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No Holy church needs a Clown.


No Holy church needs a Ventriloquist.


No Holy church needs Dramatic Productions.


Are we a place to entertain people, m e r e  people?


No, a Holy church is a place to Worship Almighty God!


God wants no clown, doll handler, actor – He wants Holy hearts.

                                     – eab, 3/6/09

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Friend Abraham took his good son,

God tested; God found He had won.

Gangly “world-class” horns,

Caught the ram in near thorns,

Soon the sacrifice was all done. – eab, – 3/3/05  Gen 22.13

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“Since without Thee We Do No Good”


Since without Thee we do no good,
And with Thee do no ill,
Abide with us in weal and woe,
In action and in will.


In weal, that while our lips confess
The Lord Who gives, we may
Remember with a humble thought
The Lord Who takes away.


In woe, that while to drowning tears
Our hearts their joys resign,
We may remember Who can turn
Such water into wine.


By hours of day, that when our feet
O’er hill and valley run,
We still may think the light of truth
More welcome than the sun.


By hours of night, that when the air
Its dew and shadow yields,
We still may hear the voice of God
In silence of the fields.


Abide with us, abide with us,
While flesh and soul agree;
And when our flesh is only dust,
Abide our souls with Thee.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning was born this date (3/6/1806) in London, England.  She also wrote “How Do I Love Thee.”

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