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Sinners are “losers,”


in a losing world


headed toward being eternally lost.


Christ, only, is the Answer.  


– eab, 9/24/11

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God’s love is apparent.


It is the love of A PARENT


the Original Parent. 


– eab, 11/29/12

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God – profoundly – Could be no greater!


Could have been no earlier,



Could last no longer.


He encompasses the most supreme superlatives.      

– eab, 9/24/11

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Holiness REJECTERS believe in “controlled carnality.”

Decent sinners practice “controlled carnality.”       

Mobs and riots are glimpses of uncontrolled carnality .

– eab, 9/6/11

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Divorce & Remarriage


is often done for TEMPORARY pleasure. 


It ignores God’s plan (1 man, 1 wife, 4 life)


and produces ETERNAL sorrow. 

– eab, 11/23/12 

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I am thankful for The TRIUNE God, Eternally Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Three in One & One in Three!  I love Him.


I am thankful that I married my High School Sweetheart – dated her as a “Junior,” still love her now that I’m a “Senior.” 🙂

I am thankful for two great Bryan sons and two good daughters who used-to-be Bryans.


I am thankful all four are happily married and STILL married to their first mates.


I am thankful for seventeen healthy grandchildren from almost 22 to 2, from AK to OH to VA to Colombia.


I am thankful for a host of friends (some on fb & many not) from the 50’s until now, some saints, some sinners.


AND I am thankful that to all my friends I can recommend my Greatest Friend, Jesus Christ, this Thanksgiving Day.


Blessings on all!                                       – 11/22/12               

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Thank God for:


The immensity of the Creator,


The variety of Creation, and


The complexity of the Creature.

– eab, 8/15/11

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Your view of age – – –



depends on your age. [1] 

– eab, 12/26/10

[1] Your age chronologically    AND    the age in which you live.

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Earthly abuse is sad. 


More sad is parental abuse for eternity –


when parents knowingly refuse


to raise their child with Biblical values.

– eab, 12/25/10

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Every Calvinist chooses

to be a Calvinist,

not an Arminian.   

His very choice

proves he has

freedom of the will

– eab, 11/13/10

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