1Th 5.22 +

1Th 5.22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

“To be sanctified is nothing more or less than this one thing, the complete removal from the heart of that which is enmity to God, not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be; and this enables the life to be fully devoted to God.

D Shelby Corlett

Are YOU willing to think? Hope so. We may’ve bought too heavily into the “world’s art.”

Neither “chisel” nor “hammer” are found in the NT (New Testament), suggesting no sculptures were done by NT Christians. Nor are “brush” or “canvas” in the NT, suggesting paintings were not done by them. Even the art of music is not strongly in the NT (except human voices). It does not contain “flute” nor “organ,” suggesting these were not played by NT saints. – 7/21/21

“Holiness as devotedness to God involves the subordination of all other purposes to the one great purpose – the joyous acceptance & the happy doing of the will of God.

D Shelby Corlett

A tattoo on an arm is ugly. It is unnatural, therefore it is ugly. (If you had been born with that “mark” you’d possibly have had surgery to remove it. (Be Honest right here.)

A tattoo on a leg is almost always sexy. Tattoos – all tattoos are meant to draw attention. If you want to draw eyes to your leg, you with little doubt, have carnality in your heart, male or female. – 7/21/21


A man is noticed, abilities are seen

He’s called to act, his actions are keen

From blank to blank – he served that date.

He passes on, is referred to as “the late…”

God, oh, happy contrast, is always great.

He is always mild love (never wild hate)

God’s attributes know no in/out “gate.”

– eab,  7/17/10

You have a child starting school this fall – FACT. You’re making plans to educate him/her at home; I hope that’s – FACT. You (if this is new to you) possibly feel over-whelmed – I’m not surprised if that’s – FACT 3. But, Christian, with God’s help you can make it. And, even if you’re not yet a Christian, allow me to say With. God’s. Help. You. Can. Make. It. “How can you say that, Bryan?” Listen; God is THE Father of all fathers. He loves children more than we do. & that’s a – FACT. Lean on Him – 7/22/21

“Regeneration is like breaking up the fallow ground & sowing it with wheat, In the growth of which there spring up tares. It is a mixed moral state.

Bishop Hamline

Pro 22.5

“Train up a child in the way he should go:

& when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

WARNING LONG POST. We know too many “things” & “people” who NEVER existed. God help us. 

Images are around us but we may fail to “see” how they permeate life. If you got a dollar for every image you can list on paper you’d have a large stack: archie, B.C., bugs bunny/elmer fudd, calvin/hobbs, charlie brown, daffey, dagwood/blondie, dennis the menis, donald duck, felix, lion king, mickey mouse/minnie mouse, peanuts/snoopy, popeye the sailor man, road-runner, smokie-the-bear, spiderman, superman, tom/jerry are a few. NOTE: I do Not regularly read the funnies Nor see disney junk. I did Not look at a list before I started. I didn’t list myth characters: jack-n-the-beanstalk, humpty-dumpty, snow white (&7 dwarfs) etc. Further Note: I haven’t mentioned the many characters of star wars, gunsmoke & 1000s? of movies some know much more about than I do. (No caps on purpose.) – 7/23/21

Sanctification is like weeding the soil, or gathering the tares and burning them, so that nothing remains to grow there but good seed. In regeneration a spiritual growth is like the slow progress of the wheat, choked and made sickly by the intermingling weeds.”

Bishop Hamline

1Th 5.21

“Prove all things;

hold fast that which is good.”

Every sin you commit you will have to meet it somewhere,

& settle for it.”

