EXO 20.3 +

EXO 20.3

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

“Legalism-the stunted & spoiled fruit

of a beautiful tree.”

– Paul W Finch

Power. To too many that word means one thing – electric Power. It sounds ancient but it wasn’t that long ago when no one (pauper or prince) had electricity in his home. We should be open to doing without it again. Yes, it’s a nice servant when its “obeying” but at times it’s wayward. Can we survive without it? It would be a big step (backward – most of us would think) but to not need its “juice” for light, cooking, heating *could* (I purposely chose that word) be liberating in a basic, rustic way. – 2/21/21 

“…Ardent love cannot but be zealously obedient.”

– John Fletcher

The ability to Believe comes from God. The *freedom* to choose what you want to believe also comes from God. The Almighty allows you to believe in Him or in one of satan’s 1000s of gods. He permits you to believe in miracles or magic. The Lord lets you accept Scripture or “science falsely so called”(1Ti 6.20). God allows you the chose between true & false – but He holds you responsible for your choice. Leave the world of fiction, pretending, & falseness (it’ll soon disappear) & embrace God’s real, eternal Truth.-2/28/21


Much of the kind palaver  When friends and family gather

Is about what the man did  While he scurried o’er the earth.

What his parents could afford  Where he schooled, and what he scored,

Talk is of what he added  To his family’s total worth.

Or if he was a mixer  Perhaps a great up-fixer

Or that he was quite candid  Or a man of jolly mirth.

None of such talk is centered  On the place the dead entered

For the one discussed has died  Forever leaving old earth.

To go up to God’s heaven  Which has no carnal leaven

Requires, to be qualified  A second and holy birth.

After “birth” did he invest  His talents as he was blest?

Had he God’s kingdom supplied  Even in times of his dearth?

What we’re worth when our life ends  Heaven’s count of us depends

Not upon gold neatly stacked  Nor upon our ranch’s girth.

Heaven’s the place to send wealth  Eternal illness or health

High investment – related   Whether from New York or Perth. – eab, 3/2/07  

Dad, if you tend toward athletics your son sees that & often follows. If you delight in dollars, making them, investing in them, no doubt your lad sees that too. Does he see you oft go to your prayer closet? Does he see that your highest earthly joy is talking with the Highest?   – 3/2/21

Some women spend a lot of time “getting pretty.” Others cook to the delight of all who anticipate her tasty dishes. Mom, do your daughters see that your greatest pleasure is the hour you spend in your prayer closet?

Joh 1.11

“He came unto his own &

his own received him not.”

“Extraordanary things appear always incredible

 in proportion to our ignorance.”

– John Fletcher 

You’ve convinced yourself that christian women, can wear pants. I don’t agree with you but I wish to compliment you & others who, though you excuse such outfits, had enough respect for your mother/dad or your educational “mother” (alma mater) to show up in a modest skirt & top or modest dress. Thank You. You remembered how your parents raised you & showed respect. You remembered you couldn’t wear pants at school & didn’t traipse there in trousers. I appreciate your consideration. Bless you for it. – 3/2/21  

“True reason, alas!

is as rare as true piety.”

– John Fletcher 

EXO 14.14 +

Exo 14.14

“The LORD shall fight for you

& ye shall hold your peace.”

“…The reason we are having trouble & the reason preachers are losing their message,

& folks are losing their testimony, is a lack of the glory of God.”
– Glenn Griffith

How does God view “A” or “B” or “C”? Do you Really want to know? You have only ONE place to find out this – the Bible. AND – – – you have only ONE time to find out this – your life on earth. You are not here to look pretty. You are not here to make money. Now is your only time to prepare for heaven.

– Are. – You. – Ready ? – 3/1/21

“If you are one in Him,

you are one with each other.”
– Glenn Griffith

I wish I knew how to warn you, to warn US ALL for what lies ahead. I don’t. But let me try a small list.

1.) If you have anything standing between you & complete spiritual victory, please get that right, today.

2.) If you have anybody to whom you owe a restitution or apology, call them, Now, pay up, today.

3.) If you’re uncertain about some Belief please take a day, get alone *with, & then agree *with the Bible.

4.) If you have a child in college welcome them home, let them find a job, & start to study on their own.

