1Sa 15.23 +

1Sa 15.23

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft

& stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry…”

“…The worldly minister [is] displeased to observe anything

that appears to reproach his own lukewarmness…”
– John Fletcher

The devil tends to be samish. He is a creature (strong, but still a creature) not a creator. The Almighty, by magnificent contrast, is the Author of Variety. His choices in color, dimensions, textures, durability, taste, strength (this list is limited by my ability to differentiate, not His ability to create) are endless. Open. Thine. Eyes. Enjoy the rest of Spring, the whole of Summer, the fall of Autumn & the wonder of Winter as you never could when living in sin. Enjoy Him -A-N-D- Enjoy all His creative splendors. – 5/10/21   

“To reject the Son of God manifested in the Spirit as worldly Christians…do is a crime of equal magnitude with that of the Jews who rejected Christ manifested in the flesh.”

– John Fletcher

Once we wore our best clothing to the house of God. Why have many changed? Why have Dads/Moms allowed “junior” to dress casual at church? Why have they allowed “sis” to dress-down at God’s house? There is a reason – there *has* to be a reason. I urge you to stand against this. Being casual in clothing makes it easier to be casual in conduct. Is this a purposeful “in-your-face” attitude toward the Lord? IMO it was started by some rebel. – 5/10/21


Someday death will thump on his door,

Someday there’ll be a slight tap on his heart,

The blood pressure will cease,

And life will depart.

As a man leaned when his mind was in place,

So will he fall, departing from this race.            

– eab,  May 2000

There is no question the Holy God of Heaven would like to (& will if you yield) lead you into true holiness. Nor, sadly is there is any question that satan, who fears true holiness, will not mind you being  lead into a modern church substitute for holiness which can make you think all is well, until you drop into hell. “HOW will I know the difference?” True holiness lines up 100% with the Word of God – false “holiness” will have areas of supposed agreement but will stop short of you getting rid of carnality. – 5/11/21

1Jo 4.1

“…Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:

because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

“No man’s desire for heaven

is any greater than his desire for holiness.”

– R G Flexon

Some churches have a “congregation” within the “congregation” or God’s Congregation within the worldly group. If you’re able to identify a saintly lady here, a holy man there, within your group move close to them; try to sit near, be near, get included in their prayers. If you don’t sense such people you may have reason to change churches – unless, hear it, unless *you* are willing to die-out to your carnal ambitions & BECOME that saint for which someone else is looking. Draw Nigh To God. – 5/12/21   

“Take time to be holy – you have to make time today.”

– Dempsy Fossit

1Sa 15.23 +

1Sa 15.23

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft

& stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry…”

“…The word Belial in the original

signifies ‘without yoke.’”
– John Fletcher

Just threw away an ad wanting me to pay $X.xx  a month just to have something to listen to. Imagine – paying money every month to have music or other “stuff” come to my ears. They don’t seem to understand – I (& you could / should) enjoy silence. Repeat, I ENJOY silence. I like it. And – – – you know what? Silence is free. – 5/6/21

“The most ingenious Calvinist that ever wrote against the free will

is, I think, Mr. Edwards, of New-England.”

– John Fletcher

Allow the Lord to squash, no – better word – totally eradicate any desire to be remembered as a hero: Not a hero to any political cause, Not a hero for some theological persuasion, Not even a hero on your family tree. Brothers/Sisters, die out to being heroic – live solely for God’s glory. Give your, Time, Talents, Twenties to God & let all, yes, ALL thoughts of “being known” perish. – 5/7/21


When the world’s on the inside

It tends to sneak to the outside:

It may be in our unguarded talk

It may be in a leftish-way we walk

It may be in how we wear our hair

Or make more of our body bare.

Worldliness decides the last place we go;

Worldliness drags the soul far below.

– eab, 5/8/21

Which do you tend to use say: “Holy Ghost” or “Holy Spirit”? I looked them up on a computer Bible program. You may find it interesting that Holy Ghost is found in 89 verses (all NT). Holy Spirit is found in only 7 verses (4 of which are in the NT). – 5/9/21

Luk 18:1

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end

that men ought always to pray & not to faint;”

“If you wish to know God, you must know his Word. If you wish to perceive his power, you must see how he works by his Word.”

