Luther quote

“…No man hath so grievously fallen at any time, but he may rise again. And on the other side, no man taketh so fast footing, but he may fall.”

Commentary on Galatians p. 94


If you make heaven and I don’t, I seriously doubt that you’ll miss me. If on the converse, I make heaven and you don’t, it seems (as much as I may’ve liked your personality, your bright mind, your talents) that I’ll not miss you. This is sad to think of now. But how can heaven have no tears if I realize that you’re not there? Heaven’s happy occupants may (hear my word “may”) have a “holy amnesia.”

– eab, 11/14/17




Tis a blessing to me and my kin,

To have food, tall pantry and bin,

Our store is thick, not lean nor thin,

For all this I praise you Lord,

Living, Giving, Loving Lord.


It’s good to have clothes and more,

In dresser and behind closet door,

And shoes and boots on scattered floor,

For abundance I thank you Lord,

Great, Gallant and Faithful Lord.


Of far more blessings (by miles, not feet),

Is the mate you allowed me to meet,

And four little Bryans to make us complete,

Thou who lovest family, Creative Lord,

My thanks for being a Love-making Lord.


Most of all I’m so grateful to be,

Redeemed and passed through my own Red Sea,

Through “Jordan” you also have guided me,

Redeeming and Sanctifying Lord, my Lord,

You surely deserve all the praise I afford.

– eab, 11/24/99



There are several ways to catalog earth’s peoples: ethnic group, language, race, etc. The Bible uses a Jew/Gentile dividing line. One is Jewish by blood. Another is Gentile by blood. However when either becomes a follower of Christ he is Born Again and stops being Gentile or Jew. This is also by Blood, the precious Blood of Jesus.

– eab, 11/17/17


“Prayer is not a collection of balanced phrases; it is the pouring out of the soul.”

– Samuel Chadwick


Lowlife sins in making humans act like animals (some cultic religions even have humans making animal sounds “in church.”) Society sins in making animals into “humans.” (Idea of mickey mouse etc. is not as innocent as it seems.) God made animals on one plane and humans on a Much Higher Plane. Evolution is really EVILution! Please, Please do not lower yourself nor elevate a pet – it is still an animal.

– eab, 11/17/17


1Pe 4. 7

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”


A house of worship can supply: fellowship, an opportunity to sing classic hymns of praise, a time of corporate prayer, a brief “concert” (special song), and the occasional testimony. But if it’s sermon does not give you the Truth, the plain unadulterated Truth that place of worship has failed!

– eab, 11/19/17


Luther quote AGAIN :)

Luther Quote

“…the devil’s cunning…if he cannot hurt by persecuting and destroying,

he doth it under color of correcting and building up.”

Commentary on Galatians p.44



The multiplying of 2nd marriages has 2 roots: 1.) A silent church is saying D&R is OK 2.) A visual hollywood is showing that double marriages are “normal.” Since hollywood is so admired, quoted (even “worshipped”?) by church people, the God ordained home is under attack AS NEVER BEFORE.

– eab, 11/12/17




Men cannot the sun successfully deny

Though, Heaven knows, some seriously try

By living lives clouded by sin

By harboring satan’s darkness within;

“There’s nothing bright” the devil would lie.

The Bible truly and wisely has said

Men love darkness, seem to want it o’erhead.

One approach in denying the sun is light

Is trying to “really live-it-up” at night.

– eab, Nov. 2005


Pastors, preach the Truth about current sins. Yes, I know, your congregation may not “go mega,” but you may help increase the number of saints in heaven. On the other hand if you’re easy on sin your crowd may grow but, sadly, so may hell’s population.

– eab, 11/12/17



“The Holy Ghost in me won’t fuss with the Holy Ghost in you.”

– R E Carroll (as quoted by Bob England)


Yours truly lived at the edge of the Beatnik generation – was too young to join them. Was contemporaneous with hippies – I was too smart to join them. Later heard of the yuppies – didn’t have the money to join them. “All was lost?” Oh, no! I joined the Pilgrim Holiness Church, J D Webb, pastor, as a junior member – I was the right age, it was a wise thing to do, and not having sinful habits, has saved a lot of money. J

– eab, 11/12/17



Rom 12.18

“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”



A left-wing, pastor may think he knows who his key-people are & “court them.” If a praying man, woman, or couple are in the church (whether known or unknown to the pastor) they’re truly the key people.