– Uncle Buddy

A new heaven & a new earth will (it seems to me) offer unlimited opportunity for exploration – with, of course, no danger (death, if remembered at all) will be a distant memory. (Please forgive the limitation of mere human words trying to describe that glorious world to come.) These new realms (heaven/earth) will have unmingled delight – innocency & purity. W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L. is too calm a word. – 7/17/21      

Sanctification is free.  You have to give yourself for it,

but you are nothing & you give yourself…”

– Uncle Buddy

If it hasn’t happened yet, it can. Ask God to give you a deeper appreciation for His Word. Ask Him to increase your love for It, the source of Truth. No, the Bible is not “a” source of Truth – It is *THE* source of all Truth of eternal importance. And yes, Truth has a capital “T” on purpose here. BTW as your love for the Truth of the Bible increases, expect (& enjoy) a balancing decrease in any affinity to the false, the fake, the flimsy, feeble & foolish lies of the world. – 7/19/21

“Father time” and “mother nature”

Have enjoyed millennia of pleasure

Under Him who rules from above the stars.

They’re only agents under His divine gaze

Limited in scope and with terminating days

He uses them: sort-a-like we use our cars.

– eab,  7/21/21

You’re hearing a song for the first time. Something about the tune is appealing or a cluster of words is picturesque. The next words heard are not Biblical. *What do you do? You can keep on “enjoying” the song or, OR you can stay with Scripture. “I hate to be a song critic.” Friend, life is full of choices & for today’s Christians, a part of these choices are 1.) Listen to what appeals to the flesh (includes ears) or 2.) Restrict your listening to songs with Biblical basis. Easy? No. Necessary for the soul? Yes. – 7/20/21        

“Faith is the hidden root, hope the rising stock & love together with good works the nourishing corn… Christ takes neither faith nor hope into heaven, the former being gloriously absorbed in sight & the latter in enjoyment.’

– John Fletcher

1Co 2.16

“For who hath known the mind of the Lord,

that he may instruct him?…”

“Thou shalt not make unto thee ANY *graven image or ANY *likeness of any thing that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth.” Exo 20.4 (emphasis-eab). This is the 1st use of “graven.” It’s used 50 times+ in the OT. Its sole NT (& final) usage is “…the Godhead is [not] like unto gold or silver or stone graven by art & man’s device”(Act 17.29). Here “graven” is distinctly linked to “art.” Have we picture-taking, sculpture-honoring moderns missed something? – 7/21/21

“…He works daily as a Prophet to enlighten you, as a Priest to make intercession for you,

as a King to subdue your enemies, as a Redeemer to deliver you…& as a Savior to help you work out your own salvation…”

– John Fletcher

1Th 5.19 – 20 +

1Th 5.19 – 20

“Quench not the Spirit.

 “Despise not prophesyings”

A servant of God has but one Master. It ill becomes the servant to seek to be rich

& great & honored in that world where his Lord was poor & mean & despised.”

– Geo. Mueller

Make yourself a plan to memorize portions of the Bible. Recording your own voice reading parts of the Bible & play it to yourself as you drive or work. Read a portion over & over till it become very familiar to you. Or listen to someone read the Bible but recording it yourself (as above) “gives you a jump” on memorizing. “Bryan, what do you do?” I use index card (cut in two) with a verse (or 1 with ellipses points) on one side & the reference on the other. Have used these for yrs & am happy with this system. – 7/19/21  

“God judges what we give by what we keep.”

 – George Mueller

“Why memorize Scripture, Bryan, I own 2-3 Bibles?” Glad you asked. Your eyesight may (probably will) diminish, making the Bible harder to read. Your hands could become crippled making it harder to pick up & hold a Bible. AND as much as we don’t want to think about it, totalitarian groups have in the past attempted to stamp out the Bible – if It is hid in your heart “Thy word have I hid in mine heart… (Psa 119.11) you’re in a win – win position. Start Today. Increase memorizing Today. Blessings!  – 7/19/21   


Your county, your country has many a road

Real Life has only two.

The best one leads up and up

Up way beyond the blue.

This upward trending road’s not “trendy”

And travelers are few in number

But they are one “happy lot”

Without sin to encumber.

The other road descends progressively down

Ending in a light-less night

(Oh, the awesome contrast with up,

which leads ever into night-less light.

You may have been a “home-body”

And never left your native vales

But Friend, you’re traveling NOW up or down

Traveling one of these two trails.

