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The same amount of paper,

The same amount of ink,

Makes a one or a one hundred.

What’s the difference?  What do you think?

Gold, by awesome contrast,

Has value from weight or size,

True value comes forth

Very hard to disguise.

Man makes money,

Religions also man makes.

Its value is what you “think.”

God makes true salvation,

With values beyond the skies.

Gold, like God’s way,

Has value beyond disguise.

 – eab, 9/9/09

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Our Lord is God

of all below the sod,

Every worm, every bug,

beneath earth’s grand “rug.”

Every rodent in

his burrowed or borrowed den,

Every fleck of gold,

still hidden, still unsold,

Every diamond in the rough,

with angles enough,

Every pricy stone,

or coal in its black zone,

Every pool or stream of oil,

miles or meters below soil,

Every vein of water for living,

recycled, recently giving,

Every know (or unknown) cave,

dry or sloshed by wave,

Every Carlsbad-like cavern,

unlit by tiny lantern,

Every volcano ready to spout

smoke and cinder out, 

Every hot spot waiting to blow.

He’s God of all below!

                – eab,7/10/09

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Some would explain away,

Wearing gold, pearls, and costly array,

“That was penned to ancients – THEM, I mean.”

Then so was Chapter thirteen.

                – eab, 3/5/09   

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Need more money?  Print more money.

It has value – why would you ask?

If you believe in it – it’s a coupon

For a temporary task.


Need value, dig, refine gold;

Its value can’t be oversold.

Paper will burn – how much worth is ash?

Gold will not burn – value beyond a crash.


Man’s religion – ever so bright and crisp,

Will not survive the fire of hell’s night.

God’s salvation is forever,

Ditch the substitute – get the right.

          – eab, 9/9/09

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STOP the Presses!

God made Gold


            – He’s not making any more!


Man makes cheap paper

(coupon “money”)


            He should print NO more.

            – eab, 9/9/09

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Something seems attractive about ole gold,

It is dug, it is worked, it’s panned, it’s sold.

Many folks wear it, all over the place;

On their fingers, middle toe, on their face.

But don’t let gold capture your heart or hand,

Be “born-a-new” and in heaven’s true land,

Gold is so low, you’ll walk on it on high.

Let values be judged by the “bye-n-bye.”

                – eab, 8/11/06

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Many a man with a callused “paw,”

Has chiseled away at stone.      

Workmen have made lighter gods of wood,

Inlaid here and there with bone.

Some have a hank’ring for gold,

Gold dug from beneath the sod.         

Clothing so fine (or bright pearls to entwine),

Also serve time as god.

Gold as a god? Or mere Pearls?

Or thin lumber so easily grown?

“Surely you jest;  making god? 

“You — you didn’t make your own?”  -eab, 12/97



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