– Charles Spurgeon

God would like you to talk to Him. The Lord would like you to LISTEN to Him. The word “communion” to some christians has to do with “plates” of bread & wine. That is limited. Even if it’s every week, it’s still weak. Christians may commune with God every day without the formality, bread & wine, without any others present. Talking to Jesus is communing with Jesus. It’s speaking to Him; hearing Him speak to you. Do the ritual if you like but please commune with God every day. Oh, yes, several times a day. – 5/10/21     

“If we want conversions, we must put more of God’s Word into our sermons.”

– Charles Spurgeon

1Sa 15.22 +

1Sa 15.22

“…Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,

& to hearken than the fat of rams.”

“If Christ be not God, then neither the Father

nor the Holy Ghost is God…”

– Martin Luther

You have no reason to doubt anything, repeat Any Thing, in the Authorized Bible. If you’ve picked up a doubt, take it back. Go right back to where you acquired such a ridiculous & useless item, throw it down, & never ever pick it up again. satan & those who serve him want you to doubt, question, flat-out reject God’s Word. There is no reason why every part of the Bible is not true. Believe It to your eternal good. Doubt It to you damnation. – 5/4/21 

“God, in this world, has scarce the tenth part of the people;

the smallest number only will be saved.”

– Martin Luther
Enjoy Jesus. Be close & drawing closer (all the time) to Him. Enjoy His Person. Enjoy His (allow me to use the word) Personality. Read about Christ’s actions. Study His interactions. He was Master of every situation He faced – totally in charge. Neither devil nor men were able to detour or deter Him. Jesus Christ IS truly our Great Example. Imitate Him to the best of your ability. Today (every day). – 5/4/21


Let death come to my desires,

I could be SO mistaken.

Make my goals ones that really count,

When the final count is taken.

– eab, May 1994

If you are not a Christian, stop dating until you become one. If you are not sanctified, stop dating until you are “dead” to yourself & Fully Alive to Christ. You’ll make a much better husband or wife for your mate-to-be AND the possibilities of picking a holy person to marry goes up drastically. Get these in order for the Best Ordered Life: 1.) Being Saved 2.) Being Spirit Filled 3.) Being Married. – 5/8/21

“Every sanctified experience has a reverse gear in it.

– Earl Newton

Rev 5.9

“And they sung a new song…hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every

Kindred & Tongue & People & Nation” [capitals added]

Why should heaven not contain every tinge of skin we’ve seen while walking the earth? Why should heaven not have every texture of hair we’ve witnessed & experienced here? Then, why should a soul lose his native tongue as his foot lifts from the last life-ladder rung? It’s my opinion that heaven may well have EVERY language (ancient & modern) & that instead of one (boring?) tongue we may be able to understand every redeemed soul above & be understood by them. I think that would be Grand. – 5/9/21 

“The Bible nowhere tells us that a Jew will be the antichrist.”

– L L Pickett

1Sa 2.3 +

1Sa 2.3

“Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth:

for the LORD is a God of knowledge & by him actions are weighed.”

“The greatest trial of humility is a humble behavior

towards your equals in age estate & condition of life.”

– Wm Law

Sunday Sch. Superintendent, Youth Leader, Pastor – are you placing a woman up front (in a role of leadership) who should not be there? Did she leave her husband or have other signs of not being in submission to him? “Well, Bryan, her husband is Eccentric; with a capitol ‘E’” or “Her husband had become very hard to live with” or “Her husband was at times ‘off his rocker.’” Are these reasons why she should leave him? Aren’t these signs that she SHOULD be with him, being a help-meet to him? When youth figure out why she is not helping her husband, they’ll have reason to respect her less & may see the church as helping her in her lack of submission. Please pray about removing her. – 4/28/21 

“…We desire nothing more than that the glory of God may be advanced,

the benefit of Christ truly known, & the truth of the gospel purely taught.”

– Martin Luther
Please hear me. Ma’am, the easiest thing you can do to change your appearance is CUT YOUR HAIR. It is cheap. It takes almost no time. It takes no discipline. Cutting your hair will not make you a better you. It won’t make you smarter. It won’t make you a better child, wife, or parent. And, if you’ve not figured this out yet – – – hair grows back. Please stop this easy but nearly useless attempt to change you. Do something better, much better; Let Jesus Christ change you inside – he’ll do a beautiful “job.” – 5/4/21   


The mansion was tall and thick and wide

And built on a special secluded spot

When you walked inside the door

“What you see” was not “what you got.”

It was already well-know before they

Made it their high claim in youth

Adding to its spacious acreage

Adding to its established local truth

They enjoyed its singular setting

Maybe a bit more than they ought

Lived live there without questioning

The earthly joys they both highly sought.