The road to the best place looks dull and plain

That’ll change when death’s on your brow.

Leave oh, leave the glitter, glitzy trail

Friend, I urge you to change NOW.

– eab,  July 2016   

Write your own Obit? Please do NOT. If (& the if is a large IF) you’re aware in heaven of your Obit, it may embarrass you (again with a question that ‘embarrassment’ exists above). Thank God for any good you’ve done by God’s help – but It. Was. By. His. Help. If, heaven forbid, you go to hell, the sound of a flowery Obit may make you angry (if such were to be known below). You were president of ‘x,’ you started ‘y,’ you sat on this board or that but you didn’t love God & sadly did not go UP. – 7/19/21    

“You can as soon meet with a man that never felt the wind or heard the sound thereof as with one

that never felt the Divine breathing or heard the still small voice which we call the grace of God.’

– John Fletcher

Psa 46.10

“Be still & know that I am God:

I will be exalted among the heathen,

I will be exalted in the earth.”

Is your talking device (by whatever name) always talking/playing music? Why? Do you constantly listen to even “christian” music? Again Why? There’s something to be said for silence. There’s a time to hear nothing man-made. There’s a time to hear birds sing, cows moo, or even crickets chirp. A reader may remember the Bible says “Be still…” (good advice in a noisy, rushing world) but do you recall the words the Psalmist wrote next? “…and know that I am God…”(46.10). Wonderful! Cherish silence. – 7/19/21    

“…If we give over following after holiness & do not continue to leave all for Christ’s sake, may we not forfeit our title to glory as the servant who had 10,000 talents forgiven him forfeited his pardon…”

– John Fletcher

1Th 5.18 +

1Th 5.18

“In every thing give thanks:

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

“Nature has some perfections to show that she is the image of God

& some defects to show that she is only His image.”

– Blaise Pascal

God is the Lord of all above us (Heaven), Lord of all beside us (His earth), & Lord of all below us (hell). He was Master of these before you were born, He is now (He seems to be allowing satan a long chain but the devil IS on a chain & is doomed), & God will be Master of these 3 world’s long after we die. – 7/13/21

 “The difference between Jesus Christ & Mahomet.- Mahomet was not foretold; Jesus Christ was foretold. Mahomet slew; Jesus Christ caused His own to be slain. Mahomet forbade reading; the Apostles ordered reading.”

– Blaise Pascal
Dad/Mom be sure to play games with your children: fun & educational games. Be just as sure to play these primarily for *their* sake. As they grow show them how much delight is available in making something of value: value for them, value for the family to use/enjoy or even profitable to barter or sell. Show them a better world of values for body mind & especially soul, than mere games. Too many parents play games too long & their enthusiasm for play a child senses & thinks its a part of adulthood, when it is not. – 7/16/21


She was born of her parents in the normal way,

And gave birth to each of her own in its day.

Except, except the First – He had a special birth

Conceived by the Spirit, He was God, God come to earth.

– eab,  7/17/15

If you have sin in your life – ask God to save you. If you have carnality – ask Him to remove it & fill you with His Spirit. If you’re saved & sanctified – ask God to give you Discernment. Some less than holy men (I fear) are preaching in supposed holiness pulpits; some less than holy women are singing in so-called holiness spots. You need to discern hypocrites & not support them with either your dollars or presence – even if they’re at a FAVORITE camp/school/church. Do not back fake “christians.” – 7/17/21   

“Hypocrisy being the most odious sort of iniquity in the sight of Him

who ‘requires truth in the inward parts.’

– John Fletcher

1Co 12.10

“To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:”

You’re a minister (pastor, evangelist, or school prof.) & you ARE compromising. Humor has become increasingly important as you speak. Stretching truth is not as awful as some think. Words never once used are popping up frequently. Your at-home-daughter appears in clothing too tight, too short, too low-necked. You DO have a favorite sports team (once you didn’t). STOP. Your sister, brother, child can too easily say, “He does ‘x’ & he’s a preacher; it must be OK.” Compromise is very often noticed. – 7/17/21

“Mr Wesley I reverence as the greatest minister I know

but would not follow Him one step farther than he follows Christ.”