5.) If you have children, start home schooling tomorrow. Let God lead you, literally. He can/will. – 2/27/21

Soul growth

Your body which once skipped and ran

Has slowed down now to a walk.

Your brain which once surged with ideas

Has leveled to more reasonable talk.

But your Soul, once your last concern,

Has grown, ah, has learned to discern

Between mere chaff,

(Good for a moment’s laugh)

And that which souls need to eat

The true substance, True Wheat.

– eab,  3/1/17 

TV, hollywood & disney are to be avoided! If you’ve succeeded, thank God. (If you’re enmeshed in their slime I hope you’re striving to extract yourself/family.) But, you may never watch a screen & yet be a slave to silliness & jokes. Be careful of your reading, of “family humor” & other concessions to a world awash in frivolity. Yes, there’s a place for laughter (best based on accidental occurrences) but far too much laughter is “planned.” Enjoying a smile or laugh is fine – don’t make it your goal to make others laugh. – 3/1/21

“Now they can do things that one day were sin to them. They have watched other people…

until now they do not hear the voice of conscience.”

– U E Harding

Eph 5.3-4

“…Fornication & all uncleanness…let it not be once named among you…

Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting…”

A so-called “apologist” is now known to have “crashed & (sadly, I fear) burned.” I’m glad I never quoted him. “Apologetics…the intellectual defense of the truth of the Christian religion…” – as defined by Britannica.com. Though some favoring this sub-class (to them) of theology would have you believe “x” or “y” in history were “apologists,” the word is not used until 1733. Preach Christ! Preach for the salvation & sanctification of souls! Do NOT try to win just the “brainy;” seek to win all men/women to Jesus. – 3/1/21 

“I still believe men are lost!  I am afraid of thie age of indifference!

— Oh, I am afraid of being lost!”

– U E Harding

Exo 3.14 +

Exo 3.14

“…God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: & he said,

‘Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.’”

“Revivals are born after midnight.”
– Glenn Griffith

The devil does not like marriage. Those who work for him, have worked against it with partial (if not full) approval from hollywood, disney, & many execs. But – hear me – if you’ll allow Jesus to sit at your table (i.e. be your Counselor) all the devils in hell & out, can NOT defeat your happy, holy home. – 2/20/21

“It [sin] pays wages in 3 installments: 1) it kills the conscience, 2) Drys up the fountain of emotion,

3) Breaks t power of resistance.”
– Glenn Griffith


Read the Bible – a chapter, but also feel free to read less than a chapter as occasion may be.

Pre-read the portion you plan to read at Family Altar before reading it to the group.

Be ready to ask questions – do not, repeat DO NOT ask questions which can be answered “yes” or “no.”

Pray around starting with youngest (older ones can pray for things the younger may not know) & ending with you, Dad, remembering to thank God for the prayers/praise of the children & of your wife. – 2/27/21


Never question the great Unity

Of the Holy, Happy, Triunity

Father, Spirit, and Son

Are really, wondrously, One.

And One are also Three,

Somewhat like you and like me.

We are body, spirit, soul;

But we appear only as whole.

God is all Father, Son, Holy Ghost

They are not More. They are Most.    

– eab,  Feb.  2011


Ask WHO questions:  Who is speaking here? Who wrote this Book? Who is the main character?

WHAT questions:  What would you have said? What is the main idea here?

WHERE questions:  Where were the rest of the disciples? Where did the demonic live?

WHEN questions:  When did Moses say this? When did the miracle take place? [when = sequence]

WHY questions:  Why is this recorded? Why did Jesus ask this question? Why questions are Key. – 2/27/21

“How about your record as a mother?…If that worldly, unsaved daughter of yours were to die right now while I am speaking, could God hold you blameless at the Judgment?”

– J M Hames

Heb 1.1

“God, who at sundry times & in divers manners

spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,”

1 of 11. The Bible has 3 vv with “fathers” & “mothers” – God ordained 2 & ONLY 2 Sexes.