Then one day, she silently slipped away

Away to a small plot on yonder hill.

He naturally returned back that night

But the mansion was so silent, so still.

He also passed in a couple of years

Was placed beside her grave over there

The house they’d love way too much

Stands cold, and quiet, and bare.

So sadly it was their only mansion

‘Cause they failed in their “getting” and mirth

To submit.  Christ promised a heavenly one

– After they left fading, fleeting earth.

– eab, 5/5/17  

God made you to be YOU. You are matchless. Do you have any idea how unique you are? No one in your County is just like you. No one in your Country is just like you. Nor anybody on your Continent! (Only the God of heaven & earth could do this – but He DID this.) God wants you to be holy (not carnal) but He wants you to be YOU, all you, & only you. Don’t disappoint Him. – 5/4/21

“He [God] cannot be seen by the eye but he may be perceived by the mind.

He is not palpable to the hand; but he may be felt by the soul.

– Adam Clarke

1Jo 2.15

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.

If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

How much man-made entertainment do you “need”? A broadway musical here, county fair there, a professional ballgame now & then? Do you “need” a well-done drama, ice folly, a showy military parade, the latest sci-fi movie? Question – a Super Serious Question – how much of this showy glitter do you expect to be in heaven? [Don’t expect any carnality pleasing stuff – it won’t be there.]  If you’ll fall in love with Jesus & His Glory, you’ll “need” less & less glitz. – 5/4/21

“Were there no pride, there would be no sin; & the heart from which it is cast out

has the humility, meekness & gentleness of Christ implanted in its stead.”

– Adam Clarke

1Sa 14.6 +

1Sa 14.6

“…There is no restraint to the Lord

to save by many or by few.”

“…Bundles of nonsensical & often ridiculous repetitions which at once

deprave & disgrace the church of Christ.”
– Adam Clarke

When a man’s known for standing with the Bible on issues “A” & “B” he doesn’t get calls to evangelize some places or invitations to pastor certain churches. They’ve been drifting (moving faster than a drift?) to the left. They do NOT want a man coming in offending older females or “confusing” younger females by preaching clear, Biblical message: woman are not to cut their hair & men are, That women should not dress like men (nor men dress like women), That saints actually are different from sinners – forever. – 5/3/21

“The husband should provide for his wife without encouraging profuseness, watch over her without giving her vexation; keep her in subjection without making her a slave.”

– Adam Clarke

You may have learned facts in grade school but many of us also learned a lie: “Sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Received a call last night where words had hurt & are still hurting. Please be careful what you say. AND – – – if you’ve said that which hurt someone, be man enough, be woman enough, to call, text, write, or go in person & apologize. “I couldn’t have hurt – I’m a Christian” Yes even Believers can hurt with words. Ask for forgiveness & a promise to never say such again. – 5/6/21


Eternity is at the edge of day.

Think what you will,

It will not go away.

– eab,  5/6/09

As a christian man trying to keep a pure mind, I’ve many times put my hand up to block part of the computer screen so I could view an article without seeing the partial nudity advertisers purposely placed close to *demand* attention. I’ll still do that but now I’m putting my hand up to not see the “news” about alleged vaccinations, government virus & other propaganda being foisted off as “news.” Tired of all the falseness & hype. Tired of it.  5/6/21

Pro 4.23

“Keep thy heart with all diligence;

for out of it are the issues of life.”

“…We think we should insult both his holiness & His omniscience if we did not believe

that he could both forsee & foretell that Judas would be unfaitful without necessitating him to be so.”

John Fletcher

satan – who doesn’t want you to go to UP, has (along with his slaves – all sinners are slaves) invented hundreds of distractions to keep you from heaven. Not all distractions are drinking/smoking/sexual – some don’t appear exceedingly sinful but they KEEP you busy (think: hobbies, “innocent” activities, excessive travel, being a bookworm to fiction, only fiction, etc.). satan will want to keep you busy until you grow  older, live your last days & die UNPREPARED to meet God. Wake up, friend, Wake up. – 5/6/21

“…Ardent love cannot

but be zealously obedient.”

John Fletcher

Jud 21.25 +

Jud 21.25

“In those days there was no king in Israel:

every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”

“Let a clergyman but be thus pious &…he will no more think

& talk of noble preferment than of noble eating or a glorious chariot.”

