1Co 11.15 +

1Co 11.15

“But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her:

for her hair is given her for a covering.”


“…Carnal worry involves my integrity as a holy man;

it disconnects me from God by my doubtfulness & complaints.”

– H A Baldwin /Holiness & t Human Element/


If you’re blessed with a wife who’s willing to wear uncut hair, keeping it clean/neat but not styled/adorned to get attention – thank her. Do extra favors for her for the time she spends in shampooing, brushing & arranging. Never give her a rough time about how long this takes. My wife has not cut her hair since 1959 – I’m happy she has her long hair (some ladies have lost theirs) & we allow the time it takes for her to do it when we plan to go somewhere. I am Blessed. – 9/21/19


“Definite preaching should cause definite seeking

& definite seeking should produce definite results.”

– H A Baldwin /Holiness & t Human Element/


Let My people go

“Let My people go” the Lord said

When they were let go, Moses led

Through the sea and through the sand

Starting, stopping at God’s command.

Glad? They were rebellious instead.

– eab Sept. 2007


“The word of cheap grace has been the ruin of more Christians

than any commandment of works.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


Fellow believers, hold tightly to God’s hand. I’m not a prophet but (IMO) our trail may get foreseeably steeper. The world’s never been a friend of righteousness but even so its atmosphere is chilling. The gongs of heathenism may get noisier. Hold on to your Bible; frequent the prayer closet. When you can’t see as clearly as you’d like see, hold on. When you’re not hearing His voice as loudly as you’d like hear, hold on. Jesus Never Fails. – 9/19/19


2Ti 3.13

“But evil men & seducers shall wax worse & worse

deceiving & being deceived.”


Every home needs a waste basket/waste can for trash – some of us have 2-3. Friend, your life/your soul also needs a waste can. There are things about which you no longer need to think – chuck ‘em. There are some habits that aren’t helping you or your family – drop them in the can. And take the can out so it can be permanently gone. – 9/21/19


“Discipleship without Jesus Christ is a way of our own choosing. It may be the ideal way.

It may even lead to martyrdom but it is devoid of all promise. Jesus will certainly reject it.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


Jam 4.6 +

Jam 4.6

“But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith,

God resisteth the proud but giveth grace unto the humble.”



2 of 47 “…Give ear; be not PROUD: for the LORD hath spoken”(Jer 13.15)

Job 26.12 He divideth the sea with his power, and by his understanding he smiteth through the PROUD


“…You can’t look at God’s promises as if they were some inspiring motto:

you have to present them for payment.”

– T M Anderson



Don’t think it odd,

That “good” and “God,”

Are but a letter apart.

Nor think it trivial,

That “evil” and “devil,”

Are alike but for the start.

– eab, 9/20/08


Note on prophecy:

Here is wisdom… Rev 13.18 >> Only time these 3 words are arranged this way in Bible. <<

Here is the mind which hath wisdom.” Rev 17.9 >> Sole use of these words arranged so in Bible. <<

Word “wisdom” ties these two vv together. Consider & pray for understanding. – 9/16/19


“We have nothing to get proud & conceited about. We are empted of self.

We go forward on the basis of humility.”

– T M Anderson


A Little Heavy. I’ve enjoyed many a laugh at accidental, clean humor. Having said that, it’s revealing to see in the NT “Laughter” (once only) “…let your laughter be turned to mourning…”(Jam 4.9); “Laugh” (twice) both counter-positioned against “weep” (Luk 6.21 & 25); & “Laughed” (only used when) “…they laughed him [our Lord] to scorn…” (Mat 9.24, Mar 5.40, Luk 8.53). (Laughing is not in the NT.) “Are you saying, Bryan, to not laugh?” No. Let me encourage us, as Believers, to NOT make laughter a goal.

P.S. Before typing this post, searched the Bible for “smile, smiled, smiles, smiling” – they’re not there! – 9/19/19


1Pe 5.8

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil,

as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”


“…that old thing that is a non-conductor of My glory,

that carnal thing.”

