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Pride – without, within,


                Takes as many people


To hell


                As any sin


– eab, 11/26/09

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We like the rags to riches tale:

Boy meets gal, poor girl meets male.

One once as low as he could be,

Finds gold coins, a pearl by the sea.

Poor-to-rich-myths never get stale.


But what about riches to rags?

One loses comforts and finds snags.

You like to thing that direction?

How does that fit your perfection?

Rich men – bums, once cute women – hags.


Christmas ‘fore “all was said and done,”

Is about the rich to rags One,

He became poor, a peasant Man.

He, who at His call angles ran,

Found no place to lay His head – none.


Christ had seen wealth beyond man’s mind,

Heard tunes no symphony can find,

Left such splendor, left it all.

God, Triune, gave and felt “the call”  

To our world, so cold, so unkind.


Why?  Why was Christ willing to switch?

Become poor – that we might be rich?

Came to set the sinners fully free,

By dying on that middle tree,

Agony.  Pain.  “Dead” muscles twitch.  


His loss was mankind’s greatest gain.

Sinner friend, He died not in vain.

Wealthy, then poor, Christ lives today.

Providing poorest men a way,

To lose his sin in Christ’s blood stain.

          – eab, 11/30/06

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I belong to the King, I’m a child of His love,

I shall dwell in His palace so fair;

For He tells of its bliss in yon heaven above,

And His children its splendors shall share.



I belong to the King, I’m a child of His love,

And He never forsaketh His own;

He will call me some day to His palace above,

I shall dwell by His glorified throne.


I belong to the King, and He loves me I know,

For His mercy and kindness, so free,

Are unceasingly mine, wheresoever I go,

And my refuge unfailing is He.


 I belong to the King, and His promise is sure,

That we all shall be gathered at last

In His kingdom above, by life’s waters so pure,

When this life with its trials is past.



Ida Lilliard Reed was born this date, 11/30/1865, near Ar­den, Bar­bour Co., West Virginia.  It is reported that she penned some 2,000 hymns in her life­time – probably her best known today being, “I Belong to the King” (1896).  Reed died 7/8/1951, at Ar­den, West Virginia.

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Which will you have?

Start taking the Spirit


                out of “spiritual” (spi…)


and what is left is “ritual.” 


– eab, 11/10/09

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We have a mountain in front of us

Four thousand dollars high.

But thou dost own every fleck of gold,

Beneath the sunset sky.


We have a problem in front of us

Four thousand dollars long.

But every creature on the globe,

To You, it doth belong.


We have a mountain in front of us

Four thousand dollars wide.

But You have promised to guide us

And be ever at our side.   [1]

                – eab, 11/29/78 



[1] And God supplied this need, Praise His Name.

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Now another point.  There is one bit of advice given

to us by the ancient heathen Greeks, and by the Jews

in the Old Testament, and by the great Christian

teachers of the Middle Ages, which the modern

economic system has completely disobeyed.  All

these people told us not to lend money at interest:

and lending money at interest—what we call

investment—is the basis of our whole system…I

should not have been honest if I had not told you

that three great civilizations had agreed…in

condemning the very thing on which we have based

our whole life. 

                   – C S Lewis, Mere Christianity (NY: Macmillan Publishing Co., 1952), 80.

C S (Clive Staples) Lewis was born this date, 11/29/1898, at Belfast, Ireland.  He eventually became a Christian (Church of England).  He was a scholar, a writer, and a professor at both Oxford (1924-54) and Cambridge (1954-63).  His writings have become “modern classics” Screwtape Letters (1942), Miracles (1947), Mere Christianity (1952).  And even his allegorical The Chronicles of Narnia (1950-1956) are classics to multitudes of children.  Lewis died 11/22/1963 but most Americans were so taken up by another death we did not notice the passing of one of the greatest modern writers.

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The main facts


                of the books of Acts are


Man can be


                Human and Holy.


– eab, 11/17/09

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