– eab, 11/12/17

Luther and more stuff

Luther quote

“…The holy Ghost cannot be received without Christ…”

Commentary on Galatians p. 525


Every 24 hours, every man on earth, is given a tiny preview of Eternity: Night with its dark, similar to the darkness of hell and Day with its light, a small similarity to Heaven, where no sun is needed.

– eab, 11/10/17


Good Ground

Some sower’s seed fell on the road

Or in bad land briefly abode

Among thorns other was found

But thankfully some found ground

And multiplied – a wagon load. Mat 13

– eab, Nov 2005




Sinners in trouble call on God,

Whether on rough sea or hot sod.

It seems a natural reaction;

Their soul’s only satisfaction,

Though last week prayer would’ve seemed odd.

– eab, Nov. 2007


It would be/should be alarming if we knew what % of “God’s work” is being attempted by human strength, carnal minds, and suave personalities. Have we forgotten that Christ sent the blessed Holy Spirit?

– eab, 11/11/17


“Time does not, and cannot regenerate.”

– Beverly Carradine, fr his Church Entertainments


If you wife (husband) is not your very best earthly friend, I urge you to stop and get back on track. Ask God to rekindle that Friendship / Love you once felt. Do not tell me it is impossible – it is not, IF you really want it to happen.

– eab, 11/11/17


Eph 5. 25

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;”


Is Heaven on your mind? Is preparing to go there part of your immediate plans? Today, tomorrow, one day in the next decade, you could awaken in Heaven – – – or awaken in _ _ _ _.

– eab, 11/11/17

Luther + + + +

Luther Quote

“…Nothing under the sun is more hurtful than the doctrine of men’s tradition and works…”

Commentary on Galatians p.424


“Yea, hath God said” is as old as Eden – – – and as young as NASA. (News in ‘16 – NASA don’t want the name “Jesus” to appear in their publications).

– eab, 2/16/16




In the beginning – of measured things,

Before the clock of time was wound,

It was know that man would sin,

And a remedy had to be found.


After a period of loving thought,

It was decided by the Great Three-In-One,

That God would send man a Gift –

His Fellow Creator, Partner, and Son.

– eab, Nov. ’69


The devil tries to make his imitation look real and at the same time, make God’s Genuine appear too expensive. Bargain hunt all you want on earth, but don’t settle for a cheap, imitation “salvation” for your soul.

– eab, 3/7/16



“I just don’t have enough faith to believe in evolution.”

– R E Carroll, message 2/11/88


“Good” people have been influenced to oppose “bad” things (which the Bible does not oppose), while ignoring things the Bible clearly calls SIN.

– eab, 1/5/13



2Ti 4. 2

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”


When you admire something it adds to the admiration to turn to a friend (even a stranger) and say “Look!” When we admire Christ (in heart, not just head) it adds to HIS admiration to share it with others, as in Spirit-filled worship times.

– eab, 4/12/13

Luther + + + PLUS

Luther quote

“If I were master of the country I would not allow them to practice usury.” [1]

Table Talk p. 353


The Sword: man-made, man welded – brings death at both ends (“…all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword” Mat 26.52)

The Word: God-made, God inspired – brings Life, now and everlasting.

– eab, 1/11/17



He made the tree on which He hung;

The earth to which it lately clung

When innocent, it raised leafy arms,

While robins among them lived and sung.


He made the ore from which, by craft,

With forge white-hot and windy draft,

The town blacksmith sledged, with sinewed arms,

Long nails; innocent of greed or graft.


He made the sponge, carelessly raised,

Knew the near pool where it had “grazed,”

Commanding food with tiny arms,

Before beaching innocent and dazed.


He made the sources, rich in ink,

Where artist oft gave his pen drink,

Scrolling with careful, innocent arms:

“The King of the Jews,” making folks think.


He made the men, that “unmade” Him.

Knew their thoughts, goals, and every whim.

And as they nailed holy feet and arms,

Heaven’s innocence He prayed on them.

