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Sanctify Them

Joh 17. 16 – 17

“They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”


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Wm Jones, MD quote

“…if the Holy Ghost cannot extirpate this impurity now

He can never do it,

for Omnipotence does not admit of possible increase.”

– William Jones, MD, from the book THE DOUBLE CURE

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Some may not like truth and since I’m not into sports, am light on politics, and never attend Disney-type places they’ve little interest in what I post (there’re just “dull” words not catchy pics 🙂 ). Maybe some would hit “like” but they dislike the way I state things i.e. my vocabulary (or lack thereof). And, of course, there are my “peculiar” positions (I try to be Biblical but some fail to see that) on “x” “y” and Especially “Z” (“Why does he have to mention z, z, z?”) so some distance themselves from eab. Truth has interested me for decades (Before the New Birth I had my sins but lying was not one of them). If anything, Truth has more of my attention now than ever. I cannot urge you too strongly friend, Be Not Angry With Truth.

– eab, 10/13/16

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I do not recall just what year;

It had to be after the grades,

Somewhere between the freshman fear

And being a senior with “shades.” [1]


Nor is the season clearly in mind,

Though a long-time favorite is fall.

The day was more “springish” in kind

As I now, distantly, recall.  


And, spring-like weather can be spread

Across April and May and June,

So the month must be left unsaid,

No exact one can “carry this tune.”


Nor do I know the day of week,

Though I doubt it a Lord’s Day,

And it won’t help to “take a peek”

At a calendar that far away.


Year, nor season, nor month is known,

I can’t even tell you the hour.

But the moment, though “ancient” grown,

Has not fully lost its power.


I can take you to the outcropped hill,

Which basically faced the west,

 – If developers have left it still;

I doubt they have bulldozed that crest.


Bear right and climb above the trail,

Sit still in the late afternoon sun,

Be willing to let the mind “sail”

Meaningfully, slowly – don’t make it run.


Look beyond the nearest old home,

And beyond the farthest old hill,

Allowing thoughts (as I did) to roam,

And a wandering, wonder may fill


Your mind as it did mine, “back when”

In a moment of maturing.

Life had new thrill and meaning just then,

Briefly, yet decades enduring.


Vision I did not feel nor see,

Nor did my mind have dreams,

Yet living took on new life for me,

The day I saw “more than it seems.”


I’ve never forgotten the thrill,

Caught on that Cincinnati hill.

– eab, 10/13/05

[1] Term from the 60’s for sunglasses.

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“Bryan, why do you post?”

To disseminate truth. Many friends read my little posts and never comment – like people who never nod, smile or mumble “Amen” in church. A slim number of friends never comment unless it’s a negative – they compare to the man who always meets a pastor at the door to disagree; at least he’s listening J. A few take time to click “like” – similar to saying “Amen.” And a few take time to share their ideas about that post, like a person who warmly shakes the pastor’s hand and comments as he leaves. After 21 yrs. in education and 30 yrs. (some overlap) pastoring, my teacher’s desk and pastor’s pulpit has been “placed” on an electronic forum. I do not deserve the several “likes” (“Amens”) my posts gather but I say a sincere “Thank You.”

– eab, 10/13/16

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