– Wm Law

As a Christian, you should not say “OM_” (nor use the letters representing this express) – to do so is to take God’s name in vain. Also allow me to discourage you from saying “OMW” (word). It could be taken as being careless with another Name for Jesus, “In the beginning was the Word & the Word was with God & the Word was God”(Joh 1.1). In fact, take the Lord more seriously. “But let your communication be, ‘Yea, yea’ ‘Nay, nay’ for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil”(Mat 5.37). – 4/28/21

“No man hath so grievously fallen at any time, but he may rise again.

And on the other side, no man taketh so fast footng, but he man fall.”

– Martin Luther
The holiness pastors/evangelists of the past were SO right when they opposed homes having TVs. Then people got to watching computer & phones. If everything were as innocent as watching a golf tournament (& much is much MUCH worse) it’s still a waste of precious time. Are you – – – Yes, YOU spending more & more time looking at a screen? Being merely entertained? – 4/29/21


If your mind is constantly on death

You could correctly be called “morbid.”

If you refuse to ever consider death

You might correctly be termed stupid.

– eab, 5/3/16

Ma’am – Old enough to be my peer, young enough to be my daughter, or younger yet – may I ask you a question? Good. Why have your hems gotten shorter? Is it a matter of clothing shrinking or did you purposely go to a shorter skirt/dress? No, of course, you don’t need to answer me. But YES, you should answer this TO YOURSELF. It is disappointing to look at pic from even church & see knees. There IS a reason you’re allowing more of your leg to show. Please stop doing this & Please ask God to take out of your heart that desire to have a man look the second time. – 5/3/21  

“Carnality…appears as envy…jealousy…pride…selfishness…stubbornness…all traits of carnality are in every heart in germinal form.’

– Warren C McIntire

Heb 11.25  [Moses]

“Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God,

than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.”

When the pulpit goes silent on a popular sin, the pew begins to assume that THAT sin is OK. A man should not (IMO) be known for hitting his “sin-list” once a month. Neither, however, should month after year go by & the youth of his congregation never hear warnings about adultery, betting, cutting hair (women-no, men-yes) divorce & remarriage, exaggeration, fornication (& the alphabet could go on). Pastor, be faithful to preach the Word – that occasionally means naming sin. – 5/3/21

“There comes a time in the experience of every man & woman who has been genuinely saved

when they must do something about getting sanctified.”

– Warren C McIntire

Jos 24.15 +

Jos 24.15

“…As for me and my house,

we will serve the LORD.”

“Time does not and

cannot regenerate.”
Beverly Carradine

A false doctrine pervades the land. It’s most simple form is “Once saved, Always saved.” The term “once saved” is not in the Bible. Nor is the term “always saved” there. This “theology” – upon which far too many hang their hope – is foreign to Scripture. What’s its source? It’d be good to ask the propionates. I’ll venture a guess – some may use “My Father which gave them me, is greater than all; & no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand”(Joh 10.29). Amen. This is so true. Read it again “…no MAN is able to pluck them…” no MAN can cause you to backslide, but you can “pluck” yourself from Him – 4/29/21

“Money rivals God.  Men turn away from Him that they may become rich

because they believe that money will do more for them than God ever can.”

Samuel               Chadwick

The Bible – Do you read a chapter a day, to keep the devil away? As a Believer you know you *should* read It but do you understand why? The Bible is chuck-full of History but that’s not the reason I urge It (It has valuable other Discipline information but those aren’t the point here.)  What friends may see as an almost foreboding, Big, Black Book is in reality the saint’s source of Food, of Instruction, of Light. Change your attitude from obligatory to Delight. Love the Book that shows you how to Love God & men. – 4/30/21


Where leads the road from commencement?

Ah, yes – where leads that road?

And what be its direction,

And, how heavy its load,

That load, on the road, from commencement.

– eab,   May  1968

The devil is the worst enemy of the Bible. (Those who serve satan are the worst VISUAL enemies – the closer they’re to him, the more intense their hatred for the Bible.) satan & crew despise Scriptures because Holy Writ exposes them & their wicked hearts/deeds. Yes, some may profess a respect for the Bible & use it in a ceremonial way, but love is not shown by words – love is shown by deeds. – 4/30/21

Rom 7.2

“For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he liveth;

but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband.”

“He did not come to regulate sin

but to destroy it.”

