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I’m sorry, God, for what You must look down and see,

Cursing, lying, murder and such near nudity.

My fellow men are taking sin to the edge,

Rejecting or neglecting their wedding pledge;

Signs of satan’s bonds – whom Christ died to set free.

– eab, 8/20/15

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There was an old giant of Gath,

Whose heart held unholy wrath,

He talked to David of a dog,

But was soon down like a log;

And David was on the Royal path.

– eab 8/16/14

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I rise to write a line of rhyme,

Stealing sleep from my night-time

Knowing if I don’t get up and write it down

Tomorrow it will be gone (frown, frown L)

Mission done, I happily back into bed climb.

– eab, 7/16/15

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The nephew of Abram called Lot;

Sodom he pitched toward, Sodom got.

His daughters were lost;

Sons? Oh, the high cost

Of gaining just what he’d sought.

[Gen 19.14]

– eab, 3/3/05

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A bishop was to be un-blamed,

Second, a wife was named.

“Vigilant” was number three

Of what this man was to be.

And – – – God’s grand list is STILL the same. (1Ti 3.2)

– eab, 3/31/05

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Cain – Limerick

Oh, how to describe the man Cain?

His life was sad and vain,

His soul was unstable;

He killed brother Able,

And answered God back without pain.

[Gen 4.9]

– eab, Mar ‘2005

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The next tome tells of many kings

Shows Solomon knew a lot of things

Lists his good temple prayer

Says Queen Sheba was there

And Elijah a victory brings.

[Content – 1st Kings]

– eab,      4/12/05

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Moses comes with an Hebrew birth,

Has meekness as not known on earth.

Exodus is, of course, the main event,

Which Pharaoh could not prevent.

Commandments are also in Its girth.

– eab, 4/3/

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The thief looking sideways could see

That Face did not “go with” that tree.

It took all he could muster,

These last words to utter.

“When Thy kingdom comes remember me.”

(Luk 23)

– eab, 4/24/05

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Though moderns would not think it best

Ahasuerus and the rest

Since Vashti was unseen

Chose to choose a new queen.

Esther hand’ly won the contest.

(Est 1.19)     – eab,  4/1/05

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