– Glenn Griffith


Did you marry Up? Some think this refers to family wealth. Some think this means “blue blood.” Some see it as marrying into a family of “movers & shakers.” If one/all of these is all you have – Congrats – but, there is something better. If you married a wife (or husband) who is cleaned Up from sin, who’s been filled Up with the Holy Spirit, & who’s ready to go Up; ah – – – then you truly married Up. Praise the Lord. – 9/20/19


“The only sin that can be forgiven is a fully confessed

& fully forsaken sin.”

– Glenn Griffith

1Pe 5.6 +

1Pe 5.6

“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God,

that he may exalt you in due time:”



1 of 47 “…Give ear; be not PROUD: for the LORD hath spoken”(Jer 13.15)

Job 9.13 If God will not withdraw his anger, the PROUD helpers do stoop under him.


“The shortest route to a backslider’s grave

is to fail to be godlike & forgive.”

– T M Anderson



To study prophecy is right,

Learn what will help you see the light,

Discern the figures that are dark,

Decide whose “bite” is worse than “bark,”

As the world’s day slopes into night. – eab,  Sep. 2007


God is the greatest Author. Period. You really ought to read His Book – – – all – the – way – through. Set aside a part of a day to read one of the 66 Books inside His great Book. It may surprise you how few minutes or quarter hours it takes to read one Book at-a-sitting. Make sure you read the Unabridged Edition. – 8/29/19


“…Blessed to discover a people…who do not want to be entertained with cheap programs

& silly plays in the church; a people hungry for the bread of life…”

– T M Anderson


You posted a meme that had a 4-letter word in it.

Did you see that? Would you have said that to me in person?

Why post such? Make your own meme AND never share another bad word on social media. OK? – 9/18/19


Tit 2.2

“That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate,

sound in faith, in charity, in patience.


“…Reason preachers are losing their message & folks are losing their testimony is a lack of the glory of God.” – Glenn Griffith


Some people are so hard on Trump. (I’m not sure I know why all the wrath.) If you name the name of Jesus ask Him to you get over some of your disagreement, ask for patience with the rest, & pray for Mr. Trump.

Other people are “over the top” with Trump. (I’m not sure that I know why all the gush.) If you name the name of Christ ask Him to get you get over this “love affair.” He’s not drained the swamp & the budget’s never been worse (as I understand). Both Sides: Listen to the Apostle Paul; be “temperate” (Tit 1.8, 2.2). – 9/18/19


“If you are one in Him,

you are one with each other.”

– Glenn Griffith

2Ti 4.10 +

2Ti 4.10

“For Demas hath forsaken me,

having loved this present world

[emphasis added]


“The carnal nature is the thing that makes you sore

 when you get hurt.”

– T M Anderson


#1. You once walked the more careful road but something caught your attention on the left & you moved that way. You still profess to be a Christian (perhaps even to be filled with the Spirit) but this is overtop outward evidences of habits & language you once did not have. In the middle of the night or when contemplating death, you miss those happier, holier days. – 9/13/19


“We cannot hope to escape the flood of evil which threatens to overwhelm the believers today

unless we are constantly refilled & re-invigorated by the Holy Spirit.”

– T M Anderson



The mighty oak from an acorn came,

Bursting, throbbing, growing in strain;

Pulled up by the light, pushed up by the rain.

It didn’t happen over night.


No stalwart man is instant made.

It takes pressure, decisions, days of shade;

Pulled up by prayer, pushed by reading, rare.

Small souls and fires quickly fade.

– eab Sept. 1975


“It is impossible to separate doctrine and

 morality in the Christian Church.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


#2. Will you return?  I wish you would. And you can! Will it be easy? No. It’ll be hard to explain to children when you move (inside of you & outside) back to Biblical life. It’ll hard to tell peers you’ll no longer run “…with them to the same excess of riot…”(1Pe 4.4). But 15 sec. inside Heaven you’ll be so joyful. Come back, O, come back. – 9/13/19


Gen 5.5, 8, 11, 14, 17 etc.

“…& he died …& he died …& he died …& he died …& he died …& he died.”