2 of 11. The Bible has 8 vv with “husbands” & “wives” 

3 of 11. The Bible has 11 vv with “men” & “wives”

4 of 11. The Bible has 12 vv with “brother” & “sister”

5 of 11. The Bible has 19 vv with “male” & “female”

6 of 11. The Bible has 42 vv with “men” & “women”

7 of 11. The Bible has 57 vv with “son” & “daughter”

8 of 11. The Bible has 58 vv with “man” & “wife”

9 of 11. The Bible has 78 vv with “man” & “woman”

10 of 11. The Bible has 96 vv with “father” & “mother”

11 of 11. The Bible has 119 vv with “sons” & “daughters” – 2/27/21

“When once the Judge utters those awful words, ‘Depart from me,’

they will echo through your soul throughout the cycles of eternity.”

– J M Hames

Gen 41.9 +

Gen 41.9

“Then spake the chief butler unto Pharaoh, saying,

“‘I do remember my faults this day:’”

“The legalist believes

the supreme force behind salvation is you.”

– Carl Eisenhart

Good News. You are allowed, even if still a sinning female, to dress like a lady. Isn’t that great? And you don’t have to be a saint to stop being addicted to rings: on finger, in ear, in nose, in lip, on toe – all of them, & neck chains, wrist chains & ankle chains as well. Women, not yet in God’s family, are permitted to have beautiful, long, hair either flowing down or put up in several attractive ways. There. That’s some good news – hope you’ll take advantage of it. J – 2/16/21

“When a person finds out about God & they’re not backing away,

 there’s no backing away from Truth.”

– Carl Eisenhart

I love it that my God, yes, & by the wonderful grace of Jesus, my Father, is KING.

He is not president – presidents are only for the present, only last a little while. Kings last a life time And – since God never dies – He’s King forever! And Ever!  Amen! – 2/23/21


“The LORD is our Judge” and He’s always right

“The LORD is our Lawgiver;” laws of comfort, not fright

“The LORD is our King” – He is absolute King

Absolute joyfulness His decisions soon bring

“He will save us,” guiding from darkness into light.

– eab,  2/7/09 (quotation marks – the exact words of Isa 33.22)

You ought to be interested in survival. I can even understand (to some extent) those who seem to spend hours a day or big chunks of a week working/planning/saving/building for it. After prayer – do what you need to do. Just allow me to remind you that all humans die. Mom live to be 104 yrs, 7 mo. & 20 days but she died. You will. I will. So, above all your “survival” plans Make Time for your soul. It must be clean & pure to enter God’s Clean & Pure Home. That’s Brother is the ultimate Survival. – 2/25/21

Mat 10.28

“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul:

 but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul & body in hell.”

“Apostasy begins in the closet.”

– Adam Clarke 

The last thing “they” can do is kill you (somewhere along life’s trail you’ve picked this up; Right?)

So. The only, truly important thing is to be ready to leave earth. Be ready today. Be ready tomorrow – & all tomorrows. The side you were “on” doesn’t have to come-out on top. Your group doesn’t have “win.” And – you might not get a pretty obituary – millions haven’t. If we’re ready to go UP that, friend, is ALL that really matters. Settle that issue & you can die happy, Happy in Jesus! – 2/26/21

“Those who have nothing to lose & to whom the state owes nothing

are the first to cry out of wrongs & the first to disturb civil order…”

– Adam Clarke 

Gen 32.10 +

Gen 32.10

“I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth, which thou hast showed unto thy servant;…”

“There is a union with Jesus in which the soul is not so anxious to escape Hell as it is to be free from sin & in which Heaven is not so desirable as holiness.”
Samuel Brengle

Would you say you’re a thinker? Don’t claim to be, to sound “great” but strive to think. Be willing to think beyond, far beyond the trinkets media throws out. Ask Yourself Questions. Is this true? How do I know it’s true. Is this photo-shopped? Why am I being told this? Why does someone (rich guy trying to get richer, politician trying to get elected, prof trying to make a name) want me to believe this? Who started this idea? Is this Biblical? More OT or does it fit the teachings of Jesus? – 2/20/21

“Man is the supreme product in this world & the struggle with adversity & evil forces is a part of God’s plan of developing him for mansions & thrones & crowns & kingdoms in the world to come.”
Samuel Brengle

When I see backsliding & compromise (might say it’s the “same animal”) it bothers me. I’ve prayed several times, “Lord, give me nothing but Love.” I dislike seeing men/women cave-in to the world. I’m sorry for their shortsightedness. What are they thinking? ARE they thinking? Are they following their kids into sinful life-styles? Are they blinded to how FINAL death is? Such sliding back tries me & I have to ask God to give me Love, nothing but Love for such needy souls. – 2/23/21    


Some hours ago the message came

A tiding rimmed in black

Death has from our presence taken

Taken to never more give back

A brother (family – in Christ – is the same)

And we feel, (Shall I say it?) forsaken.