Samuel               Chadwick

Some of you have no idea – I see a pic of the two of you & I wish I could be happy for you. I can’t. I know the one by your side is not your mate IN THE SITE OF GOD. “Oh, Bryan, you’re too hard on D & R (divorce & remarriage).” If I know my heart & if I read the Word correctly I stand with the Bible. I have no choice but to agree with Scripture (to the best of my ability). “But she slept around on me” or “He left me for a younger woman.” I’m sorry for the break-up of the 1st marriage. But this 2nd one is your fault – you did not HAVE to marry again & should not have while your first mate lived. – 4/30/21

“Since this life is a continual warfare, since we are at all times

surrounded by a host of enemies, let us vigorously oppose them…”

– Chrysostom

Jos 21.45 +

Jos 21.45

“There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD

had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.”

“There is nothing that makes us love a man

so much as praying for him.”

– Wm Law

There will be no HOLY person in hell. There sadly, will be many a person down there who was “made holy” (set apart) by a rite or ritual of a cult (or of the occult) but they were not holy. There will be many there called holy or who tried to give you the impression they were holy, etc. But Praise God no person who was made HOLY by the Holy Ghost AND who continued walking in the light will be below. HOLY people go UP – Unholy people go down. Please seek & find a HOLY Heart. – 4/25/21

“Grant that I may worship and pray unto Thee with as much reverence & godly fear,

as if I saw the heavens open & all the angels that stand around Thy throne. Amen.”

– Wm Law
The media seem to want you to be in Fear. Some governments appear to want you to Fear.  Hollywood has made who-knows-how-much-money off of movies featuring Fear. Fear of “aliens from space” (what a sorry joke), Fear of a shortage of *you-name-it* & Fear of anything else dictator-type-minds can conjure will control you IF YOU LET THEM. s.t.o.p. You don’t have to Fear. In fact the Bible says “Fear Not” over sixty times. Stop allowing media (or anyone) controlling you with Fear. – 4/29/21


Read the Bible every morning, noon, or night

Walk, O please, walk in the It’s holy light.

God sent It – the original, most important Text

(Telling us of ages past, & the age coming next.)

Believe It. Memorize It. Follow It. It’s right!

– eab, 4/29/20

“He’s so heavenly minded, he’s no earthly good.” If you think this is “cute” & have said it about Uncle Joe (or Aunt Suzie) you need to repent. And, if Joe (Suzie) know that you said this about them, you owe them an apology. (You could also add, “I want to be more like you, when I grow up.”) People who are *Truly* heavenly minded are the Salt & Light of earth. They do the earth more good than all the supposed “save the earthers” packaged together. Ask God to help you think MORE about heaven. – 4/29/21    

“The soul that will indulge in lightness & foolish conversation & idle away God’s valuable time

in loitering around with the world’s crowd can never speak ‘as the oracles of God.’

– J B McBride

Luk 21.25

“…There shall be signs in the sun & in the moon & in the stars;

& upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea & the waves roaring.”

Bible proves biological evolution false – if no verse but this (there are others) “All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of Men, another flesh of Beasts, another of Fishes, & another of Birds”(1Co 15.39).

Bible proves astronomical evolution false – if no verse but this, “There is one glory of the Sun & another glory of the Moon & another glory of the Stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory”(1Co 15.41). False “science” has said the sun is a star – they are dead wrong. Question all “science” says for your “health” sake & more so, for your SOUL sake. – 4/29/21

“When we get sanctified we lose our old name, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, United Brethren, Nazarene…we are the sanctified person or the holiness man or woman.”

– J B McBride

Jos 1.7 +

Jos 1.7

“…Be thou strong & very courageous…turn not from it to the right hand or to the left

that thou mayest prosper whithersoever thou goest.”

“…Is he a man of principle, who feels as jealous for the glory of God &

as burdened for the salvation for men off the platform as on it?”
Samuel Brengle

Worship God in private. Have no one there but you & the Lord. If you pray aloud, pray where nobody can hear you. Therefore your devotion & desires are known only to Him. How wonderful to be so intimate with the Creator of Heaven. No fellowship gets better than One-on-one when the One is the most important One imaginable(?) no, wrong word – the Triune God is far, FAR beyond our feeble imagination. Worship God in private. Daily. – 4/27/21

“Wherever I go I find backsliders – Methodist backsliders, Baptist backsliders, Salvationists backsliders…my heart aches as I think of the great army of discouraged souls of the way…the Holy Spirit has been grieved…”

Samuel Brengle

Worship God as a family: Dad, Mom, all children living under that roof, & if a parent/step-parent or other lives there, include them too. There is something special about Family Altar. Dad is the “pastor” of the family & leads. (We had a stage where we read the Bible around the circle – a nice memory.) You can (at times) allow/require all to pray, letting children pray in order (youngest first). Even if a child is not professing to love Jesus yet, he can express his thanks to God for “food, clothing, & shelter.” – 4/27/21

THE Being

There is only One – THE Being,

Forever in the sky,

Forever will He live,

Never will He die.

