earth (think Moses’ “holy ground” Exo 3.5). From that square yard of carpet or wood he has the awesome privilege of bringing earthly souls in contact with the next world. And, of delivering a message from that next world to their hungry hearts. A smile is in order. A joke is not only not necessary, but is most-of-the-time, Out-Of-Place.

– eab, 10/18/17


“If you don’t have a hungering for holiness

you have reason to question your relationship with God.”

– V O Agan, IHC sermon, 4/21/92


What About Laughter #3

The desire/demand for humor has entered the worldly church. They may argue their humor is clean, i.e. not off-color. But there’s a lightness about joking/jesting which is foreign to the Lord Jesus Christ. People who’ve daily fed on hollywood’s flippancy & “canned” laughter” bring this craving for hilarity to church. Even churches once known for preaching holiness now have in “christian comedians.” (Whatever they are?) Was the new pastor chosen, in part, because he was witty? Really?

– eab, 10/18/17



Luk 21. 8

“…Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, ‘I am Christ;’ and ‘the time draweth near:’ go ye not therefore after them.”



What About Laughter #4

As expressed in #1 there’s a place for wholesome laughter – church is not that place. Preaching about & trying to prepare souls for Heaven is Serious Ministry. Warning of the horrors of Hell & attempting to stop souls headed there is Serious Ministry. Allow me to urge a reduction in silliness (“…Every idle word that men shall speak they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment” Mat 12.36). And Please, Preacher & People, make sure the little humor that’s at church is spontaneous, not planned by man.

– eab, 10/18/17

[1] My first song, written either on the beach (or from memory of it) at Hobe where I was at my first teaching position, teaching Literature, Hobe Sound Bible College, FL.

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Luther Quote

“We find in no history any human creature oppressed with such sorrow as to sweat blood;

therefore this history of Christ is wonderful.”

Table Talk, p.280


If you have a Holy heart you want others to also be filled with the Holy Ghost. PRAY REQUEST – recently a friend (must leave unnamed) shared of an upcoming ministerial opportunity. I’m asking you to join me in praying that he will be greatly anointed for this endeavor. Pray daily for Brother X. Thank you.

– eab, 10/17/17



“I want to plant ‘wild oats,’ but reap only what’s tame;

“Have a wild time, ‘Live it up’ but slide by all the shame.

“I’ll be an exception to heredity’s plan;

“Watch me ‘fool around’ yet beat all the clan.”

Thou fool. Sow Right or Wrong; you’ll harvest the same.

– eab, Oct. 2010


Pastor & People #1 A congregation should supply a parsonage & pay all its electric & gas bills. They should give their pastor a living salary. If they can’t do both may God lead wage earners to double tithe, lead retirees to give more, & lead all to double up in prayers of faith “…the laborer is worthy of his hire…”(Luk 10.7). With the above paid, a pastor can devout his days (except his day off) to prayer, preparation, & outreach (parishioners/church neighbors). He labors – they support him so he can labor.

– eab, 10/5/17


Pastor & People #2 The committee searching for a pastor has a right to ask about his debts. How much does he owe & to whom? What are the totals of monthly payments for which he & his wife are obligated? When will he be out of debt? Being debt free is a goal for which every pastor should strive. If it is not the prospect’s serious goal, they might suggest it to him (for his good) & then seek a different candidate.

– eab, 10/5/17


“…How far is love even with many wrong opinions to be preferred before truth without love!”

– John Wesley (date & spource unknow)


Pastor & People #3 A.) Student Loan – a curse to the starting pastor – what seemed an “easy out” 2-3 yrs ago is now a harsh reality. B.) Cars can be classified “necessary evils” & if that’s truly the opinion of the young pastor he may do better than the man who “loves” cars. (Better have a well-maintained, older car in front of the parsonage as a new one with payments.) C.) Furniture/appliance – the pastor’s wife who must have a New This & a New That is a weight as bad as him wanting a fancy car.

– eab, 10/5/17


Pastor & People #4 The parsonage if possible should be beside or across the street from the church. That way people know exactly where he lives when emergencies arise. With such a location he, his wife, & children can walk to church (if need be at different times) without the expense of car usage or gasoline. And if not too difficult, it might match the church building in age, style, etc. It ought to be as nice as the “average” home of the parishioners. A committee could assess it once a year for needed improvements.