Some hours ago the message came

A drear tiding “trimmed in black”

The scythe of death has laid another

Found our brother in its track

Slain him, laid him.  He’ll not be back.

Some hours ago the message came

The solemn message of the dead

These are always given and received with dread

Sad the duty to deliver, sadder yet to stand and take.

Someone else has gone in sleep, we are still awake.

Some hours ago the dreary tiding

Of death and distance, life and resistance

Came to sadden home and heart

Our brother has been taken, He did not awaken

Death has forced us apart.

Death that hideous, unwanted scourge

Smirk invader, undaunted persuader

Has plunged us into the dark

Stolen another husband, father, brother

Death is brazen, final, cold, stark

But, Death listen!  Listen!

You have an empty shell.  He is now well!

No more will sorrow or pain

Cause our brother sleepless nights

O’er trials, problems or slights

He’s triumphant–these are slain

* Steve D Herron d.2/25/94, dear brother, “educational father.” I’ve missed him! Couldn’t go to funeral, msb having surgery in Rapid.   

– eab,      Feb. ‘94

Allow me to say you should have a Biblical Sin List to which you can readily turn. I read one just this AM (Gal 5.19b – 21a). There are at least 2 reasons to review such on occasion: 1.) To make sure one sin (or more) have not snuck into your life. BTW, if these are part of your life YOU will have no part of the Coming Kingdom of God. That’s Serious! 2.) Reviewing such a list can be a great cause for rejoicing – you no longer are bound by these wicked items. Amen! Praise the Lord! – 2/23/21 

“Prayer is the nearest approach to God & the highest enjoyment of him

that we are capable of in this life.”

– Wm Law

Joh 1.1

“In the beginning was the Word,

the Word was with God & the Word was God.”

“Science” BOLDLY attacks the Bible. The Bible says God created the earth – “science” says it was “spun-off” from some “big-bang” explosion. The Bible says God did created in 6 days – they use imaginative millions/billions of years. (And say these numbers “with a straight face” like they know.)  Evilution is only a part of the huge deception. The Bible makes it clear “All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes & another of birds” (1Co 15.39) – man’s little theory pretends all animals came from a common ancestor. Do not worship “science.” – 2/24/21

“He will not therefore look at the lives of Christians to learn how he ought to spend his estate but he will look into the Scriptures and make every doctrine parable precept or instruction that relates to rich men a law to himself in the use of his estate.”

– Wm Law

[1] Steve D (Douglas) Herron d.2/25/94, dear brother, “educational father.” I have missed him! Could not go to funeral, msb having surgery in Rapid. 

Gen 22.8 +

Gen 22.8

“And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering:

so they went both of them together.”

“Self-denial almost ceases to be self-denial when practiced from…a high & holy motive…It is a turning from earth to Heaven; from that which is fleeting & temporal to that which is eternal.”
Samuel Brengle

So Perseverance “landed”? You believe that? “Of course Bryan, it was in the news.” Do you realize you’re *believing*? You have no proof. Man’s machine supposedly lifted another of man’s machines & sent it, via man’s calculated trajectory, landing safely on “mars.” You’re believing “science.” You’re believing their spokesmen, their PR, their “photos” (photo shopping? artists?). My point is BELIEF. You have no evidence. Much of modern “science” is based on “faith.” If you have “faith” in their words/pictures they can “feed” you anything. Watch how much “science” you swallow – it may bite you. – 2/19/21     

“He [Christ] hid His dignity

under the humble garb of our humanity…”
Samuel Brengle

I tire of seeing hollywood employees (all they do is act) being quoted as if their opinion counts. The same applies to employees of most in the “news” industry. I also tire of seeing the employees of ball teams quoted. None of the above build houses, improve farms, make trucks, repair roads etc. Their sole “product” is frothy entertainment. Do they expect us to pay attention to their opinion of things that REALLY matter? God save their souls (I wish He would) but I’m not interested in their views. – 2/23/21


The person we’re kidding the most

With our coloring, body-part boast

Is not friend, sibling, or host

But the inside “me,” our own “ghost.”