– John Fletcher

1Th 4.16 & 17 +

1Th 4.16 & 17

“Rejoice evermore.

“Pray without ceasing.”

“The fact that a man is tempted is not proof that he is sinful…

unfelt trial is no trial & pain on mind…is no more sin than pain of body.”

– J A Wood

It’s natural that we (still earth-bound) remember the BD of the deceased or anniversary or death date. Having said that allow me say such aren’t important to them in heaven. Yesterday’s Bible reading included Isa 65.17. It says, “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.” If the whole old earth is forgotten, I have serious doubts any soul enjoying the presence of the King of kings, Jesus Christ, will remember a day of birth on earth. – 7/1/21

“Christians begin to backslide when they feel it their duty

& see it their privilege to seek holiness & refuse to do it.”
– J A Wood

Why have a national flag in front of a church? If one feels the need to hang a flag there are county court Houses. There are state Houses. There is the nation’s capital House. And there’s even your House. The church is God’s HOUSE. God’s Kingdom is international in the best use of that word. He has no need of any flag (image) in His place of worship. Please think about removing the one at your church. Pray for your native land. Please do, faithfully, but stop doing homage to it in God Almighty’s HOUSE. – 7/13/21 


A pure man, with the Spirit, can do things

Which normally require a “set of wings.”

– eab, 7/16/15


“Married” to a church?  Never, no never.

Married to Christ? Ah, thank God. Forever!

– eab, 7/16/16

You could die TODAY. “Don’t try to scare me, Bryan; I’m young (or middle aged but) in good health.” Please Sir, Ma’am take time to think about *your* death. People die at all ages & some who seemed healthy. “But, I’m not ready to die.” It’s good for you to admit this. Now – do what you know to do: confess your sins & believe Christ forgives. Make an apology for your raunchy attitude to family member or former friend. Ask you wife/husband for forgiveness. Seek a holy heart. Get ready. You CAN. – 7/16/21   

Heb 9.27

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die,

but after this the judgment:”

“As for death, I think but lightly of it. When I know I shall behold the amiable countenance of Christ my dear Savior, the ugly face of death does not much trouble me.”

Joyce Lewes, Fox p262 

The economy is going down. The multitudes of paper dollars makes each worth less until we may see them worthle$$. Schooling is going down. Degrees once thought of value are not earning livings for some “educated” bloks. Politicians have replaced what were once statesmen. States & the conglomerate of them is in serious trouble. And, yes, modern “churches” are turned too often into entertainment centers. Any Bright Spots? O, Yes. Praise God! Christ, the Holy Bible, & Heaven are as real as ever! – 7/16/21

The soul in flames I offer Christ, to Thee.” 

Jerome of Prague, Fox p146

WATER BAPTISM  Series. Please write your own defense of water baptism on YOUR posts. Repeat – your own. Please do not fill my feed with your arguments. I will probably not make one response to your arguments FOR  water baptism but people need to see that there is the more important side of the Holy Ghost Baptism which is receiving little attention & not as much preaching as it ought.  – 7/15/21      

WATER BAPTISM 1. Some may have *never questioned “water baptism.” These posts are invitations to do that. If you want water baptism I’m not calling it sin. I DO strongly urge you to not condemn those who question water baptism. It at best, is a rite. I know of no rite which does not require the presence of at least 1 or 2 other humans. Salvation does not! Sanctification does not require another human, nor does death. These 3 are the most important days of your life & they only need you & God. Think. – 7/15/21      

WATER BAPTISM 2. “But, Bryan, what do you do with, ‘One Lord, one faith, one baptism’”(Eph 4.5)?

