“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

“Behold, I have told you before.”

Mat 24.24-25

Pierpoint Quote

“When love is abounding

it produces a spirit of discernment.”

– Paul Pierpoint, 5/4/2000

>> If he’s right (I think he is) it explains the dearth of discernment today <<

God is holy – good men want to be like their holy God.

Man is unholy – evil men want their god to be evil like them.

– eab, 1/4/12


He went into the temple

Where you’d think one could look up

But his attitude was humble,

He saw dregs in his cup.


He asked God for mercy;

He beat upon his chest,

Called himself a sinner

(Not better than the rest).


He cast his eyes downward,

They sought the lowly ground

But God who measures all things,

The simple, the profound,


Liked his honest spirit

Heard his call and cry

Knew he meant his temple-talk,

Knew it more than “humble pie,”


And justified his soul;

He went back to his own place

With a calm in his heart

And heaven’s smile upon his face.


Friend, the next time you go to meeting,

The next time you’re in church

Avoid petty piousness,

Avoid the highest perch


Look at God, worship Him

And see yourself contrasted

As this man of old did. 

His grace has ever-lasted.  

– eab, May  2000


Bede (also “Baeda” & “Beda”) died 5/25/735 at Jarrow, Northumbria.  He was born (near there) at Tyne, County Durham, (“Kingdom of Northumbria”) England in the year 672 or 673.  As were many sons of the weathy (or at least “comfortable”) families of his day, he was sent to a monastery to be educated. His age at the time is given as 3 or 7.  His education included Latin, Greek & Hebrew. He was ordained deacon (19), priest (30) & he is thought to have spent his life in a monastery.

He was a writer leaving behind some Biblical translation, exposition, & commentary (allegorical type) of the Scriptures. His earliest Biblical commentary was probably on the Book of the Revelation.  His interests included grammar & science (he saw the earth as a sphere & questioned the 365 ¼ day year). His works related to the Bible were apprecaited in his day.  Recent decades (centuries?) have acclaimed him “Father of English History” for his 5 vol. Ecclesiastical History of the English People -from approx. 55-729(?).

His pen & the knowledge it gleaned & recorded earned him the title “The Venerable Bede.” His writings have been called “the best summary of this period of history ever prepared.” Modernity has Bede to thank for the use &/or popularization of “Anno Domini” (year of our Lord).

Bede Quotes:   “…if history records good things of good men, the thoughtful hearer is encouraged to imitate what is good; or if it records evil of wicked men, the good, religious reader or listener is encouraged to avoid all that is sinful & perverse, & to follow what he knows to be good & pleasing to God.” 

“They alone know how to believe in God who love God, who are Christians not only in name but also in action and life, because without love faith is empty. With love, it is the faith of a Christian —without love, the faith of a demon.” (Commentary, James 2:19)

“We abide in God insofar as we do not sin.”  (Commentary, I John 3:6)


“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and

shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that,

if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

Mat 24.24

>> Easy reference – – – Super Important WARNING <<

Pickett Quote

“Speculation about the future took the place of study

of the past and present and

of careful comparison of the facts of history with the predictions of prophecy.”

– L L Pickett, from his book The Antichrist

>> Pickett is lamenting the above <<


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