– eab, 2/23/10       

How’s your Prayer Life? How long has it been since your Pastor asked you that question? Has a Pastor *ever* asked that? Obviously I’m not your Pastor but let’s pretend, for this post, that I am. So – – – How is your Prayer Life? Have you been in your Prayer Closet in the last 24? Do you remember if your last Prayer Session included “Jesus (or Father or Spirit) I love You”? (I can think of no better place for that statement.)  Ask God to help you improve your Prayer Life. – 2/23/21

“If we are to follow Christ

it must be in our common way of spending every day.”

– Wm Law

Mat 6.6

“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet & when thou hast shut thy door,

pray to thy Father which is in secret & thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

Pardon me Sir, Pardon me Ma’am – your clothing: colors, cut, co$tliness – were they chosen so God would be seen or, Or, so you’d be seen? (I don’t mean to be mean, but that’s a fair question if you say you love Jesus.) And your hair style: is this your color or God’s? Is it God’s length, ladies, or yours? Did you follow the new style, guys, just for the “fun” of it? Do the changes (both guys & gals) show younger people (children/grandchildren/youth in church) stability or a lack of depth? – 2/23/21

“…The more we conform to his will the more we act according to his wisdom

& imitate his goodness by so much the more do we enjoy God…”

– Wm Law

Gen 17.1 +

Gen 17.1

“…I am the Almighty God;

walk before me & be thou perfect.”

“The idea of a secret rapture originated in the 19th century (1830) as a result of a vision

of a teenage Scottish girl named Margaret MacDonald.”

– Ray Dunning, PhD

No one (but God) knows what we’ll face the next months. If you’re backslidden I URGE you to be saved today, Yes, TODAY. Or if (be honest) you’re more concerned about revolution than you are about Revival, you need to get alone with God & God’s Word TODAY. God’s people are not revolutionists – His followers are Revivalists. Revivalists pray – revolutionists prey. Revivalists help bring Life – revolutionists bring death. Don’t follow the man with bullets – follow the man with a well-worn Bible. – 2/21/21

“If revival is all that we ever seek then we will always be in need of one.

Revival then Harvest”

– John F Dorsey

Example 2. (Yesterday had EX.#1) The 1st known use of “universe” was not until 1589 – therefore it’s a “johnny-come-late.” The first verse, of the first chapter, of the first Book in the Bible used “heaven” & “earth.” After that the Bible has over 150 uses of those 2 words (in the same verse) & 60 uses of “heavens” & “earth.” For 5.5 millennia men walked the earth & communicated with the God of heaven before the concept/word “universe” was invented. There’s a Godliness & completeness to “heaven & earth” which the lesser “universe” lacks. Why not drop man’s imaginative word & learn to use the Bible term? – 2/21/21

“Stand up and sing the blessings of the King

Oh, let your voices raise in ever swelling praise.

Stand up and shout what this is all about

The Lord’s triumphant through all His ways.”

– eab,  2/22/2005 (Chorus of a song)

You were born with a certain tinge to your skin. You shouldn’t be concerned about it – it’s God-given. You should spend no money, no time trying to darken or lighten it. (Same is true, BTW for hair color, lips, area about eyes, etc.) Leave God’s handiwork alone. By most serious Contrast you were born with dirty sin in your heart. That was not God-given – – – you can “thank” Adam for it. But the gracious Last Adam (1Co 15.45) can make your heart perfectly clean. I mean perfectly! – 2/22/21 

2Th 2.3

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come,

except there come a falling away first that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”

“Canst thou be happy while thou art unholy…

Canst thou love him a little without desiring to love him more?”