He’s made billions of beings,

Black and White and Brown;

Yet inside all are alike,

(Needing a smile, not a frown.)

OH – – – What a BEING!

– eab,  Apr. ’09

The one who owned more slaves than any other still owns the most slaves today. In fact, in 2021 he has more slaves than he’s ever had. This character even owns some of the readers (I’m afraid) of eab posts. His name? satan. Friend, if you don’t belong to Jesus, you – right this minute – belong to satan. Thank God you can change from serving the devil to serving Christ – please do so before you go to sleep tonight. – 4/28/21

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.”

“What think ye of Christ?…is the question that confronts

every man who has ever heard His name.”

– Carl McIntire

How much Scripture can you recite?  Can you give references (chapter/verse) for the Bible truths you know? (What have you memorized instead of hiding “Thy word…” in your heart?) If you want to memorize Scripture I’m sure God will be pleased & will (IMO) help you. Please put yourself onto the path of knowing more about God via His Word.

P.S. Your best Bible from which to memorize is WITHOUT DOUBT the Classic KJV. – 4/28/21

“Terminology.The modernists have attempted to steal it by reading their own meanings into all our historical Christian terminology”

– Carl McIntire

Deu 33.27 +

Deu 33.27

“The eternal God is thy refuge &

underneath are the everlasting arms…”

“…Paul very well says ‘They deny the power of godliness’ He does not say they deny godliness but they deny the power, strength, & virtue…by false & superstitious doctrine.”

– Martin Luther

Please Sir, Please Ma’am quit arguing with God. He did not write the standards His Book to be hard of you. Or if you’re arguing about a personal conviction – He knows exactly the weights you need to drop from your life (or the weight here or there you need added to your life). Think seriously, think clearly & stop trying to bargain with Him. He will let you win (if you insist) for a little while but in the end HE WILL WIN. Please quit arguing with the Savior of your soul – He DOES know what is best. – 4/25/21

“It is a thing not to be believed

that St. Peter ever was at Rome…”

– Martin Luther
Worship the sun? How silly! There was a time there was no sun; it wasn’t created until Day 4 (after Light, Day, Night – Day 1, Firmament or Heaven – Day 2, Earth, Seas, Grass, Herbs, & Trees – Day 3). AND there comes a day the sun will be no longer needed (Rev 21.23). Be alert that you worship the sun neither in word, nor in thought or nor in deed. The worship of the “sun” is partially hidden – Beware. – 4/25/21


I dare you to go way out,

Be a nonconformist, without a doubt,

Meet the challenge; Think you can

Of being a twentieth century man?

Think and act for yourself.  Difficult?

You have tried the rest,

Now try the Living best.

I dare you.  Kick the cult.     

– eab,  Apr. ’69, HSBC  

The greatest family in the world is not (with respect) some blue-blood clan in the Americans or Europe. The greatest family is not some “royal” line of yore. The Greatest Family in the world (but not of this world) is the Family of God, His children. The only way you can be a part of the first 2 groups (above) is to be born into them. AND YES, the only way into God’s Family is to be born into it. By the sacrificial death of Christ we may, by faith, be born into the Greatest Family ever known to man! – 4/27/21    

“Feet that once carried me to the racecourse, dance, saloon, cardtable, theatre, the show, & everyplace of worldly amusement were now…ch.Sunday Sch. prayermeeting & the land of immortal day.”

– J B McBride

Luk 10.27

“…Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart & with all thy soul

& with all thy strength & with all thy mind; & thy neighbor as thyself.”

A false floor is hiding something. A false wall is hiding something. A false “bible” is hiding something. If you’re really “sold” on your less-than-complete “bible” allow me to encourage you to see what is beneath the floor/behind the wall – the thing that’s hidden may be the VERY FACT you need for the salvation of your soul. – 4/27/21

“David lived in a dispensation very inferior to ours. He lived under law;

we live under grace. He lived in t twilight, we live in t full-orbed sun…”

– J B McBride