– eab, Nov. ’82



Women who want to be worldly are emboldened by a pastor’s wife who is worldly. And sadly, what some of these women do not realize, is that some pastor’s wives are on their way to perdition because of their spirit of self-will and disobedience. It is a big responsibly to be a pastor’s wife.

– eab, 1/16/17


“The church was never sent to entertain men.”

– Beverly Carradine, fr his Church Entertainments


If you are a professing Christian with at least an eighth-grade education and you are getting your “news” from the main-stream-media, you may need either your head or your heart examined.

– eab, 1/25/17


Act 16.9

“…There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.”



Positions bring possessions and possessions bring positions. This is true in the politico-economic world and it is true in Christ. (No, I did not say “in church.” L ) There are true positions and true possessions of Grace n Christ.

– eab, 2/14/17

[1] This is the Biblical word for “interest.”

Luther Quote

“…The alteration of the Sabbath which sorely annoys them but ‘twas ordered by the apostle, in honor of the Lord’s resurrection.”

Table Talk, p.351


Children are related to you through the blood of family. So live yourself and so raise your children that they hunger to be and BECOME related to you through the Blood of Christ.

– eab, 10/30/17




O, What a privilege to walk with the Savior,

Daily to follow His love and His will,

Knowing, whene’er trials do beset me,

Gold must be purified – He loves me still.

– eab, Nov. ‘72


  1. R. U. T. H.
  2. Truest
  3. Riches
  4. U’ll find,
  5. This side o’
  6. Heaven. – eab, 11/8/17



“You can fix up the barn and it will pay for the house,

but if you fix up the house you won’t have money to fix up the barn.”

– Clyde D. Bryan, (my dad, 1904 – 1976)


The devil is a Dirty. Old. Liar! Emphasis on Dirty – no more filthy character has ever lived! Emphasis on Old – the rascal has been tempted e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y since Eve, 6000 yrs. Emphasis on Liar – he’ll about God, he’ll lie about you, he’ll even lie about himself, saying the devil does not exist.

– eab, 11/8/17



Act 15. 20

“…we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and

from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.”



I inadvertently saw a grandson of Bro. Earl Newton’s the other day. As I reflected later I thought, “Any friend of Earl Newton’s is a friend of mine.” Now, allow me to raise that to a Heavenly Standard, “Any Friend of Jesus Christ’s is surely a friend of mine.”

– eab, 10/21/17

Luther + + + +

Luther quote

“In God we may acknowledge the unchangeable and certain motion of the stars of heaven;

the sun each day rises and sets in his place; as certain as time we have winter and summer…”

Table Talk p. 346


“Smoking or non-smoking,” was once asked as you entered a restaurant. Someone, rather crudely, suggested it could be asked about eternity. Allow a similar question about eternity, “Sorrowing or non-sorrowing”? It’s highly unlikely there’ll be anything to smoke in hell but we know hell is full of sorrow. Please, Friend leave that road that leads to eternal sorrow.

– eab, 10/20/17



He knows what is best for me;

Father always knows best.

Maybe activity – when I thought rest.

I can’t see, as well, as He.

And I may cry because of pain,

But help me, Lord, to never complain.

He knows what I will face;

What I could – What I should

He knows. Why worry!

– eab, Nov. ‘73


You can love “your idea” of what God is – it may suit you just fine. That “idea” costs you nothing now – it may cost you everything at death’s door. But to see God as the biggest possible Being of correction, love, and perfection, comes much neared to Who He really is.

– eab, 10/17/17


“You are in danger…if you depart ever so little from Scripture…from the plain literal mean­ing of any text taken in connection with the context.”

– Wesley, quoted by Samuel Brengle


I’m glad God knows (does not have to figure out, KNOWS) the difference between a needy personality and a naughty carnality. God created and loves personalities. God CAN remove all carnality. Now.

– eab, 10/16/17


Gen 8. 22

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”


“Popular Christianity”? What is that? Truthfully, it’s close to, if not in fact, an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. If it is “popular” it can’t be truly Christian. And – – – if it’s Christian it is not popular. They killed Christ. He promised that His followers would be mistreated, so if/when you hear of some “christianity” being popular, mark it down; it is NOT Christ’s christianity!

– eab, 10/12/17