– Adam Clarke 

Is Christ Coming? Absolutely. Is His Coming “imminent” i.e.“likely to occur any moment”? I hope you see these as ENTIRELY separate questions. Is He coming or Is He coming immediately are not the same. “Why make a deal of this, Bryan?” Millions of people are expecting Jesus to “return.” I’m not an expert on world religions (nor do I care to be) – I hear, some world religions are ALSO expecting “leaders to come.” Our age is highly deceitful; electronic tricks abound. satan may have a “christ come” (perhaps combined with other religion leaders) & deceive all but the most discerning. Beware! – 2/22/21  

“It seems to be a principal concern with many to find out how little grace they may have

& yet escape hell; how little conformity to the will of God…& yet get to heaven…”

– Adam Clarke 

Gen 15.6 +

Gen 15.6

“And he [Abram] believed in the LORD;

& he counted it to him for righteousness.”

“The woman who will be the true wife of a man must be prepared to give up all other lovers,

leave her home, & forsake father, mother, brothers & sisters, change her name, & utterly

 identify herself, her prospects for life, her all, with the man she loves.”
Samuel Brengle

If fb is any indicator, holiness people are being entertained by dolled-up, less than holy looking singers/instrumentalists even so-called comedians.

Why? – 1/12/21

“He would wean us from man, in whom there is not help, to Himself;

He would detach us from the world & fasten us by every tie to Heaven.”
Samuel Brengle

If you could create your own “god” what would he be like? There could be 100 different answers, by 100 different sinners. Some would want a “god” who’d be soft on this sin, while others would want a little deity who’d allow them to practice another pet sin. But – hear it – But ask a saint, & they’d want God Just. As. He. Is. Oh, yes, praise the Lord, Just. As. He. Is. Amen & Amen. – 2/20/21


We’re all traveling a road of no return.

We all need wisdom to discern

The right from the left, the wrong from the right;

To avoid tripping in the gathering night.

– eab,  2/21/09

The Holy Trinity loves you: God gave His Son, Jesus came to save you, the Holy Spirit’s here to guide & Comfort you. By most solemn contrast, satan doesn’t love you (there’s reason to question satan loves anybody, including himself). You mean no more to the devil than the lowest low-life criminal – you’re  merely a pawn if you allow him to push you around. Flee satan’s dirty clutches today. Run to Christ. Confess to Christ. Believe on Christ. – 2/21/21 

“Today the same church member who yells like a Comanche Indian at a football game

sits like a wooden Indian in the house of God…”

– Vance Havner

Jas 4.9

“Be afflicted & mourn & weep: let your laughter

be turned to mourning & your joy to heaviness.”

Educations instilled much of the world & world-Think in us. If you’re interested in de-briefing yourself, it may be a process – but I hasten to add, it’ll be worth it. Example 1. – Lord’s Day. We were raised saying “sunday” (my computer just capitalized this automatically – now, I’ve gone back & put it in lower case [as I typed it]). The word “sunday” is not in the Bible – “Lord’s Day” is (Rev 1.10). Sir/Ma’am we don’t worship the sun. The week’s 1st day has no right to be dedicated to the sun – that makes the sun too important. The Eternal SON rose from the dead on the Lord’s Day; He deserves the honor. – 2/21/21      

“Older men declare war.

But it is the youth that must fight & die (1944).”

– Herbert Hoover, former US Pres.

Gen 13.13 +

Gen 13.13

“But the men of Sodom were wicked

& sinners before the LORD exceedingly.”

“Certainty is the mark of the common sense life

gracious uncertainty is the mark of the spiritual life.”

– Oswald Chambers

How seriously do we take Christ’s wonderful, wise words? He said, “But be not ye called rabbi…”(Mat 23.8) “Neither be ye called masters…” (Mat 23.10). If we’re not to use these, I doubt we should call others such (Jews say “rabbi,” another says “master”). Christ also said “…Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father which is in heaven.” No man means “no man.” Any man who insists on being called father is wrong. AND you’re wrong, friend, to violate Jesus’ words by calling any man “father.” – 1/23/21

“How does Jesus Christ teach a man to forget sin? By forgiving him.

How does a pagan teach a man to forget sin ‘Ignore it, think no more about it, realize yourself!’”