I believe it, fully believe it. Almost every one knows there is a baptism that “sprinkles” (babies, sick or dying folks). There is a 2nd that “pours.” There’s a 3rd that “submerges.” (That’s 3 baptisms.) Then there are those who baptize forward. And those who baptize backward. And those who put the recipient under 3 times. “One baptism” doesn’t sound like water to me. It is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. – 7/15/21

WATER BAPTISM 3. Jesus, of course, doesn’t deny that His forerunner used water. “For John truly baptized with water but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence”(Act 1.5). Please note the strongest, contrasting conjunction in our language “BUT.” Water is one thing the Power of the Blessed Third Person of the God Head is entirely another. Water is a created substance; the Holy Ghost is God therefore totally uncreated. Sinful men can put you “under” God only fills those who are ready. Think – 7/15/21

WATER BAPTISM 4. Pre-school I attended a Nazarene church – no baptismal trough up front. Later we went to a Free Methodist ch. – again no baptismal “tub” up front. About 10 we started attending a Pilgrim Holiness ch. with again no facility to baptize. During 4 yrs of h.s. & parts of 6 yrs of college (God’s Bible School) I, & then my wife & I, attended Wesleyan Methodist & Pilgrim Holiness ch. & not one had a baptismal. Went to teach at Hobe Sound Bible College (’67) – they had no baptismal facility. Holiness churches/schools do not need such. They believe in wonderful Baptism by the Holy Ghost. THINK – 7/15/21      

1Th 4.17 +

1Th 4.17

“Then we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds,

to meet the Lord in the air & so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

“…not even baptism is necessary to salvation…

If it were every Quaker must be damned which I can in no wise believe.”

– John Wesley

Dear sir, dear ma’am, do you dress a certain way, wear particular jewelry, do your hair so, use “choice” words, so that you’ll fit in with peers? (That “inside” group you’ve worked hard to get inside?) Has it occurred to you that if you changed friends, if you changed peers, you wouldn’t need to look so worldly? If it hasn’t occurred to you, allow me to say there are souls who aren’t impressed by worldly appearance. They’re the holy ones, on that Narrow Way, headed to the Celestial City. Please join them. – 7/1/21

“Perfection is what God says about Himself,

attributes are what man says about God;

God is not obligated to live up to these…”
– John F Dorsey

satan does not know what is “best” for you nor do any of his henchmen, ancient writers or modern film-makers. He didn’t know what was best for himself & got kicked out-of-heaven (Luk 10.18). The devil didn’t know what was best for the millions he seduced into hell. satan loves no one (IMO) not even himself. Christ by beautiful & blessed contrast, loved you before you were born & died for you. Listen to Him. – 7/12/21  

What Will You Say

What will you tell God at the end of life,

When He asks why you rejected His Son?

Why sin and self and sports and strife

Were more pleasing to you, than His Only One?

– eab,  7/13/10      

Marriage is a mystical union which we can see (beginning-wedding, progress-family life, end-funeral). It, of course is physical. There’s another mystical union which is spiritual & therefore not as visual – it is the combining of the soul with God. He wants us to be as close with Him (yea, closer) than any man & his wife are. Earthly marriage is a “type” of the spiritual union. He wants to be in us. Is He in you? – 7/12/21

1Th 4.7

“For God hath not called us unto uncleanness

but unto holiness.”

“Self is the root, the tree, & the branches of

all the evils of our fallen state.”

– Wm Law

Christians should not get greatly involved in either the starting-up or the tearing-down of any human government. Pray for the leaders of your land but remain separate from them. Our “job” is to advance the Kingdom of God – that is the BIG picture. Nationalism is cramped & limited. Work for Christ’s Eternal Kingdom. – 7/14/21   

We must alter our lives in order to alter our hearts,

for it is impossible to live one way & pray another.”

– Wm Law

1Th 4.16 +

1Th 4.16

“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel

& with the trump of God: & the dead in Christ shall rise first:”

“This fitness…to appear before God & thorough preparation for eternal glory is what I plead for, pray for, & heartily recommend to all true believers under the name of Christian Perfection.”