“His days are numbered” or “Her days are numbered” you’ve perhaps said or heard said. Tough statement if you loved him or her. *Let me come a little closer.* Your days are numbered too – as are mine. Some souls days are numbered in 5 digits. Some 4 digits or 3 but all of us have numbered days. We simply do not know that number. “…Now is the day of salvation”(2co 6.2). – 9/14/19


“To refuse to believe in the gospel

is the worst sin imaginable.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

1Ti 2.9 +

1Ti 2.9

“…That women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness & sobriety;

not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;”


“If you quote the Bible to them they look at you &

want to know what science says about it.”

– V O Agan, ‘55 Conf. Serm.


There’s a certain freedom in not having to wear metal/plastic/wood/pearly ornaments. And there’s certain joy in possessing (by God’s wonderful grace) the pricey inner ornament of a “meek & quiet spirit”(1Pe 3.4) which God & you see & find delightful. There is certainly a savings in time – not having to decide which piece of “stuff” will color-coordinate with the chosen outfit for the day. And a savings on stress or mental anxiety about whether peers will think they match & “love them” or show disapproval by ignoring today’s “bling.” Oh, the freedom of a fresh, plain appearance. – 9/15/19


“Self loves self. We are so easy on self & hard on others,

unless we are desperate for the victory.”

– V O Agan, ‘55 Conf. Serm.



The battle for Faith is on

And the lines along which it is drawn

Are clear lines and strong lines

Known to the foe and his throng.

– eab, Sep. 1981


Read your Bible, if that is the best you can do. A step up, would be to read the Bible & make an honest effort to memorize from It (please try to do both the words of a verse/part of vs & also the reference). An even higher step would be to become a student of the Word. Read it with pen & straight edge or high-lighter (caution: some high-lighters bleed through the page) or with a computer file open, dedicated to that chapter (or Book) or with a paper pad beside you. Make notes, See sequences, Connect similar (or exact) words, Ask yourself questions, Make lists, etc. You cannot know too much of the Bible! – 9/15/19


“Costly grace…is the kingly rule of Christ…It is costly because it costs a man his life

& it is grace because it gives a man the only true life.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


Rom 16.19

“…I would have you wise unto that which is good,

and simple concerning evil.”


If you teach in a Christian sch. or do home schooling, Please do not subject students to over-doses of heathendom. Ancient Egyptians were heathens (God delivered Jews from them). Assyrians & Babylonians were heathens, as were the Medes & Persians. Some past “christians” tried to white-wash the Greeks & Romans. No. They were as heathen (served same gods – different names) as previous evil systems. – 9/15/19


“It is almost taken for granted in the NT

that Tribulation is the normal lot of Christians.”

– F F Bruce


Have you found the clothing style – length, fullness, thickness – to be comfortable in God’s sight? Or are you unstable; looking at what peers are wearing & moving toward them? (I wish this applied only to females but sadly I see “males” changing.) God has something better for you. He is “Author of Modesty” He should be in charge of your closet. Men, dress like men (real ladies like that). Ladies, be feminine (men appreciate that). – 9/15/19

1Sa 2.3 +

1Sa 2.3

“Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth:

for the LORD is a God of knowledge & by him actions are weighed.”


46 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

1Jo 2.16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the PRIDE of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.


“The purpose of God is not to make you happy;

The purpose of God is to make you holy.”

– V O Agan, IHC sermon 4/21/92



Man as an artist is static.

He writes and his work is “done.”

He paints and it is “finished.”

He builds – and the prize is won.

God, by honorable, awesome contrast,

Has “art” both fluid and formal.

Today God’s works are like “so”

Tomorrow, He re-defines “normal.”

– eab, 9/14/06


Pray for your pastor. Remember he needs a study (at church, if that’s his preference) or room in parsonage. Don’t begrudge his time in it. John Wesley wanted his preachers reading 5 hours a day. (That, of course was reading books, not cruising the internet calling it “study-time.”) Pray God will lead him into fresh Bible truths. Now & then you need to leave the House of God saying to yourself (or family) “I never heard that before” or “I never thought of it that way” (both in positive context). If you’re not praying everyday for your pastor & his pulpit ministry, don’t complain to anyone – mate included. – 9/14/19


“Carnality may be bound but he is always seeking his liberty.”

