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“For thou wilt light my candle:

the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.”

Psa 18.28

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The elevator knows no purgatory. It will take you up. It will take you down.

The last thing you want is to be “stuck” in an elevator. 😦

A-N-D the last thing you want is to be stuck (when dying) with the LIE of purgatory.

– eab, 3/19/15

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Can you tell the TRUTH from a lie?

Even when you “want” to believe the lie

and really don’t want

to accept the TRUTH?

– eab, 7/20/11

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“When I read aloud two senses catch the idea:

first I see what I read;

second I hear and therefore I can remember it better.”

– Abraham Lincoln

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Are you willing to die for Truth? (Not be an idle question.)

Be searching a good old Bible, Be obeying Jesus’ teachings. “Buy the truth & sell it not…” (Pro 23.23).

Friend, don’t let a day of testing find you out of victory,

lacking that VITAL love connection with Truth, i.e. Christ.

– eab, 2/18/15

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There’s a danger of a Bible college being so involved in its “machinery

that it doesn’t matter what the “machine” produces.

A day will come when the Bible college will close its doors (end of world/sooner)

but its product is immortal!    

– eab, c.1999

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If you say you have no Faults

you are False!

And being False is a SIN,

not a Fault.

– eab, 10/11/11

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“It’s an insult to the intelligence of young people to give them the impression

you have to cheapen the Gospel to make it understandable.

The medical schools do not simplify their phraseology to please this set.

The legal profession hasn’t changed its terminology…”

– Vance Havner, from his book On This Rock

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Want to be shorter/taller? There’s little you can do about it.

Want to be hairy/bald? There’s little you can do about it.

Want to be holy? There is a  L O T  you can do!

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved” (Act 16.31)

– eab, 9/7/13

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“This is He [ Jesus Christ ] of whom I said,

‘After me cometh a Man which is preferred before me:

for He was before me.’”

John 1.30

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