– Adam Clarke

Please, friend, start thinking. If God has already given you a mind to think critically, don’t allow objective thinking be lost – it could save your life & careful thinking, plus the Marvelous Grace of Jesus, could save your soul. I care not what a prof may profess in college (even a Bible college) does it align with the Bible? I care not what a preacher preaches, do his words agree with The Word of God. Nor do I care what your “Study” Bible or radio/pod cast guy spouts. Believe only what agrees with God. Think. -7/1/21   

“As there is no end to the merits of Christ incarnated & crucified…

[there are] no limits to the improvability of the human soul…”
– Adam Clarke

I have a theory (that’s all it is, as far as I know) that no sinner will be missed in heaven. NONE. Some people like to hear, “Missed you at the meeting…” It’s sad that the carnal nature which loved to be recognized, loved to hear its name mentioned, will spend (IMO) eternity missed by no one in heaven. In that Wonderful Eternity above, millions will be rejoicing in Christ, will be glorifying their Savior, & not one soul below will be missed. – 7/11/21


See God in the delicate art of a flower,

Hear Him in thunders terrific power,

Taste God in both super sweet and slightly sour,

Smell Him in the spring/summer garden bower,

Strive to feel Him near, every waking hour.

– eab,  7/8/10

The individuality that is known across the face of the earth, is not an accident! God, the most magnificent Being (not imaginable-but beyond our stretchiest imagination), made you a being – small “b” but still a “being.”

satan & those obeying him tend toward uniforms (opposite of individuality). Armies – uniforms, sports teams – uniforms, cults – uniforms, “astronauts” – uniforms, lab coats – uniforms, prisoners – uniforms. -7/12/21

1Pe 4.7

“But the end of all things is at hand:

be ye therefore sober & watch unto prayer.”

“I have all that I need here & heaven hereafter!

How much richer could anybody want to be?

– Lester Roloff

It is impossible to preach the clear message of Heart Holiness without being either filled with His Spirit, or seeking Him with all the heart. Studious talks can be done, scholarly papers can be written, even messages can be presented (at church/camp) exploring some historical aspect (or deviation thereof) & fool some unsanctified hearer. But only the fully saved can properly present the cost & the treasure, the need & the enjoyment of holiness. – 7/12/21

Faith takes out the anxiety. It takes out the fear.  Faith leans heavy on the Lord. It knows that the Bible is so & can be trusted & that we can live by it & all of our needs will be supplied.

– Lester Roloff

Est 4.16 +

Est 4.16

“…And so will I go in unto the king, which is not according to the law

& if I perish, I perish.”

“…True fear comes from faith;

false fear comes from doubt…”

– Blaise Pascal

There’s a dangerous place a human mind can reach where Right become “wrong” & Wrong becomes “right.” They don’t trade places but a warped mind seems capable of trying to *think* they do. This deception sadly, includes suicide. It’s never right to take one’s own life. NEVER. Pray. Call someone who can pray with you over the phone or better yet come pray by your side. God can give you grace. God can forgive, if you’ll obey Him. Once you’re dead it’s too late to pray. TOO LATE. – 7/1/21

 “Men often take their imagination for their heart & they believe they are converted

as soon as they think of being converted.”

– Blaise Pascal
HEAVEN. It seems to me (I obviously don’t know) that heaven has 1 of 2 things. 1.) I can imagine God allowing us to have a kind of Holy “Amnesia” which will wipe from memories all old friends who aren’t in heaven. This way we will not miss them – no tears. 2.) I can also imagine if we do remember an acquaintance who’s not there, we’ll have no tears because we realize (like never before) they were enemies of OUR Wonderful Savior & we’ve Him more than the old sinner freinds. – 7/1/21

so unknown

Death is a mysterious door

From which we’ll exit nevermore

Known about – yet so unknown

Where the seeds that life has sown

Are harvested with glory or groan

Prepare! We quickly approach its shore.