-eab, 10/16/17


Rev 22. 11

“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and

he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

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Luther Quote

“It is better for a Christian to be sorrowful, than secure, as the people of the world are.”

Table Talk, p.270


Christian, is your love for Christ more intense than it was a year ago? Is your reading/Bible study deeper and broader than then? Are your times of talking with Him sweeter and more frequent – or, OR – are they perfunctory and scattered? Seriously?

– eab, 10/5/17



The devil has a bid, for every preacher’s kid

To tease, to trip, to trap.

His trap is carefully made, “innocently” overlaid

To spring, to seize, to snap.

“Reject your dad’s old ways; these are modern days”

“Be fun.” “Be full.” “Be free.”

Before the last “rock” is sung, before the snare is sprung;

Oh, see. Oh, hear. Oh, flee.

– eab, Oct.  2008



God is Holy. His Bible is correctly named Holy. The heavenly angels who stayed with Him are Holy. The earthly souls who’ve joined Him in heaven across millennia are Holy. The Word says, “Be Ye Holy” (1Pe 1.16). Do all these uses of “Holy” increase your interest in being Holy? By the matchless grace of God, you can be Holy if you want to be With-All-Your-Heart.

– eab, 10/16/17


“So when the Scripture assures us the worst of sinners may be saved it signifies only that they who have been the worst of sinners may repent and be saved, not that they shall be saved in their sin.”

Isaac Watts, from his book LOGIC


What is your source of primary truth? Is it the Bible? What is your source of secondary truths: things not in the Bible (or you’re under the impression they aren’t)? For the majority of us this secondary source was school – state school, home school, christian school, etc. Have you ever questioned what was “fed” you in school? If you’ve never had a reservation about a “fact,” a “line of reasoning,” a “forced conclusion” you are indoctrinated. Learn to question secondary “truths.” All of them as/when needed.

– eab, 9/28/17



Rev 21. 27

“And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth,

neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie:

but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.”


Everyone who claims the Bible as His sole authority believes in “…the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ…” [1] (Note “coming” is singular.) CHRIST WILL COME! This is orthodoxy. Ideas of Him coming two times (“rapture” theory) or more, are just that, theory and should be seen as such.

– eab, 9/21/17

[1] Identical words – 1Co .7, 1Th3.13, 1Th5.23 & 2Th 2.1 – No set of words, expressing said thought, occurs more often.

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Luther Quote + + + +

Luther Quote

“True: the law is also God’s Word but

it is as far different from the gospel as heaven is from earth.”

Table Talk, p.269


Do not trust “art.” Perhaps it is not a compliment to call God an “Artist.” Some, if not all, art is an imitation of reality. God, in wonderful contrast, CREATES reality. Man is often an imitator: if not of God of Heaven and Earth, then of the god of this world (2Co 4.4) for satan also is an imitator.

-eab, Dec. 2016



One son said he would

But around his promise, he slid.

The other said “No.”

But afterward, thankfully, “did.”

Which of these two got the blessing?

– – – Don’t tell me, you’re still guessing!

– eab, 10/10/17


You can be indoctrinated and have the ability to regurgitate said “indoctrination” on a level or two without having a willingness or truthfulness to think outside your self-proscribed box. Truth is not limited to the highly educated, in fact, there can be a dangerous closed-mindedness among those who consider themselves educated. Think. Study the Bible. Commune with God.

-eab, 12/8/16


“Whatever the sin-made world happens to be clamoring after at the moment

is cleverly shown to be the very thing the gospel offers only the religious product is better.”

– A W Tozer (understand as sarcasm)


Every TRUE scientist hungers for truth, even when it is contrary to his pre-conceived idea. By unpardonable contrast, the pseudo scientist is happy with his fiction; it fits satan’s agenda. Cheer up – truth will triumph. “…All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone…”(Rev 21.8). This has to include lying “scientists,” if they do not repent.

– eab, 9/18/16


Psa 5. 11

“But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy,

because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.”

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