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God’s Word

Psa 69.34

“Let the Heaven and Earth praise him, the Seas, and

every thing that moveth therein.”

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H A Baldwin quote

“No person has such a full view of his own astonishing weakness

as does the holy man.”

– H A Baldwin, from his Holiness and the Human Element

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Heaven Filled

Don’t expect heaven to be filled with people just like you (or me). Or who talked like you (or me). Or who dressed like you (or me).

But Heaven will be filled. It’ll be filled with people who love God “…with all [their] heart, and with all [their] soul, and with all [their] mind, and with all [their] strength” Mar 12.30.

– eab, 2/27/16

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You do not have to like their way,

Nor how they waste life’s little day,

Nor agree as they hype the first of May,

You don’t have to like what they say,

To LOVE them.


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There are several-to-many differences between the Testaments.

One of these is how involved a man should be with a kingdom of this world. Similar to the OT two-wife-home, God allowed some OT men to have two kingdoms (His and a much lesser, earthly one).

The NT has none of this dualness (except when the man was part of the secular before conversion).

– eab, 2/16/16

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