– eab,  7/10/18 

You help set the atmosphere for the church service for YOU as you enter. If you enter talking to a member of the family, it doesn’t suggest the highest reverence. If you enter & upon being seated check your phone, you’re hurting your atmosphere for worship. Please, PLEASE consider going back to the great (& I mean GREAT) habit of kneeling at your pew to pray. After you’ve invited God to visit you (& visit the service) consider not talking to anyone else. WORSHIP God. He deserves ALL your attention. – 7/11/21 

“Those who imagine they can encounter the cares of life with just the same measure of grace

 which was sufficient for them in a single state will find themselves greatly mistaken.

– Adam Clarke

Luk 16.22b-23a

“…The rich man also died & was buried;

“And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…”

It’s a horrible thought that any man/woman is in HELL – people we never knew. It gets more real when we recognize there’re probably men/women in HELL now with whim we once worked, or to whom we were neighbors, or we all attended the same family reunion. Friend, what “Trusting & Obeying” are you doing *this moment* to avoid HELL? Run from any habit, Run from any vocabulary, Run from any movie or sports addiction which is dulling your awareness of HELL. RUN. – 7/11/21   

“…there is a middle way

from which these extremes are equally distant…”

– Adam Clarke

Eph 4.4 +

Eph 4.4

“There is one body & one Spirit

even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;”

“The success…of the unarmed & defenseless apostles & primitive preachers of Christianity

is an incontrovertible proof that the gospel is a revelation of God.”

– Adam Clarke

You have one Hope of making it to Heaven. One. No. it’s not belonging to the “right” church (Tho that may help). No, it’s not staying away from worldly entertainment (Tho that WILL help). And No, it’s not even reading your Bible – if all you do is read. Your One Hope – my One Hope, is trusting & obeying Jesus Christ. Do you?  Do you? 100%? – 6/28/21 

“‘Love ye your enemies’…the most sublime precept ever delivered to man…a false religion durst not give…without supernatural influence…”
– Adam Clarke

“Science” calls the moon a reflector. Bible clearly states she has her OWN light:

“God made two great lights the greater light to rule the day & the lesser light to rule the night”(Gen 1.16).

“For the stars of heaven…shall not give their light…moon shall not cause her light to shine”(Isa 13.10).

“…I will cover the heaven…and the moon shall not give her light”(Eze 32.7).

“…after the tribulation of those days…sun be darkened…moon shall not give her light…”(Mat 24.29).

“…After that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light”(Mar 13.24).


P  Paul Wood Finch has turned the tassel,

               “Graduated” today.  

A  A long time ago he started this school

               Called Narrow Way

U  Untold millions have done this course, of free will,

               not of force.          

L  Learning and loving to learn,

               growing in Christ every day.                             

W  Would you believe in Jesus also,

               have Him as your Friend?                  

O  Our brother’s life imitate,

               he’s found a fabulous “end.”

O  Or let me say “beginning”

               (only earth-life has ending).

D  Dead?  Oh, no.  Much more alive

               than those who condolence send.     

F  Father of five, yet spiritually,

               many more are alive

I  In Ireland, Africa, and home

               he has descendents dear.

N  No allowance Finch would make,

               for old carnality’s sake

C  Clean hands and a pure heart

               are available “now and here.”

H  Holiness lead Finch to heaven. 

               Oh, follow in his wake! 

 – eab,  7/8/03       

It is a good idea to not call a man a liar – he may try to re-arrange your face. It is a Great Idea to call satan a liar – that’s what he is. Jesus can protect you from satan’s power & you can live. If Jesus allows you to be persecuted & even killed by satan (or his people) you can die in peace, knowing that you spoke the truth when you called satan a liar. – 7/7/21 

Mat 28.18

“And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying,

‘All power is given unto me in heaven & in earth.’”

I can’t help praising God. As I go along the street I lift up one foot & it seems to say, glory.

And I lift up the other & it seems to say, amen & so they keep on like that all the time I am walking.”

– Billy Bray