– V O Agan, sermon 2/12/98


Pray for your pastor. Unless you’ve pastored a few yrs (being a PK doesn’t quite “cut it”) you don’t know his burdens. He’s tempted to give what he calls “encouraging messages” (others may say “sugar coated”) too frequently & avoid controversial subjects. He’s tempted to be vague about sins he sees/senses prevalent among the youth. He’s tempted to preach favorite “themes.” He’s tempted to be popular with the “ruling” church clique. He’s tempted to not make calls (If a pastor is not calling at your home, you’re both missing a blessing.) Or he’s tempted to call on certain homes too often/neglect others. – 9/14/19


Jam 5.16

“…Pray one for another that ye may be healed.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


“We’ll never reach the world except

with the message of holiness…”

– Glenn Griffith /I Sought for a Man/


When you exit a theater, whether players are live on stage or on film, you leave with a music theme swirling through your head. You leave with a street-scene or violence or a bedroom-scene replaying itself. Many of my readers have never been to bed with anyone than your God-given mate but the lust depicted before you tends to dirty your mind. Many by-gone souls, when becoming Christians, stopped going to the “moving-picture-shows” (as then labeled). It seems church members & even ordained preachers are now going. Why? Have we backslidden? Does God now smile on what He frowned? – 9/14/19


“In the spiritual realm in this day you can find many who have left Sodom but God could never get Sodom our of them.”

– Glenn Griffith /I Sought for a Man/

Isa 43.7 +

Isa 43.7

“Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory,

I have formed him…”


45 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

1Ti 3.6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with PRIDE he fall into the condemnation of the devil.


“God created man & woman to have an affinity between the two in the fear of God,

in the light of holiness, until He could smile upon them in holy wedlock.”

– J Wesley Adcock


FLOW Written Middle Fork (Chandalar River) bank, AK

The water flowed smoothly from left to right,

The water flowed gently day and night.

The flow of the water was a calming sight,

Slow and quiet and low.


The water had come from some distance away,

The water had been rain or snow in a previous day,

It had been these but it could not stay,

So it’s no longer snow.


The river moves incessantly;

The river moves again to the far sea.

Moving is the water, yet it stays apparently

The flow is a spectacular show. – eab, 9/13/06


If you are to preach – “Preach the Word…” (2Ti 4.2a). If you’ve not read the Good Book through, start (No, don’t wait till January 1) start today. Begin to read the Scriptures as never before. Don’t feel you have to read it Genesis to Revelation, God may have you read it in a different manner. It is a big Book but it’s a delightful Book. (If you haven’t heard these figures, 3 ch. a day & 5 on the Lord’s Day, allows you to read in through in 365.) There is no book on the face of earth that compares with it. – 8/19/19


“…Individuals…remember in Hell…remembering that they did not have to go there

–it was their own decision.”

– J Wesley Adcock


People improve. Some feel so good about their improvement they become proud. “Improvements” will get no one into heaven. You like your “new improved” version of you, your family likes you better (now that you are “better”), even society likes you, but improvements are earth-bound. It takes an active belief in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ to redeem you. Please, friend, do not stop with mere improvements to a sinner – you can be Born Again – – – and Must – “…Ye must be born again”(Joh 3.7). – 9/6/19


Joh 3.7

“Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”


“Revivals are born after midnight.”

– Glenn Griffith


“Life” among sinners has always been too cheap. “Life” was cheapened by WWI, WWII, & the almost continual wars since. Lately a new “war” has developed – killing babes in the womb – a further cheapening of “Life,” (your own flesh & blood). This cheapening of life is continuing with the upswing in suicides. Christians, do not accept suicides as an acceptable way to end life. You did not start life – – – you have no right to end it. It is Murder – the murder if self & is a deadly sin. – 9/12/19

P.S. This is NOT posted to argue about past suicides >> Please do not bring them up << this is to PREVENT future awful deaths. Thank you.


“The only place where God works

is in the realm of faith.”

– Glenn Griffith /I Sought for a Man/