– Oswald Chambers

Non-believers at times confuse cults with Christianity. Some cults would like you to think that they’re christian (a group can’t be both Christian & a cult). In reality only True Christians recognize True Christianity. And, only True Christians fully recognize the cult as a cult. – 2/15/21     

Noble Notes

As the world modulates from key to key,

Hitting sour notes more frequently,

You, Lord, are the same forever.

Your music is not only sweet; it’s clever.

– eab,  2/20/10 

People change religions to marry – it meant less to them than human “love.” Others change religions to make money – it meant less than cash. Still others change religions to advance in society – it means less than political position. Sadly some have changed religion at the point of a sword or gun barrel – their religion meant less than life. Thank the Lord for the 100,000s (number unknown to me) who’ve loved God (not a mere religion) & therefore “…loved not their lives unto the death”(Rev 12.11). – 2/16/21

Rev 12.11

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb &

by the word of their testimony & they loved not their lives unto the death”

“He who gives his heart to the world robs God of it &

snatching at the shadow of earthly good, loses substantial & eternal blessings.”

– Adam Clarke 

I like God. (Don’t mean to sound light, pardon me, if you think it does.) I’m 100% serious – I like God. I’ve been learning about Him since I was a kid: Dad & Mom, Sunday Sch, Church, Christian high sch., Bible college, (20 yrs later) seminary, private devotions, teacher readiness, sermon preparations, reading of solemn books, etc. I still know so little – ‘cause He is so big, so complex, so infinite. I like God – – – & the more I know about Him, the better I like Him. Yes, I love God. Told Him that this AM. – 2/20/21

“A godly man must save both time & $. Before he was converted he lost…

time & squandered…$. All this he now saves…”

– Adam Clarke 

Gen 8.22 +

Gen 8.22

“While the earth remaineth,

seedtime & harvest and

cold & heat and

summer & winter and

day & night shall not cease.”

“When we exempt ourselves from the hurts,

we exempt ourselves from the blessings.”
– J Belvin Green

Watch *where* a man speaks. If he’s being called to orgs. (church, school, mission) which are left or headed left, you don’t want him on your holiness platform. He IS being welcomed to left spots because they figured-him-out. He’ll not preach against: women in pants, going to pro sporting events, being addicted to hollywood/disney trash, jewelry, divorce & remarriage etc. “Oh, Bryan, there’s much more to preach.” I agree there’s more – I started trying to pastor in ’74 – but when a preacher totally leaves these *Out* they come *In* & often come into the pulpit itself. – 2/16/21 

“If you don’t love them

you can’t preach to them.”
– J Belvin Green

The devil is a deceiver. There are no limits (known to me) of his deception. He’ll deceive in the realm of history & has lied to millions about past “reality.” satan will mislead about geography & has. The deceiver lies about the Bible. That old serpent has repeatedly swindled in science. The dragon has misinformed in medicine. Please, fully trust no one who is not a born again Christian. The deception – if it’s revealed at the Great White Throne (Rev 20.11) judgment, will be astounding in its breadth/width/depth but, Praise the Lord satan’s deception will end! Hallelujah – 2/16/21


Heaven has streets of pure gold.

Think that is just a tad too bold?

Tsh. God has such an earthly sway

There’re “diamonds” in our yard today.

– eab, 2/16/21

The most powerful Being in Heaven & earth allows us, so infinitesimally small in power, to push Him away. You can do it today (if you live all of today) & maybe tomorrow (if you live through it) but soon, friend, your time of telling God “no” ends. After that, you’ll never be able to tell Him “yes.” – 2/17/21

“Television is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people

to listen to the same joke at the same time & yet remain lonesome.”

– T S Eliot (NY Post ’63)

Heb 9.27

“…it is appointed unto men once to die,

but after this the judgment:”

As a Christian, I want you to go to heaven (same could be said, “As a minister…” or “As a gramp…”). But I’d also like you to LIVE for Christ *now.* To love Him, & through Him love people – in short to make a difference in a declining world. I wish you’d stand for Truth in a society pushing lies. I wish you’d stand for Family in a society purposely re-defining it. I wish you’d Quote Bible is a culture awash in quotes by hollywood, sports guys & false “science.” Please get right & live right Now. – 2/19/21

“Hold fast to the Bible as the anchor of your liberties,

write its precepts on your hearts & practice them.”

– U S Grant